Key Food Corporate Office Headquarters

Key Food Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 1200 South Ave.
Staten Island, NY 10314
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-718-370-4200
Fax Number: 1-718-370-4225
Customer Service Number: 1-718-370-4200

  • I have a question- are ALL of the employees working at store#1894 legally able to work there? The Hispanic workers follow you are the store, as if you are a shop lifter. I am thinking that maybe ICE needs to conduct a unannounced inspection of everybody's legal staus

  • Employees harass customers and laugh about it afterward. Don't shop here-use the power of your money and shop elsewhere.

  • your stores "don't give" rainchecks???

    that is according to the employees of your store located here:
    1610 cortelyou road
    brooklyn, ny

    they just denied me a raincheck for baby food that is completely sold out in the store and is on sale through tonight in your circular. this was my 2nd time this week taking a trip to the store to get the sale items.

    what is the deal here??? is it even "legal" to advertise a sale and then deny customers the product / not "allow" rainchecks???

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