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  • Hello, I am wondering why you dont have a Dream Home built on the west coast, or the Pacific Northwest?? I have entered the Dream Home contest, and others for many years; but really would not enjoy flying across the country from Oregon to stay in the house, if I won. There are beautiful areas in the Pacific NW, that West Coast people would like to live. Please consider this request for your next Dream Home location111

  • Hello,
    Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jessica Long. I am currently the mother to 3 children, I have a 13-year-old son (biological) a 11-year-old daughter (biological) an 8-month-old son fostered & gained full permanent custody) and soon I will be taking in a newborn little girl (in July). I grew up majority of my life in foster care. That is what gave me my purpose and heart to help other children. A lot of my family and friends think that I cannot take on a 4th child by myself. Their arguments are legit, I am renting to own a small house that is already crowded as well as I work full time still. I just can’t help to think that God places us in situations where He provides a way to make it, we just must pray and seek His guidance. So, I am reaching out, I have always been told, “you have not, bc you ask not”. You may not even read this letter, but I can’t help but ask. Maybe you know of a property or someone who owns a property that they are willing to donate that would fit me +4 children? Or perhaps, your willing to help donate time and work and some supplies to make the home we have now be able to accommodate all of us. Its an older home and has so many issues. For the last 2 years, I have done a ton of DIY projects myself to make it better for me and the children, but it still has a long way to go. I know my ask is probably crazy and absurd, but I have the crazy faith to match my crazy ask! If I were to just up and “move” to a bigger house, my rent or my mortgage would go up. Once I take on the newest addition in July, my daycare bill is going to double from currently $500 to $1000 a month. There is no way, with my $3,600 income that I can afford to pay more on a house and daycare. If I could do it by myself, I promise I wouldn’t be out here trying to find someone to hear my story and offer to help us. I am praying that this letter falls into the right hands of someone who has the power and ability to help, and the Holy Spirit will pull at their heart strings and they will act on their feelings. I will end this for now, but I will continue to pray that the Lord will guide my huge ask, to the right recipient.
    My hope and prayer are that our wish will be granted, and not only will I be able to continue to raise these 4 children, but many more in the years to come. I’ve been hurt and abandoned as a child, I know how it feels on holidays, birthdays etc. to not have those family roots. Not only can I reach the child and provide for them physically, I can also mentor them emotionally and allow them to accept and grow from the pains they will go through at such a young age in life.
    If you have taken the time to read this, then God bless you & even if I never hear back from you, I’m grateful you listened.
    Jessica N. Long My Family: (1 more coming soon 😊)

  • Where are the family shows on HGTV? Are their families with kids that you can show instead of just females together and males together ? What happened to the families? It would be refreshing to see parents or couples male and female with kids on HGTV Shows again
    Like “Extreme Makeover”

  • I am a long time watcher of HGTV. I love it. I was sorry to see Fixer Upper end as it was one of my favorites. NOW I see it is coming back, along with a cooking show with Joanna…BUT NOT ON HGTV which I get on my over $200 per month Comcast service. No..they (along with a Property Bros. show) can only be seen on Discover+. So now you are requiring all your faithful fans to pay an additional $5 a month to stream. You just have to get in on the streaming boondoggle and who cares about true fans. We have Comcast and Netflix streaming and Prime streaming and all cost money money money. Well We're NOT subscribing to any more streaming and paying paying paying. VERY DISAPPOINTED in HGTV. Thanks so much for caring about us. May not watch much HGTV either

  • Today is if my math is correct the 10th straight day where I have not been able to enter your HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes contest. I receive my email every day, I enter my email address but when it tells me to hit the enter button, NOTHING happens. I been entering these contest for years now, and this is the first time I have ever had problems. Please look into why this happening.

