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  • Dodge Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Dodge Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Dodge Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Dodge Corporate Office Address:
Chrysler Group LLC
1000 Chrysler Dr.
Auburn Hills, Michigan USA 48326-2766
Phone Numbers:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-248-576-5741
Customer Service Number: 1-800-992-1997

  • I have a 2010 dodge journey that is in the best shape and interior still looking good. I am the only driver. This car has cost me almost now a quarter of what I paid for it. Now I need an instrument cluster; the part that controls the lights, signal lights and wind shield wipers. When I called the dodge dealers to have it fixed; they said that part was not made any more. I could not believe it. I called all the dodge dealers and they said the same thing. So now I have a good looking car that I have kept perfect maintenance on; I can not drive any more for fear of getting a ticket. why would they not worn people of the parts being made any more. All that money you spend I am on a fixed income; I can not afford another car so soon. I will never purchase another dodge or ford again in my life. people should know this is happening. I will put this on face book for people to look out and in the news paper. I now have to look in the junk yard for a instrument cluster that might work for ever how long? Dodge acts as if they can not do anything to help at all but its Ok; I will sell you another car. We can work out the payments he said. Could you trust that? Especially when you know you can not afford another car. But they wont you to come back to buy from them. I will post this to every state about car parts. every one need to look out for the car parts that is not made to fix your car any more or you will become stuck like me. No money to buy another car right now and no car. Dodge do not care, but they wont your business.

  • Would have loved a zero star option. Texan Dodge sold a car to me which they had previously fraudulently sold to a thief who had stolen someone's identity to make the purchase. The thief then performed major modifications on the car. Texan Dodge did not disclose this information to me prior to my purchase of the vehicle and I only caught them in their deception because I found the receipts for the alterations inside the car, as well as the Texas Buyer's Tag Receipt with someone else's name on it, not mine. Texan Dodge took advantage of me as a female buyer; they sold a used, modified, altered, and stolen car to me as "brand new," and they refused to accept responsibility for their manipulative and dishonest tactics in selling this vehicle to me. In the sale of my Challenger, Texan Dodge omitted and misrepresented material facts regarding my vehicle; I suffered a financial loss as a result; and I would not have purchased the vehicle if I was aware of the material facts at issue. I have contacted the FTC, Texas DPS, Dodge Corporation, and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. If you are at Texan Dodge in the market for a 2021 Dodge Challenger WB 392 SRT ScatPack (granite in color) with about ~2500 miles on it, be sure to crawl under it to see if it has a muffler delete and ask for an inspection report which was completed AFTER these mods were performed on 1/18/22. Also check exhaust, suspension, and the legality of the window tint, which was not done by the dealership. Lee lied to me about every aspect of this transaction, which I canceled and still have not received the written confirmation of cancelation which I requested.

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