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Camping World Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Camping World Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Camping World Corporate Office Address:

250 Parkway Drive Suite 270
Lincolnshire, IL 60069 USA

Camping World Corporate Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-847-808-3000
Customer Service: 1-800-626-3636
Email: email form online

Camping World Corporate Office

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  1. To the officers of Camping World Corporation:

    I purchase a brand new 2022 Jayco North Flight 340 CKTS on December 29, 2022, from your Camping World location in Northern Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Said unit was delivered to my home address in Mineral Wells, Texas on December 31st, 2022. The Jayco unit had several problems when it arrived, the first thing I immediately noticed was the back side fender skirting or underpinning had come completly loose. I then adventured inside the RV for a walk through only to discover 2 trim peices had come loose, a kitched drawer that would not close all the way, bedroom slide did not work and the kitchen table breaking loose from the wall mounts.

    I contacted my sales representative and insisted that it be picked back up immediatly and repaired or replaced, only after much insisting the unit was finally delivered to Gander RV of Mesquite, Texas for warranty work. on January 3rd, 2023.

    I was told by George of the service department on January 4th, 2023 that my camper would be available by the end of January or the first week in February at the latest.

    2/23/23 Was told all parts were in and a technician was being assigned to repair the unit.
    3/8/23 Was told the technician was out for family emergency.
    3/15/23 Was told the technician was still out and would return on Tuesday 3/21/2023. The technician was clearly on vacation for spring break, this is acceptable but wht lie to me about it.

    Mr. Link with Camping World OKC North does not return calls.

    Camping World OKC bennifts from sale
    Gander RV bennefits from warranty work from Jayco
    Customer aka Me: Spent $22,752.00 and paying monthly payments and insurance. Cant get a call back and being lied to.

    Camping World where everbody bennifits except the customer.

    Note: If this is not resolved by the end March 2023, I will have no choice but to consult an attorney. I should have already done so.

  2. I just bought a 2021 Keystone Springdale 2 wks ago. got everything stocked and ready to go camping. went camping and it rained. water was coming in through the slideout wall so I closed the slideout and then I hadd water dripping down what I guess you would consider the end post of the slideout, so I had to put a pan under it to catch the water. Also under my kitchen sink there is a leak even if I dont turn the water on. I think they should give me a different camper. I have an appointment with them tomorrow with the service dept. they said they would check it for water damage and fix anything from the water. Maybe even have to tear out my walls. This is not exceptable! Why should I have to have a new camper fixed before I can use it. I didnt buy a scratch and dent camper. I bought a new camper so I wouldnt have to fix anything and could use it right away. Somebody had better make this right!

  3. We are local to this camping world. We made appt. For service 4 weeks in advance. So we hooked up our camper and took it there. The lady Elisa at the desk was very rude when I ask what day we could pick it up. She informed us that the appt was not the day it would be serviced. It would take 3 to 4 weeks before they could get it back to look at it and even with the good sams extended warranty she wanted to charge $145 an hour to diagnose any problem and insinuated we would look at appx 9 to 10 hours worth of work. What?? Shell shock for a simple heat ignator problem on a 2008 well taken care of pull behind camper??!!! My husband not knowing had already dropped the camper. We left and went down to the camper world store and I explained to him what was said, so he called back down to the shop and I listened he was not rude but just ask questions. He finally said we will be back there after checking out at the store to pick it up, and said god bless you. I guess that must have offended her Rude self because when we picked it back up we did not even make it out on the road good before the 2 Inch wide bolt holding the sway control arm flew off into chickamauga creek area. This would have had to have been loosened by the shop personel because these bolts were screwed on tight when we disconnected and left there. We did not think to look inside of the arm since we had just checked it before we left our house. I feel that since we decided not to use there shop due to the rudeness of the person ELISA at the front desk, they would sabotage our sway control arm which could have caused us to have a accident if we were to have got on the interstate instead of going the side road since it just started raining. Granted we should have looked but it started pooring buckets and did not see any reason to do a pretrip inspection since we had done one a hour or so before. Just saying that who ever is in charge of the camping worlds mechanical department needs to get a new front line person and talk to the guy who moved our camper not once but 2 times at Elisa's instruction. because he could have cost lives today. When I called back to the service and ask to speak to the manager after we got home. We were put on hold then disconnected. This happened not once but 3 times. I dont want anything from this except for someone from corporate to realize these people not only represent this company but could have cause innocent people their lives with this vengeful action. Please be very cautious of using the Camping world in Chattanooga Tn.
    This is my review and someone needs to hear this

  4. I started working at the distribution center in Bakersfield about 4 months ago. And there is also harassment there, there is also drug abuse by some employees on lunch break, the treatment I have received working there was to much for me so I am no longer going to work there. The supervisors and managers do nothing to help and they are all friends so they have eachothers backs. Plus I do not like the drug abuse that is going on.

  5. I purchased a NEW 2016 Fleetwood Flair from the Fairfield Ohio Camping World. I made a appointment to bring out the Motorhome for some Warranty work Shower leaks can not use it water goes everywhere Toilet will not dump after 1st use screen door will not close door rattles outside door latches will not lock 2 of them a few other minor issues. They had my unit for 2 WEEKS and I asked them to winterize as well when I picked it up 2 WEEKS later NOTHING was done I mean nothing I was told they were busy and mine never made some list for them to start on it. 2 WEEKS and nothing why bother making an appointment than that I made a month out of drop off. So I have taken it back out again they had it for a week and I get a call saying a few of my warranty parts had arrived and I could schedule a time to drop off I called him backl left a message which they never return and got a call 2 days later asking when I could bring it out he had NO idea they allready had my coach. I have been lied too several times many many calls to service they NEVER answer. My brother is looking to purchase a MH I have told him run away as fast as you can from buying it from camping world I hate to say it but I can not wait until my warranty expires and I can take it to a real RV service company. I pick my unit up again in 3 days I can not wait to see what they did not get done this time.

  6. I purchased a 2015 Keystone Sprinter. In July I called Spartanburg SC Camping World for some Warranty issues. I spoke to Boyce Ranson. He instructed me to send pictures and they would open a claim. I did that and sent emails and have periodically asked for a status update of the Warranty Issue, not to mention the number of times that I have called and left messages because he was too busy to talk with me. I was told multiple times that he was with a customer and would return my call. SURPRISE He never did. The warranty issues did not fix themselves and still need to be addressed. I can not get him to communicate with me at all.
    I'm sure they are not concerned that I will never buy anything form them again. I hope everyone boycotts them. My sales person pushed the fact that with all the Camping Worlds nationwide it wouldn't be hard to get service. He also said that I could deduct the interest from my loan on my taxes. It helped sale me. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!!!

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  8. Had Camping World of Oakwood install a SMI braking system on my vehicle has not worked since installation took back three times to get it fixed still get the same run around. Called SMI talked to their service man and he confirmed from what I told him that it was not installed properly. I feel like they need to pay somebody that knows how to fix this instead of me paying somebody out of my pocket for their inferior work.

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