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  • Ferrellgas Corporate Office Headquarters

Ferrellgas Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Ferrellgas Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Official Address: 7500 College Boulevard Suite 1000
Overland Park, KS 66210
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-913-661-1500
Fax Number: 1-302-655-5049
Customer Care and Support Phone Number: 1-913-661-1500

Ferrellgas’ main competitors are Gas South, Amerigas, Matheson, FPU, Suburban Propane, Growmark, CHS, Superior Plus Propane, MFA Oil, Cynch, Blue Rhino, and Gas America.


  • I am in Ely Minnesota, and all my LP office questions are handled by the Grand Rapids Mn. Office now, because the Ely staion no longer has a regular busness set up. I never in the past had a provkem getting my LP statement in the mail, for sending a pymt to P.O.Box 88096, Chicago Il…until my last 2 deliveries. The firt screw up was having to call and get a bill sent out after waiting a month….they resent it, and it arrived. The next delivery was Feb. 17th of this year. No mail invoice or statement again, so I called the 888-337-7355 number to once again see why no bill sent to me….that call was on March 26th, and I was once again told it was mailed out, but they would resend it. Calked again on April 13th, and got the samr responce, and was informed it must be the postal service on MY END, but they would re-send. Called again on May 4th, got the same story, but this time I infirmed them that Ferrellgas is the only compop any I am having trouble with getting statements frim, so it has to be on THEIR END not mine….I was also informed a credit hold was on me for future deliveries, because my bill is over due!!!! But of course they will re-send once again. I was told also at this call, that I could just send a payment to the Grand Rapids office instead. Well frankly, why would I do THAT, when I have no clue or invoice of them recieving my pymt?
    I have never had a problem with Ferrellgas like this in all my years of being a customer (I have 2 500gal tanks at 2 locations) and I had Ferrellgas at a Wisconsin home also foil r the last couple years… never hff ad a billing issue like this before this past two deliveries. I also was never sent out a lock in contract this past year, so guess what? Yep….nothing they can do about it.
    I am atempting a corperate phone call later today. But I am seriously looking at switching to another company.
    I will surely will not recomend Ferrellgas to anyone now, as I did recomend in all the years past as a loyal customer.
    Get your service from another company is my advice.

  • Purchased a second home that uses propane. Company was recommended, but not sure why. The company used the old tank left over by the previous owners, the gauge had a leak and we lost approximately 60% of the tank over the winter. House was closed, winterized and furnace was OFF as it was broken needing a complete new furnace. Again, there was nothing running at the house from November 2020 to Late March 2021, and the tank leaked all winter. Ferrells customer service, CSS managers are rude and aggressive. I was accused of messing with the tank and leaving appliances on all winter! They state they will only reimburse 50 gallons of approximately 300 lost!! I do not understand why I am being blamed for a leaky gauge that Ferrell maintains?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? So literally, $560 of propane went up up and away…. DON'

  • We have been calling for 9 days to get propane delivered, and now that its saturday, we still dont have any. We were at 25% and now we are at 6%. No heat, stove, hot water, clothes dryer, and I have to have heart surgery!!!!! Crappy company!!!!!

  • I called 9 days ago to order propane, and, now we still have no gas!! We were at 25% and now we are at 6%. I have to go in for heart surgery, and need heat for my house! We have turned off the heat, cannot use the stove, wash clothes, or have hot water! We still dont know when we are getting propane? We pay each month, and are now at $500 plus, and cant get no propane!! Crappy way to treat good customers!!!!!!!

  • Very disappointed and frustrated with this company in Pell City Alabama. I had a gas leak (obviously a very bad one). Reported it at 8 am and no one came out until 8 pm. I guess I was supposed to wait until my house burned down!!! They are very rude also!!! I've called so many times about service and I get the same thing over and over again. All of my gas leaked out because of a faulty tank that they leased to me and they have yet to refill my tank. I wish I would have been warned about this company. This has been an awful experience. I would NEVER recommend Ferrellgas to anyone!!

  • So so disappointed with this company. Paid for my gas 6 days ago. Still I have no gas. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday the 5th day after ordering and paying for it. They said the driver couldn't find the house. My house is less than 200 feet from the road and is clearly visible.Also Google Map shows it clearly. With a nice bright picture of the house. Guess there drivers can't read nor see pictures. Not finding a address with today's technology it just a pathetic excuse for poor workmanship and incompetent people running the office in Woodbridge VA. If you don't want to be left in the cold you best stay away from this company. As of this minute they cannot tell me when I might have my gas deleveried. Although you would think since they we're supposed to have delivered it yesterday should not have been first on the list this morning it's not my fault they do not know how to use a GPS this is just simple stupidity I highly recommend you stay the hell away from this company

  • Highly upset been without heat for 4 days now in dangerous below freezing temps Howell Michigan location has very rude customer care always pd on time told me they would not deliver until 20 percent in a matter of 2 days it was at 8 percent when I called on the 2nd I was told I could have a delivery for 150 bucks that day or next day for 100 bucks this is no way to run a business contacted them daily was told 2 different stories by two different people now they are telling me they are highly busy it's 20 degrees below 0 and I have no heat your customer care needs to be trained to make sure new customers with no prior propane experience know exactly what to do the tank gage is wrong or something if this was your family you would feel the same way highly disappointed and still no one will call me back wen I wanted to talk to a supervisor

  • Vary disappointed with the kalkaska mi branch I was locked in for my price of propane and when I called to fill my tank they told me since the person who locked me in no longer works there I'm not locked in anymore now I'm payin 50 cents more a gallon without warning that's not right and that's the reason I got locked in for I'm changing companies if I don't get a response back or the pruce I should of been charged

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