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Kay Jewelers Corporate Office in the United States, as part of Signet Jewelers Limited, is headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Below are comprehensive details about Kay Jewelers’ HQ, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company.

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Kay Jewelers Corporate Office: Overview

Kay Jewelers Corporate Office
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Map and Directions to Kays Corporate Office in Akron, Ohio

Kay Jewelers’ Competition

Kay Jewelers faces challenges from retailers like Zales, Jared, and Tiffany & Co.


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Kay Jewelers Unprofessional

February 21, 2024

My husband and I have been buying from Kay’s in the Staten Island Mall for years, we have bought cards from there, well over the years, and every time the employees changed their manners, I am a 60-year-old who was treated like I was dirt, they even turn their nose up at me..very nasty, rude, disrespectful and unprofessional.. I will not stand for this and plan to take actions!


Kay Jewelers Poor Image

January 16, 2024

I took my ring to be inspected, the young woman that was helping me was very professional and presented herself well. After she inspected my ring and collected the information to have it sent for repair, I inquired about making another purchase. As soon as she started to help me another employee, I guessed was the store manager, interupted us and told the young lady to go to lunch and he took over. I was very put off by this man! First, way he just took over! He did not ask if I would mind since she needed to take a lunch break. Second, his personal hygiene, just nasty. Not only was appearance sloppy, but it looked as if he had just come in from working on a greasy car or something. His fingernails were not only long but caked with black dirt! I have worked in customer service as a salesperson and as a manager. In a business where customer service is of the upmost importance, so is personal hygiene! Another thing, he was so loud and arrogant he acted as if I should have known that the store had moved to a new location and kept repeating when the move was made. I live more than an hour from the store and do not go into that area very often. I felt offended by the way he kept addressing me.

I finished my purchase with him. He told me that if I changed my mind on either of the items I was ordering to give him a call. I found at a different store exactly what I was looking for so I called him early the next morning to let him know I wanted to cancel one of the items. I was informed by him that I would have to come into the store do so. I live over an hour away, why would he tell me to call him if he couldn’t take care of the cancellation over the phone? My husband and I have purchased many items from this location over the last 23 years. I most likely will not return and will take my business to another retailer.

Bonita Bristle

Kay Jewelers and Comenity Bank

January 12, 2024

Kay Jewelers should be embarrassed having their name associated with Comenity Bank. Kay Jewelers promotes financing through Comenity Bank and they should not do this. The one year no interest payment plan through Comenity Bank should not be promoted. Comenity Bank sets up the payment plan so that the very last payment is late and then they charge a years worth of interest. Shame on Comenity Bank and shame on Kay Jewelers !!!

Alice Flynn


December 18, 2023

In America we are a melting pot of nationalities. We speak English in this country. Your TV ad with the dancing diamond which is English and Spanish is discriminatory to all other nationalities.

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