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  • Bath and Body Works Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Bath and Body Works Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Bath and Body Works Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Seven Limited Parkway East
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068 USA

BathandBodyWorks.com Customer Service: 1-877-832-9272
Store Customer Service: 1-800-395-1001
Email: customerservice@bathandbodyworks.com
Website: BathandBodyWorks.com

  • I see that the company released a statement regarding the loss of the Mayfield Consumer Products building in Kentucky and pledged to support the employees and families, which is great. However, I would like to see you hold your partnering companies to a higher standard and call them out on their mismanagement of this tragedy. Employees should never fear losing their job, when asking to leave during an emergency event. This is shameful. I will not use this companies products until they make it clear that employee's safety is a top priority.

  • Would you consider creating essential oil fragrances? I love the scented soaps, lotions and body wash but use an atomizer to scent my home. It would be lovely to be able to use your scents each season.

  • November 23, 2020…I recently made a purchase from Bath&Body Works, when my shipment arrived, it was totally damaged, the outside of the box was sticky from the Hand Soap leaking through the box!!! I will say it was the Carrier, which was FEDEX who delivered it, threw it on my porch instead of sitting it down!!! I called Customer Service and they told me to send it back to the company which I did and tracked it back to Lexington KY. Spoke to Customer Service who said, I will send you the 3 damaged products, gave me an order number and tracking number…it went out on November 16, 2020..I tracked the package to Carlisle PA were it stopped only to find out that FEDEX had damaged the second package and they set it back to Bath and Body Works!!! I called several times to ask where the package was and with the same answer,it is on it's way, when clearly it was not!!! I talked to a Customer Service Rep today by the name of Christine, she told me in detail what had taken place with the items they were sending me…had I not called and demanded an answer I would have never got the items that belonged to me in the first place. I really believe they need to re-train their Customer Service Department, as some of their employees are "dumb" and just give any answer they feel to get you off the phone. This is was my first time ordering online, and the impression I got, I will shop in the store from here on through, never again online!!! So SAD!!!!

  • There was an incident that occurred today at your store number 82006 (7550A FM 1960 West Space 45 Houston, TX 77070). Cashier 3291709 whose name tag read Denaetra was rude and unprofessional to me as I was attempting to understand if my coupon was applied. She responded and I quote "I ain't got time to argue about no money." After responding it's not an argument but a misunderstanding, Denaetra then invoked God's name saying sarcastically "God Bless you and Happy New Year." After mentioning the altercation to the store manager, Anetra circled the 800# on my receipt to voice concern to Corporate.

  • Visited the Delray Beach,FL on Linton Blvd. Great store. Great shopping experience. Linda and Theresa,the two young ladies working on this particular day were both very helpful and polite. Gave all the info that was needed and then let me shop. Not too pushy but helpful enough to allow me to
    make my decisions. Great assets to your company

    to your company.

  • I'm very concerned for the SAFETY of the employees working at the White Marsh Mall located in Maryland. Seems more and more sketchy people coming into the store; stealing, trying to provoke fist fights with employees, disrespectful to employees; screaming at the employees & in their faces. Security NEVER walks through the inside of the mall and should be inside the mall, stopping in at stores since the customer base has gotten more rough. Perhaps as part of your contract w/leasing should include presence of "security" at the store as a form of employee protection

  • hi I LOVVVVVVVVVVE your product it is so awesome. I absolutely love it but I cant afford to buy it so sometimes I use my friends

  • hello,my id is ****** i worked 2 days for bath and body in castleton mall,i have recieved my pay card,but still no payment.is this customary to hire ppl and not pay them?? i am supposed to receive $100,am i ever going to get paid?????? if i dont get my paycheck soon,im reporting this to the news,bbb and seeking legal counsel. the store manager is upset with me for quitting and has decided to make this personal.

  • I shopped at the Waters Creek Store in Allen Texas on last Thursday May 26th and my total purchase was $24.90 which I put on my debit card. When I checked my bank statement the next day I noticed that I had been charged twice in the amount of $24.90. I went to the store on Tuesday May 31st at about 4:30 pm and spoke to a sales associate, showed her my receipt and a copy of my bank statement. The associate ask me what I wanted them to do about it. I explained they can either remove the charge from my card or refund me with cash. She went to the back of the store and spoke with her manager. She came back and explained to me that there is nothing they can do at the store level. I would need to either dispute this at my bank or call the corporate office. I was extremely unhappy with this explanation and walked out the door. I went back into the store to get the phone number for the corporate office and to speak with the manager. The manager did come out from the back room when I demanded to speak with her. She again told me there is nothing they will do at the store level. She provided the 800 number for corporate office (It was closed when she tried to call there). She then ask me if I had gotten 2 receipts. Is she trying to say I made 2 purchases and I am trying to commit fraud? I explained to this manager that they are the ones who made this mistake and as such it is theirs to fix. I can promise you that I will NEVER shop at Bath and Body Works Again. Their Customer Service is the worst.

  • I received a coupon stating $10 off a $0 purchase in store or online. To redeem in the store, you have to copy the entire ad. I wrote to the customer service address on the ad explaining that this is not a good thing for me. With the cost of ink, to copy this entire ad in color is quite wasteful. I got a reply to help me unsubscribe from the mailings. I don't think this is very good customer service. Would it not be better to put a coupon that can be printed and taken to the store for redemption?

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