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Land O Lakes Corporate Office Headquarters 

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Land O’Lakes, Inc.’s corporate office is located in Arden Hills, Minnesota. This post provides detailed insights into Land O’Lakes, including their main office address, contact numbers, and an overview of the company’s services in the agribusiness and food production industry. Also included are general observations about the company’s market presence and products.

How To Contact Land O Lakes Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Land O Lakes Headquarters Address:

Land O’Lakes, Inc.
4001 Lexington Ave N
Arden Hills, MN 55126
United States

Land O Lakes Corporate Office Contact Information:

Land O Lakes Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-651-481-2222
Land O Lakes Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-328-9680
Land O Lakes Complaint Department: Use the customer service number provided
Land O Lakes Email Help and Chat: Specific contact forms are available on their website for various inquiries.

Land O Lakes Corporate Office

Map and Directions to Land O Lakes HQ

Land O’Lakes Company Bio:

Land O’Lakes, Inc. is a member-owned agricultural cooperative based in the United States, focusing on the dairy sector, animal feed, crop inputs, and agricultural services. It’s well-known for its butter and cheese products but has grown to include a range of other agricultural and food products, serving both domestic and international markets.

Services and Products:

Land O’Lakes offers:
– Dairy products including butter, cheese, and spreads
– Animal feed and nutrition products
– Crop inputs and agricultural services
– Sustainability and farming technology solutions

Customer Focus:

Land O’Lakes serves a broad customer base, including consumers, farmers, and commercial food industry clients, focusing on quality, sustainability, and innovation in food production and agriculture.

Land O’Lakes Competitors:

Key competitors include other agricultural cooperatives and food production companies like Dairy Farmers of America, Dean Foods (now part of Dairy Farmers of America), and General Mills. Other competitors include Hostess, Kelloggs, and Kraft.

General Observations and Feedback:

Land O’Lakes is generally respected for its commitment to quality and sustainability in agriculture and food production. Feedback may vary based on product preferences, regional availability, and individual experiences with their products.

Land O’Lakes Official Website:

For more information about their products, cooperative membership, and sustainability initiatives, visit Land O’Lakes, Inc.’s Official Website.

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