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Kobe Steakhouse Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Kobe Steakhouse Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 468 W Hwy 436
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-407-862-6099
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-407-862-6099


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  1. There was two strands of hair in my fruit punch drink that I pulled out of my mouth after drinking it as well as swallowed some strands, my customer service experience was horrible I would like to be fully compensated on my order today May 26,2023. The location responsible is 2801 Campus Way N Suite 302, Glenarden, MD 20706. I do not appreciate the way thing were handled with my visit.

  2. Dear Director of Kobe Restaurant :

    Reading the story of Mr. Nguyễn Tấn Đời, who passed away in Florida.

    I'm in Việt Nam, 🇻🇳which ,working as Restaurant Supervisor, cook, and server. Dreams to run a Kobe style in Sapa; Northern Việt Nam.

    If any, thanks for your attention.

  3. Clayton, NC -Kobe
    My experience was SO bad I feel like no one would believe what happened.
    We sit down for hibachi, the waiter goes to take our order and my husband was going to get a drink from the bar. The waiter says, I’m just going to be honest with you. The bar tender isn’t really taking my orders tonight because she’s feuding with me. You can imagine my surprise. I thought he was joking. He gave his order Long Island. Waiter comes back and says, the bar tender said no she wouldn’t make it. My husband goes to the bar and orders it. She brings it out and it’s wrong. I take it back to her and say, we don’t want this it’s not right. She doesn’t even look at me and rips it out of my hands and says fine! So I asked for the manager. His wife is there. I tell her. She comes to our table and brings him another drink. Then the bar tender came to our table and Rudely asks the other couple at our table “what did you want?” She said it so rude, they said I don’t want anything thanks. We upgraded to the fillet mignon. Didn’t get that. The sweet and sour sauce looked like ketchup and tasted terrible. We were told the manager was going to come from the other store and talk to us. We wait and the manager shows up and is laughing hanging out/sitting at a table. He didn’t care we had a terrible experience. So my husband goes and gets the manager and tells him about our experience. The bar tender had the audacity to walk up to our conversation with the manager and say, “they are mad because I sat their drink down and walked away” excuse me, no we were mad because of her terrible attitude. Her name is Chelsea or something like that. Long blonde hair.
    That girl needs to not work in customer service. She was a bully and would run all over anyone that doesn’t have a backbone. She will continue to lose kobe service because of her character. It doesn’t matter what type of day someone is having, her attitude was completely unacceptable! She needs to be fired! Then when she saw we were going to talk to the manager she was walking around smiling acting like she’s so sweet. NO she is a terrible person and needs to work in a prison or picking up dog poop. I hope I never see her again and hope the manager does something about her. If he doesn’t then He truly does not care about his restaurant. That’s how bad she was. I will NEVER return, and I will tell everyone I know to never go there.
    To the management, please do yourself a favor and fire this terrible person. Being short staffed is way better than having someone like that work for you. I can’t believe begin to say just how bad of an experience it was. The manager gave us 10% discount. The food was terrible and made wrong. I wont even eat it. Terrible terrible terrible!!!!!

  4. Went to one in Smithfield nc was a regular customer in till the other night get completely raw chicken didnt even get a quarter of the food my family always get paid 120.45 for cents for 2 adults and 2 kids was never give a bill had to go to cash register and tell them what we got then they charged me a 15 dollar tip never agreed to it nor did I sign a receipt for it as I left a cash tip the waitress was clueless and cook was worthless when said something to the manager he acts like it my was my fault and gets a nasty attitude with me I will drive an hour to go to a better place to eat that type food I will be turning the location in the the state and health department

  5. Kobe's Steakhouse in Nottingham, MD ruined my 40th birthday dinner. I made a reservation a month in advance with the hostess for 24 people on Saturday, February 8th. The hostess confirmed that I was all set. About 3 days before my dinner I called the restaurant again because it was a month ago originally and I wanted to make sure everything was still good. I spoke with Jade who confirmed my reservation. She told me that I actually had 2 reservations of 12 to accommodate my party of 24 because each table only seats 12. Ok great! The night of my dinner, I have 24 people standing around the door and hallway because they weren't prepared and apparently Jade should have never confirmed a reservation for a Saturday, which is not my problem because in fact she did. Finally after having 2 of the staff rudely tell us we need to get out of the way while WE WAIT(24 people) they approach us to say they have 2 tables for us but they're not together. Totally defeated the purpose of me making reservations and reconfirming them. Kasey was the manager that night and was extremely rude to me and my party. I explained that this was unacceptable I came with 24 people to patronize your business for my 40th birthday and we can't celebrate together. There was a family who had just been seated 5 minutes before they showed us the two separated tables. The other families table was right beside one of the tables they offered us. So I asked Kasey/Casey if he could ask that family to take the other table so we could have two tables together. They hadn't even ordered drinks yet. He refused to ask the family or allow me to ask if they mind relocating and then told me I can take the two separated tables or we could leave. Really! As if this was an error on my part. You cannot walk into any restaurant with 24 people and expect to be seated together last minute, which is why I made reservations a month in advance. So basically I had to celebrate my birthday dinner with half my family and friends and go visit the other half periodically. We were not able to enjoy our time together for the occasion as we should have. And on top of that I had my $200 birthday cake delivered to the restaurant just to be told I can't bring an outside cake into the restaurant. I specifically asked Jade (the hostess who reconfirmed my reservation) if I could bring a cake and she said no outside food was allowed but I could have a cake. So I had to take my cake and sit it in the car. Later we find out when we were paying our bill that the owner Kim was there but when I asked Kasey if I could speak with someone else other than him, he said there was no one else. Which was a lie. He didn't want to accommodate me and he didn't want to get his boss involved. The entire experience was a disaster. This was my first time at Kobe's along with some of my friends and families first time. Thanks to the rude wait staff, Jade, but primarily Kasey we will never return. Never! Good customer service gets my money.

  6. Have been going to Kobe's for years and always had a great time, but FYI- the Rewards Mobile App vs the card is way too invasive without an explanation. It won't stop us, but we won't be coming as often or with the groups we had been. There's no reason it needs access to my videos, photos, etc. Too bad.

  7. I have been trying to contact an office person with regards to your rewards web page. I need to make some edits to the Related Guests section. There is not way to remove a name or add another person. I've left it alone for the longest time, but it is time to add my "new" significant other. Every phone number listed just takes you back to the restaurant and if it isn't open yet, there is no one to help. Why won't you list a phone number for just those types of inquiries?

  8. So there was a server by the name if cory Watts he served us and because we did not leave him a good tip he posted our bill online as well as our order number now I have the screen shot of this young man's post. Also he siad it was not a tip and that we are required to tip at least 10 to 20 dollars. I'm am really disappointed in him and the company. Then he says if we dont tip "well stay at home and stir fry some chicken or some steak tip and rice." Very disappointed

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