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Reach Bath and Body Works Corporate Office 

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Bath & Body Works Corporate Office is located in Columbus, Ohio, USA. The company is a prominent name in the personal care and home fragrance market. Below are comprehensive details about Bath & Body Works’ corporate office, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company.

How To Contact Bath & Body Works Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Bath & Body Works Headquarters: Overview

Bath and Body Works Corporate Office

Maps and Directions To Bath and Body Corporate Headquarters Address

A Snapshot of Bath & Body Works’ History

Established in 1990, Bath & Body Works has become a leading retailer in fragrances, body care, and home products. The brand is known for its extensive range of scented products, including body lotions, candles, hand soaps, and sanitizers, offering an array of fragrances and formulations.

The Personal Care and Home Fragrance Industry and Bath & Body Works’ Position

In the personal care and home fragrance sector, Bath & Body Works competes with brands like The Body Shop, Yankee Candle, and Lush. It distinguishes itself with its exclusive focus on fragrance, seasonal product offerings, and a vibrant in-store experience.

Bath & Body Works’ Customer-Centric Approach

Bath & Body Works is committed to providing high-quality, fragrant products that enhance the personal care and home ambiance experience. The brand is dedicated to creating a memorable shopping experience both in-store and online, with a focus on customer satisfaction.

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Bath & Body Works Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with Bath & Body Works’ products and services. Your feedback in the comment section is invaluable, providing insights that help others understand Bath & Body Works’ operations and customer service.

Bath Body Works HQ - Defective Candles

Rated 3.0 out of 5
November 30, 2023

I’ve tried emailing corporate. But that website doesn’t work. So, to whom it may concern my name is Elizabeth and I’ve been a customer for many years. I called sometime this year to ask why are the candles not burning down and why they spark every time I light them on as they spark. As well as the plug-in. I decided to buy some new plugs and throw out the old was. Well, what a mistake I made because your new plugs leak all the time and the smell doesn’t last at all. What bothers me is that I have to throw away the oils halfway full because I get no fragrance/smell out of them as if they stop working. I have the plugs in small places like the restroom and hallway. You think you would be able to smell something. But No! When I called customer service I was told I needed my receipt of course it’s been months and I didn’t have my receipts. but I know I’ve spent $100’s of dollars in your stores and never have I ever returned anything. I needed answers or at least some replacements for anything. I got nothing but we are sorry. I thought that with my customer app rewards, you would be able to find my purchase. I love your products but I’m disappointed at the same time. These photos are only some of so many plug-in oils and candles I had to throw out because they just weren’t smelling or burned all the way. I feel like my just throwing away some of my money. Please is there a reason why your plug-ins and candles are not working properly? And what can you do? Thank you for your time.


Bath and Body Works Unprofessional Customer Service

Rated 1.0 out of 5
January 14, 2024

Where to begin? Rude and unprofessional customer service online chat. Bath and Body Works online chat is a joke. The reps end chats when they feel like it. I have been “hung up” on multiple times. The online agents leave you waiting for minutes on end and then come back with some pointless questions that they already know the answer to. like “Let me verify is this the item” when they already know. Then put you on hold for minutes more to verify. They misspell words and their grammar is atrocious. Clearly they are working with multiple customers at once. I will not be ordering from Bath and Body Works again. I have been promised gift cards and coupons, that I never receive.

Sally Norris

Bath and Body Works I Am Not A Happy Shopper!

Rated 1.0 out of 5
January 11, 2024

I don’t like when the workers follow me around the store like they think I’m going to steal something! VERY VERY RUDE! If you don’t trust people then put up cameras!

Linda Decara

Bath and Body Works Horrible Customer Service

Rated 1.0 out of 5
November 29, 2023

I placed an order for 5 items on 11/27. Four of the five items were to be shipped and arrived on 11/29. The fifth item was to be picked up at the local store on 11/27 with an email to notify me that it was ready. When the afternoon of the 29th came and the shipped items were received, I went to the store to ask about the status of the last item. I stood at the “order pick up” counter for almost five minutes while the manager and key carrier were having a discussion about COVID approximately 2 feet from me without ever acknowledging me – keep in mind that this is 2023 and not 2020. The key carrier came over and I asked about my order and the lack of notification. She responded that they were behind by about 150 orders. I asked if I could pick up the single candle then and she said whatever and asked me my order number. I provided it. I asked to speak to a Manager and she said she was the manager. When I asked for a manager and not a key holder, she told me one wasn’t available – even though the manager was standing two feet away and had helped two other employees with questions about receipts. She was too busy working on a modular to even acknowledge that I had requested to speak to her. About 15 minutes later, the key holder returned with the WRONG order and wrong name. I told her that wasn’t the single candle that I was waiting on and again asked to speak to a manager. She was again RUDE and told me that wasn’t possible. She asked for proof of my order and I showed her the email confirmation. She then walked away again for another 10 minutes and said that she didn’t realize my order had been pulled by someone else. I told her that I had given her the order number several times and showed her the confirmation of what the item was and she said that it wasn’t her problem. I asked again to have my order as it was for a gift for a hostess for a party today. She finally went and came back about 5 minutes later with the candle in a bag. When I mentioned that as a gift, I was supposed to receive cellophane and ribbon, she rolled her eyes at me. At that point, the manager who had been ignoring me the entire time came over and asked if everything was okay. When I said no and that I didn’t appreciate her ignoring me, she said that she wasn’t supposed to be working. I reminded her of the other people that she had helped and that she was doing work but just ignoring me and the others in line, she said whatever and went back to her task. This was the WORST experience and I will never go back – no matter how much my daughter begs me!

Rebecca Lynn Rodriguez

Bath and Body Works Trouble Placing An Order

Rated 3.0 out of 5
April 10, 2023

I’m having a very hard time placing an order that I originally put in on 4/8/23. Prior to me placing this order, someone placed two orders on my account and had them shipped somewhere in California. When I called in about this, there was a hold placed on my account. I saw a sale this weekend and placed an order for several items through your website, but my order was canceled the next day because of the hold. I have tried most of today to get the order placed again with all of the sale items attached, but so far, I’ve been unable to get my order completed. I’ve called a total of 5 times, 1 time included last night. Also, several of the items I wanted to order over the weekend are no longer there. I’ve been told to call back several times, system issues, resetting of order, etc. This has been a real hassle to the point, I’m thinking of just forgetting the whole thing. It should not be this hard to place an order. This has been a real inconvenience, to say the least.

I had a reward that was no longer there.

There was a coupon on the site for $30 off $100

Free Shipping

B3G3 free

Can you please assist? I’ve spent a good time of my day on the line with your support when I should be working.

Thank you

Ginger Ghostone - Reynolds
Corporate Office Headquarters