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AmeriGas Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact AmeriGas Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

AmeriGas Partners, L.P

Where is the Corporate Office for Amerigas?

Amerigas Headquarters is in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. The official address for their main head office is listed below.

America Gas Corporate Office Address:

460 North Gulph Road

King of Prussia, PA 19406 USA

Amerigas HQ Corporate Phone Number: 1-610-337-7000

Fax Number: 1-610-992-3259

Customer Care Phone Number for Support: 1-800-427-5968

Website: Amerigas

Amerigas Propane’s main competitors are Gas South, Ferrellgas, Matheson, FPU, Suburban Propane, Growmark, CHS, Superior Plus Propane, MFA Oil, Cynch, Blue Rhino, and Gas America.

AmeriGas Corporate Office

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  1. I would like to say that I had to discontinue service with AmeriGas in December of 2023. I live on the central Oregon coast and could not have propane delivered after many attempts. When I contacted customer service requesting a delivery, they kept giving me the runaround and never delivered the propane after waiting two weeks. After I discontinued service with AmeriGas in December, I requested a representative to come and pick up their equipment. It has been 3 months and their equipment is still on my property! Amerigas has the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with in my life. I strongly suggest NOT EVER doing business with this failed company.

  2. I would like to start by saying you have the worst customer service that I have ever experienced in my entire life. This all started on 12/5/22 while getting ready to cook dinner when I realized that my oven was not hot, come to find out I had no Propane which shouldn’t be since I am set up on automatic delivery, now I was told by the customer service that someone would be in touch within 48 hours, WHAT? 48 hours? This was an error on Amerigas and I have to suffer due to your error. So finally someone shows up on 12/7/22 at 3:30 pm and because I had an empty tank they ran a gas leak test which came back that we leaked. The service guy said he was done nothing he can do and pretty much left. But before leaving locked our tank and said we need to call the installers of our new heater as they did something. WHICH they did not because they did not touch any of the propane lines. Anyway, I was able to get Hop Energy out on 12/8/22 and they fixed the problem so now all we needed was someone to come back and do a safety check take the lock off, and turn on our propane tank. Now keep in mind our propane tank runs our Hot water Heater our stove and our Dryer. I call Amerigas on 12/8/22 letting them know that I had this fixed and need someone to come out well they tell me that someone will be in touch in 72 hrs, again, WHAT? Why am I being penalized for something that all began from your error? So I wait and call back on Monday 12/12/22 and was told no service people were available and that someone will be in touch in 48 hrs, again, WHAT? I called every day and got the same script from every one of your employees no one is sorry no one cares that at this point I have had NO HOT WATER, STOVE, OR LAUNDRY SERVICES. Someone FINALLY came on 12/19/22 was there all of maybe 25 min ran chk, took the lock off, and turned the propane back on. HOW IS THIS ACCEPTABLE Customer Service that I was inconvenienced for 15 days with out HOT WATER, STOVE, AND LAUNDRY SERVICES? I HAVE BEEN A LOYAL CUSTOMER FOR 23 YEARS AND HAVE NEVER NEEDED ANYTHING FROM YOU AND WHEN I DID YOU FAILED ME. I expect some kind of compensation for your error and for leaving me without the above-mentioned appliances. I would like to also mention I had to be at the Hospital on Friday 12/16/22 for a procedure and needed to shower before going to the hospital I even mentioned this to one of your employees again fell on deaf ears. I am so disgusted with how I was treated. I would appreciate a call and acknowledgment of this email.

  3. Hi, this is the worst company I ever dealt with. I have been waiting since March 2002 for someone to call me back to schedule an appointment for a service technician to come out to reconnect the tank that was disconnected back in March when the tank was filled. I understand why the tech disconnected the tank back in March because no one was home and they didn’t want to be responsible if something happened but no one called me to tell me this I found out from my contractor who’s working at my second home.

    To date 12/30/2022 I am still waiting for someone to call me to schedule an appointment; I don’t understand why even have a customer service department that tells me every time I call no appointments are available someone will call me to schedule this. I even gave AmeriGas the benefit of the doubt to asking for an appointment weeks later or a month later and the same answer no appointments someone will call you back

    Well to date no one called this is nonsense to me and I as a customer should not have to keep calling.

    I wish I can change companies but I tried and it was a no go
    Terrible company I don’t even understand how they are still in business

  4. This is the worst propane company I’ve dealt with. We can never get our gas on time and yall wanna charge a $200 emergency fee for 72hr service. We need gas now or by Friday because it’s gonna be 13-23 degrees. We have kids and animals and were cold. Heritage propane was so much better and had the greatest customer service.

  5. By far, the worst company that I have ever dealt with. It is amazing how incompetent this company is at doing nothing! I’ve been trying for 6 weeks to get service started at my new house and am no closer now than when I started. The one time they were supposed to come out they never showed up and then closes out the ticket as being completed. Avoid Amerigas at all costs!

  6. Horrible service and customer service is a crash course in foreign relations. Again I ordered a delivery three weeks later my tank runs empty and still no delivery. 3 years of deliveries and Amerigas has never delivered by their dates. AmeriGas has definitely lost us as a customer. Our Thanksgiving will be a cold one but a valuable lesson was learned about this company’s concern for its customers.

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