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  • Bath and Body Works Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Bath and Body Works Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Bath and Body Works Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Bath and Body Works Corporate Office Address:
Seven Limited Parkway East
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068 USA

Bath and Body Works Corporate Phone Number: 1-614-415-7000
BathandBodyWorks.com Customer Service: 1-877-832-9272
Store Customer Service: 1-800-395-1001
Email: customerservice@bathandbodyworks.com
Website: BathandBodyWorks.com

Bath and Body Works Corporate Office

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  1. I have been a bath and Bodyworks customer for quite a while now, and I am requesting again for the comeback of Perfect Autumn Day, which debuted in Fall 2015. PLEASE BRING IT BACK. Original scent. Thank you.

  2. I'm having a very hard time replacing an order that I originally put in on 4/8/23. Previously to me placing this order, someone placed two orders on my account and had them shipped somewhere in California. When I called in about this, there was a hold placed on my account. I saw a sale this weekend and placed an order for several items through your website, but my order was cancelled the next day because of the hold. I have tried most of today to get the order placed again with all of the sale items attached, but I so far, I've been unable to get my order completed. I've called a total of 5 times, 1 time included last night. Also, several of the items I wanted to order over the weekend are no longer there. I've been told to call back several times, system issues, resetting of order, etc. This has been a real hassle to the point, I'm thinking of just forgetting the whole thing. It should not be this hard to place an order. This has been a real inconvenience to say the least.

    I had a reward that is no longer there.
    There was a coupon on the site for $30 off $100
    Free Shipping
    B3G3 free

    Can you please assist? I've spent a good time of my day on the line with your support when I should be working.

    Thank you

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Corporate Office Headquarters