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  • DisneyLand Corporate Office Headquarters

DisneyLand Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact DisneyLand Corporate Office Headquarters 

The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521
Corporate Phone Number: 1-818-560-1000
Guest Information and Ticket Sales: 1-714-781-4565

  • I would like a refund for my BLOCKED annual pass and for the $25 I paid for parking. This is the first time I tried to use it. I drove almost 2 hours and paid $25 for parking only to be turned away at the entrance. I am 65 years old, and this was a gift from my son. I was also told by TWO employees that I could get my parking fee back. They just pointed to a lane that just exited the parking lot. I thought Disney cared. I am so disappointed.

  • I won 4 Disney Land tickets from KEARTH101 radio station before April 2018. I had to wait until Disney sent the tickets before I had to go to their station on Wilshire Blvd to pick them up. I gave them to 2 high school relatives for an Easter gift. These tickets were valid until Sept. 15-16, 2018. They went to Disneyland on Sept. 8, 2018 before the expiration date. The Disney employee told them the tickets had already been cashed in. How that could happen I don't know since they hadn't been to Disney Land since they had received the tickets as a gift. Therefore I can only surmise that Disney either furnished the radio station with already used Complimentary tickets or they had ticket numbers that were printed on tickets multiple times. I know Disney isn't a charitable organization so they do not give tickets to the Entertainment Industry without getting a tax deduction for their corporation. Funny I should mention that because I will receive a 1099 from Entercom Communications for the tickets I won from their radio station for $500+ when they actually had a value of $0 dollars. I was embarrassed to receive a call from the boys to hear the tickets were invalid. I had to take money over to DL to allow them to get into the park. Hey Disney this example of your kindness will be blabbed around two Long Beach High Schools. Good job Disney I hope your Company is proud of their actions. I have also Advise KEARTH of how the tickets were invalid.

  • I won 4 Disneyland tickets from KEARTH before April this year and the tickets had an expiration date of Sept. 15 or 16, 2018. I gave them to 2 high school relatives for an Easter gift. They went to Disney Land last weekend 9/8/18 and they were told they were already cashed in. I would like to know what the heck Disney is doing donating tickets to local radio stations that are either have already been use or if there these complimentary tickets were printed with duplicate numbers so once one set was used the remaining tickets were no good. I was extremely embarrassed to receive a call from the kids from Disneyland stating the park employee said the tickets "had already been cashed in". These tickets were provided by Disneyland to KEARTH 101 radio station to use as promotional contests on their station. I had to meet the kids at Disneyland and provide money to buy new tickets so they could enjoy their day. I will never purchase any type of Disney products or attend any Disney Movies or other type of productions in the future. You should not get tax deductions for issuing bogus tickets to the Entertainment industries because the people that win the tickets end up getting 1099's so they have to pay taxes on the prize value in this case, I will receive a 1099 for $500+ and the true value turned out to be ZERO. Good job Disney. This incident will be spread over 2 Long Beach High Schools. Hope you enjoy the good will you have caused.

  • I recently stayed at the Paradise Pier hotel for a 3 night 2 day vacation. This trip was a going away present for my son and when getting ready to leaver I noticed that my car had been hit with no info left. The hotel called security, gave me the number for the claims dept. adn i filed a police report. I arrived on 7-12-18 left 7-15-18. I called claims dept. sat on hold for over 30 minutes with no answer. I have spoke with the hotel manager and she sent an email to them, it is now the 23rd and have recieved no calls from the claims dept. no follow up calls about any security footage they were supposed to pull to see if they could see the vehicle that hit me. I have to say for spending my entire saving on this trip for my son, who had never been before $2000. I am extremely dissapointed in the handling of this situation , for the amount of money paid for this trip I would have expected this situation to be handled in a much faster time frame than it has been. I am now faced with a $500 deductible to get my car fixed, which i dont have since I used all my money for this trip. Needless to say it will probably be the last time I ever stay at a resort hotel or even visit disneyland again

  • I had the same issue, I went to California adventure on Oct 25 2017. About 6 of the ride were not working. We waited in a long line we got on to a ride and was ask to get off because the ride is not working. We got off maybe ten minutes later the ride was working again, we had to get in line and wait all over again.

