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Knotts Berry Farm Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. We're to begin! We were waiting line to get on ghost rider, my daughter was escorted by my son to take her to the bathroom they pass the exit entrance and then come back to were we were at in line, keep in mind there's cameras so I'd suggest u look at them, well this big disguisting power tripwanba be who while kids were coming to catch up to us, he went out of his way to scream at my daughter and son literally from the top of his lungs to tell my kids to get out! Accusing them of cutting in line when hello we were all there! My daughter ignored him and came directly towards me, well ur lil wanna be started yelling for them to leave while I was telling he they went to bathroom, he got super loud making the whole quad area literally stare while he embarrassed myself n my family, we were waiting in line for 2 hours as is, so I wasn't about to move so he decides to scream and demands we leave the park period!!!! I still wasn't moving! So he threaten me by saying that he's kicking us out, while he's doing this he's spitting all over our faces and the observers laughing! 2 guards showed up made some what if another seen and I was anoint to waist my time or lose my spot, so I told him what this disgruntal man did to us! Come to find out he's literalky just an employee not even a guard! Per the actual security guard who came to assist the situation! While this explanation was going on with guard n I the wanna be was still running his mouth! This event for my family and I was suppose to e an experience! Thanks to that young u happy man not knmy did he ruin my younger child's night he ruined our family outing period!!! I highly doubt we will ever go to this place ever again!huge disappoint after all the money we spent to be threatened! There was a total of 7 of us so yeah regardless of how many go to this place you can get word of mouth is grand! Stop giving employees who think there guards shirts obviously gave him the assumption he had some authority!!! Elizabeth Perez attorney at law! ��Just saying u never know who youlll get as a guest, by the way I bought two fast past for my older kids whom he was harassing they could have got in regardless but they chose to stay with us!

  2. Knotts Scary Farm aired a disturbing commercial in between two toddler/preschool programs on NBC this morning just before 10 am. A dentist pulling out a bloody tooth. My toddler started screaming and crying. I couldn't change the channel fast enough. Why would this air during preschool programs? That commercial is seriously graphic and disgusting for any age. I'm sickened.

  3. I am very disturbed by the way security handled the situation that occurred today. They are very disrespectful, unprofessional, and made an embarrassing scene in front of everyone out in public. I offered to show my identification that match my annual pass & they didn't bother to acknowledge my explanation or hear me out until after them not having proof of their wrongly allegations. The security manager Mr. Robert G. took it upon himself to only listen to the LP worker Evelyn, which completely lied and gave false allegations. I am very bother and upset. I have already seen so many other negative comments about Knotts Berry Farm and the bad customer service the employees provide, they need knew management and better staff.

  4. We have made several attempts to solve an accident that my husband had in the restroom at Knott's Berry Farm on Jan 4.We were visiting with friends from Maryland and were very disturb about the situation. They had paid for the meal and thought customer service was revolting and repugnant. The manager was very distant and non professional He did not call any First Aide personnel to look at my husband He never even asked our names.He just went to the hallway and sat on a bench . He called Security and I asked for him to be seen by someone and he sent an EMT who was only to take a report and turn over to his supervisor. They did not offer to take him to see a doctor and the EMT said he was not able to check him but only take a report.The Head Security was the most courteous My husband had needed to go to restroom still and it still was a hazard for him to enter. The got us a Wheelchair and escorted him to another restroom that which he felt safe to enter. After several days we did not hear from anyone and my husband was still suffering from pain. Finally we reached the Safety Supervisor he follow up on report but didn't have all the information . then informed us that he was leaving on trip and someone else would follow up. Once again nothing was done until we called. Finally someone turn over to headquarters and they didn't seem to know what to do either. No one has told him to go see a doctor to be checked.
    I think this is so unacceptable for a large corporation like this. The management never even follow up to see how he was feeling and never offer any courteous to us . I have read many comments how poorly you have handle situation at Knott's Berry Farm and this is really sad. We will no longer be buying passes or will my clients. We will put the word out to others as well.
    Sorry to see this poor customer service to your corporation.

    1. Please look into this matter. i would think a corporation like this would be more dedicated to their public. I think they need better training in management even the assistant manager was non correspondent. The Security gets high regards which shouldn't have been their job

    2. Horrible customer service!!! Twice Season Pass Holders, last time! Just got hung up on by guest relations, 2 guest relations people in less than 24 hours gave conflicting information, and a third at the ticket booth this morning. When I asked the last to speak to a manager, minutes later comes back to tell me that they're not answering, when I ask for her name she hung up. Our relationship as guests just ended. Also,Silver Bullet non operational at this time,numerous time coming here rides don't work, kids disappointed again.

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