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Kay Jewelers Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Kay Jewelers Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Sterling Jewelers, Inc.
375 Ghent Road,
Fairlawn, OH 44333-4600 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-877-8169
Customer Support Phone Number: 1-800-527-8029
Fax Number: n/a
Email: n/a

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  1. My name is Katherine "Katie" Caruso, Kay jewelers lied from the get go, did not disclose that the rings my husband bought me when he proposed, were not a solid gold. Nowhere in the store did it state that either. A few months after we were engaged, I noticed my ring was tarnished. We were mad to say the least. In August of 2020, one of I felt my diamonds fell out, after months of excuses, and lies, I got my ring back Thanksgiving weekend. Then in March of 2021, the same diamond fell out, thankfully they only had it a month this time. Sadly, today 04/13/2021,while at work, I felt something sharp poke my finger, when I looked a piece of metal that helps lock in the side diamonds was half broken off, sticking out. I took the ring off immediately, secured, it and will be leaving work early tomorrow to go to Kays and have a fit. They broke a pendent while cleaning it before as well. We will NEVER buy from there again!

  2. This company is the worst with customer service! They don't answer the phone and make it nearly impossible to contact the corporate office. I will be taking my business to a more reputable jewelry company.

  3. My girlfriend bought me and ring online on august 8th and it still hasnt got here. She had it shipped to a friends house and it had to be signed for and she got an email saying it was delivered and it wasnt so she called kays again and again and everytime they say theyre
    gonna ivestigate and they keep giving her a call back date and they never call back.

  4. I had my wedding bands soldered together and it was a disaster. The store in Terre Haute,Indiana did not act as if it was that terrible of a job even though the pieces went together as a puzzle. Apparently they were not competent enough to do the job. The soldering job on the back of the band was so horrible, it was scratched and not even at all. I've reluctantly gave them my ring back to have it fixed, however the more I've shown the pictures of my ring that was beautiful before they touched it, the more I hear others say that they have also had such dissatisfaction and disappointment. If they can not fix the ring properly this time, I would hope they would just replace the exact same ring as a new one. Then I could take it elsewhere to have the work done properly. It was such a disappointment to be so upset and angry for them to only want to discuss my holiday doings, and act as though the quality that was done was just fine.It was definitely an insult how they returned the ring after they "worked on it" and had it for over a month. I will never recommend this place, and I will never take our business here again. DO NOT SELL ENGAGEMENT RINGS OR WEDDING BANDS AND PROMOTE THE WORK OF BEING SOLDERED EITHER. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU CLEARLY CAN NOT PRODUCE THE QUALITY OF WORK THAT SHOULD BE DONE FOR SUCH A SPECIAL AND MEANINGFUL PIECE. IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON GETTING AN ENGAGEMENT RING OR WEDDING BANDS HERE. PLEASE RE-THINK YOUR CHOICE!

  5. I was in retail for over 30 years, and have never seen such bad quality & service as your store in Farmington, MO. My granddaughter got her engagement & wedding ring & extra ring set there. First thing to go wrong with them was the cracked diamonds, then she sent them in to be soldered together, and they size them down a size, which was not even why they were brought in, that was just crazy. If that would have been me I would have said right then, I want a new set, but she let them send them back to do what she actually wanted done, and fix the size that they messed up. She has them checked every 6 months thank god. She took them in this week, and they told her 3 of the diamonds were loose, what kind of cheap jewelry is this??? They sent them in to be fixed, and yesterday she went to pick them up, and quess what, you guessed it, they had put different diamonds back in her ring, that was smaller than the ones that came with the ring?? Who sells this kind of horrible merchandise, and who works on them, whoever does I think you better get somebody different. She took them back in again today to have the right diamonds put back in, no way would I have done that, I would be getting a new set today!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT PROBLEM SHE HAS WHEN SHE GETS THEM BACK THIS TIME?? I was happy to see Farmington get a Kay's store, but are you kidding not now. That store, and the Company Itself has some real issues, that I have never seen with any other retailer out there. She has had these rings for 1 year, really crazy, Huh??

  6. We were on a family trip to see my in-laws in Massachusetts. We stopped in Providence, Rhode Island and went to the Providence Place Mall. My wife wanted to get her jewelry cleaned because we were attending a special family event. We received the cleaning but the lady staff member lost my wife's 18kt white gold screw backing to her ear ring. She tried to replace it with several other 14kt white gold backings. My wife tried one and thought it would help. But, it did not fit and was too loose where she would lose a $2,000 ear ring. When we returned to the store to further rectify the situation the lady staff member had an attitude and was acting as if she was doing us some huge favor even though she is the one who lost our property. Needless to say, we were not helped and not one of the screw backings would tighten securely. We have been loyal customers of Kay ever since 1997 and now I just do not know. I am sorry. I feel Kay used to be a wonderful business for gifts and jewelry and should not employ people with poor communication skills. Thanks.

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