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  • Yankee Candle Corporate Office Headquarters HQ: Phone Number

Yankee Candle Corporate Office Headquarters HQ: Phone Number

How to Contact Yankee Candle Corporate Office Headquarters

The Yankee Candle Company, Inc.
16 Yankee Candle Way
South Deerfield, Massachusetts 01373 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-413-665-8306
Fax Number: 1-413-665-4815
Customer Service Number: 1-800-243-1776


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  1. Today we found out that Yankee Candle inside the Wellington Green Mall, Wellington Fla is closing. They are transferring to the Boynton Beach Mall, which is a crime ridden area. So disappointed and concerned about the employee's and myself being a customer going to this location. Such a shame.

  2. I'd like to KNOW WHY your candles R so Expensive ???. Wax, jars,wicks and fragrance / essential oils R NOT / cost BIG MONEY !- what , are you big wigs
    making the items with GOLD DUST or Gold FLAKES ??,Oh, I forgot !, WE as consumers are paying for bonuses,our Ferrari, your 3 homes, and can't forget a good Cuban cigar ! YOU RIP OFF people, there is NOTHING special about your RIP off Candles.. PAY ATTENTION corp office.. big hype for mega bucks- mama din't raise NO FOOL.

  3. To whom it May concern:
    As long time Yankee Candle customers, it is time to say "no more".
    First off, after seeing the price of your candles reach ridiculous heights, I probably wouldn't complain, if they did the job as advertised.
    But unfortunately, it looks like you made a marketing mistake; raising the price too high, and then offering sales "every other day" making it appear as if one was getting a bargain, and secondly making an inferior product to your original. By that, I mean it takes an inordinate amount of time to pick up whatever scent is supposed to be in the jar. Now, there's a relatively "new kid" on the block that has some fantastic candles.
    I light a jar of Bath and Body works, and the whole house smells wonderful.
    Even at your sales prices, they're not worth it any more.

    Claire Diorio
    135 Terrace Avenue
    Lodi, NJ 07644

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