  • Happiest place on earth my a**! I've never been so furious! I booked a huge package with a travel agent for my daughters 5th birthday it included the hotel stay (paradise pier) 2 day park hopper passes for 5 people, car rental and even dining with the characters (the princesses) the trip was horrible we would stand in line for 45mins plus to get close to the front and the ride would go down, the firework shows were cancelled on both nights! one of the workers from Indiana Jones was rude to my grandma just because she doesn't speak English well. we had teenage kids and adults cussing in front of my 5 year old, line cutters!! after the trip we didn't get to enjoy i called when we arrived back home we had traveled from phoenix. they comped our passes so we planned another trip back this passed October 2016, we even bought tickets for mickeys Halloween party for 5 people (so we didn't just use the comp passes) we were in the park no more then an hour before my daughter became severely sick she had vomited all over herself so we had to leave I even stopped at guest services to see what could be done so we would lose the tickets. they said to call the customer service line and they will take care of it. I called yesterday 8/8/2017 the phone rep ALEXIS was the rudest phone rep I've ever spoken to she has the never to ask me rudely why it took me almost a year to follow up so I let her have it! if you must know why i didn't do the fallow up its because 2 weeks after our trip in October i gave birth to my stillborn daughter!! she had no remorse for the way she treated me all she said is there is NOTHING I CAN DO! she didn't even let me finish she cut me off and made it seem like i was trying to get something for free! im a huge Disney fan and so is my daughter i travel to Disney at least once a year even before i had my daughter. Disney is a multi million dollar company im very disappointed as a fan of anything Disney. i also have tons of family in California who are annual pass holders I have contacted them to let them know how badly and heartless i was treated and they would be renewing anymore passes.

  • Hi my name is Nadia M and I have never bin treated with so much disrespect in all my times at Disney walk in California my husband my son and I ordered sat and ate at "La Brea Bakery " in down town Disney my son is 5 years old and went back to the bakery to ask a lady for a price on a croissant and poked one of the breads then one of the rudest cast members yelled at him and continued on to yell at me and my husband and giving us dirty looks I then got up to see what her problem was and told her to not yell at my son but tell me and told her to F off I went in and told the manager there what she did and she walked in and started making a scene saying we told our son to steal and that we was out side laughing I told her we was laughing at a joke and we sent him in to check on a price for food yet she still argued she said "we threw away 2 breads cuz he poked them" I told her I don't care Disneyland can afford it the manager had to yell at her and tell her to shut up and leave I explained to the manager what happened then I let her know ITS PEOPLE LIKE HER THAT ARE RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL WITH OTHER PEOPLES CHILDREN THAT RUIN COMING TO DISNEYLAND FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME ,I HAVE 3 DOLLERS TO PAY FOR A DAMN PICE OF BREAD WHY WOULD I TELL MY BOY TO STEAL IT SHE NEEDS TO BE PUT IN CHECK SHE SHOULDNT WORK THERE IF SHE CAN ACT LIKE THAT WITH THE KIDS I had a horrible time we left right after that happened SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE RULES NEED TO BE MORE STRICT CONCERNING OUTBURST WITH VISITORS

  • My name is John H III and I have continuously have encountered extremely horrific service from majority of personal when I suddenly had my first concern in past 15 years I've been visiting the parks. I took my purchased tickets to 2 events through the food and wine festival in April at the Anaheim park. My visit date was 16th of April due to a birthday date I had planned. Ultimimately it was not disclosed that park admission was necessary when I purchased the events. After I followed up a few days before event this information was discovered which we found a resolution. From there everything went downhill. Everything from realizing once we arrived the purchased events were overlapping, my date got food poisining after we asked for ingredients (which we were refused), we were offered to return the following week (which never happened). That was imperative because I'd be out of town the last weekend!! Now we have t wait a year. By the way due to food poisoning we were unable to meet our dinner reservations that evening in LA at the Boniventure hotel. Since then we have tried vigorously to contact the proper personnel to resolve concerns to our liking and now we a being routed to someone specific at the location whom is not only unhelpful but rude and arrogant like most of the staff. I want to speak with headquarters directly and nobody at the park level. We are extremely livid. I have given Disneyland 3 months to find a mutual resolution. This is ridiculous and very unprofessional. Disney has all my contact information so you can please reach out to me through the vague and inaccurate account of reporting they have made. I repaeat, I do not want to be contacted by anyone on the park level. Please have corporate respond to me by phone or email. Arrival date 4.16.2016

  • I called Disneyland Orlando this morning to ask a question to a csr rep who schedules travel to this location, It was a heartwrenching story about the little boy snatched by allgator….the phone rep that answered my call made light of the ordeal and an says well it's Florida. Large signs should be posted about dangerous alligators near the beach, PARENTS, GuARDIANS please watch ALL BABIES AND CHILDREN.

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