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  • Forest River Corporate Office Phone Number

Forest River Corporate Office Phone Number

How To Contact Forest River Corporate Office Phone Number and Headquarters HQ

Suite 1440, 3555 Farnam Street

Omaha, NE 68131
United States

Corporate Phone Number: 1-402-346-1400

Fax: 1-212-783-3833

  • We purchased a new 2021 Cherokee 274RK on 3/18/2021. Took on our 1st camping trip on May 28th for Memorial Weekend. On our way home we had a person pull up next to us letting us know that the rack on the back of the camper was coming off. So we pulled over and to our surprise the bracket that was holding the rack to the back bumper broke almost lost our camp generator along with my daughters 2 coolers that were attached also. The bracket did damage to the bottom portion of the siding on our camper, plus the rack got bent. Staples were coming up through the floor in the kitchen and living area, along with the shower leaking around the shower door track and the base of the shower. Called the dealership where we purchased it and could not get the camper in July 13th. So we scheduled another camping trip in June and to my surprise when I was putting my items into the pantry the supports the held the shelves in the pantry were breaking and the shelving itself was coming unstapled. Took the camper to the dealership on July 13th and let them know that we had another camping trip planned at the end of the month. The flooring got fixed and they calked around the shower (which stills leaks) but the bracket and back rack did not come in. Took for final camping trip in September and my husband noticed the the seal around the slide out was pulling away from the main part of the trailer and the awning started to leak down the the window. So contacted the dealer once again and this time took to a dealer closer to where we live on September 17th and they have had it ever since. I did receive a call from *** (service person) and the bracket and back rack have still not been received. Was told that they had to get the ok from Forest River to go ahead and fix the issues which they did. We still do not have our camper back from the dealership and it has been well over a month. I love our camper but I am not happy with the craftsmanship or quality of how it was assembled. You would think that for the amount we paid that we would not have any issues of this size, and that we could get the bracket and back rack with out an issue.

  • We are still waiting to hear from you about the corner cabinet that is in the 2018 Rock woods but not in the 2014. We also need information on the wiring for the fireplace. It's been almost a month since my husband sent this request.

  • I have owned two Forest River trailers so far and the only fault I have found is your attitude on tires, which directly relates to your attitude about your customers. I took the original Castle Rock tires off a brand new trailer and replaced them with Goodyear Endurance tire. The Castle Rock tires had a strange concave tread pattern which your people said was normal. The other trailer had Westlake tires and after all the horror stories on the internet I replaced them as well. What I want you to know is something as small as tires can make a world of difference. It shows that you care about your customers. As you may well know Jayco now puts Goodyear Endurance on all it's new trailers. Had I known what I know now I too would have bought a Jayco just for that reason alone. Thank you.

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