  • Oprah and HGTV are in poor judgement! ALL LIVES MATTER!!! If you're interested in equality then don't make out criminals are above law abiding citizens. So it's okay to riot and loot right? THESE PEOPLE ARE CRIMINALS! Not one race, color or creed matters more! Get it straight, won't be watching your network anymore…

  • After redesigning all these houses, please please clean the glass in the homes before taking in the prospective buyers. I've noticed the glass front doors are not cleaned and it's so noticeable. Almost every one of the Good Bones redo's have dirty glass in the front doors along with some of the other shows. Thanks for your attention. Love HGTV by the way.

  • Please continue to produce Boise Boys. It is a great show, and the house designs are wonderful. The interaction between the two main stars is great.

  • I love all of the shows. my concern is – Where are the people of color? You don't have anyone of color that can build houses or fix something?

  • My friends and I are totally blown away and disgusted that our wonderful HGTV would stoop so low as to produce the series "Houses for Spouses"! Seriously?!? I'm sorry but that is just so incredibly wrong! It offends us! Give us more classy shows along the lines of "Fixer Upper" and "Property Brothers", not garbage like this new Houses for Spouses! UGH is too mild a term for how we feel!

  • Today I watched another renovation of a home which I think looks much worse than what they started out with. And at almost $45,000 HOW WASTEFUL! How great is taking out natural wood and replacing with white or worse, GRAY cabinets? Some of the designers have very POOR taste. I'm tired of seeing gray, black, and synthetic. I guess that I will just have to STOP watching! What CHOICE do I have?

  • After hearing complaints from friends and others about the programing, I thought I'd communicate with you to let you know. Programs are becoming redundant-

    On HGTV

    1- Everyone is doing some sort of fixer upper with the SAME "open concept" style……It's getting VERY OLD. Could you please change it up by throwing in some other styles?

    2- NO ONE wants to see the house hunting with KIDS helping to make decisions. This is an ADULT show and adults make the decisions when it comes to home buying. Kids will be excited just to be in a new house…..

    3- Have more international house hunters. This gives those that don't have the time or money to travel to see how others live.


    1- PLEASE have more travel. Travel does not mean cooking. The cooking segments should be on the cooking channel.

  • I will NOT watch QUEERS on any show. God says it's wrong and that's it. I will not be watching your show any more.

  • I am so disappointed to not find good decorating shows on HGTV anymore Most everything now is about complete remodeling with expensive renovations. Shows like Design on a Dime were great for the everyday home owner showing them things they can do in their own homes. I loved it. Also the High Low Project that Sabrina Soto hosted was so good with great affordable ideas. Regarding current shows, I absolutely can't stand Love or LIst it – Hillary and David or so unlikable, not to mention Tarek and Christina! Very annoying people. How I miss Candace Olsen and Sarah Richardson! I used to watch HGTV every night, now only some shows interest me. Please bring back some good affordable decorating shows with enjoyable hosts.

  • Want to thank you for your great coverage of the Rose Parade. The other channels do not come close to what you show. The "hosts" do a good job of informing, commenting and keeping quiet so we can hear the bands. For 60+ years it has been tradition to watch the parade and your coverage makes it much more enjoyable. Keep up the great job!


  • I have always looked to HGTV as in a scape from all the politics and Negativity in this world. It was just a place where I could go and be happy. However, last night as I was watching one of your shows a democratic politician running for governor of New Jersey had a commercial. It was vile and disturbing. Is this your channels views on politics? It really makes me sad to think that my great escape from reality has been tarnished Buy this kind of advertising. I among many other Americans support our president. No one's asking you to like him but don't allow this crap on your channel. For now I am done with It! So long HGTV !!

  • As a Real Estate Broker for 45 years I can now walk into a house and immediately see which HGTV host/hostesses show they follow. However, as a viewer who loved the original Flip or Flop, please let me tell you that Flip or Flop Las Vegas is one of the worst programs you've ever put on. Aubrey looks like a fake Christina (who had incredible taste) while she has marginal taste at best. Her over the top husband will never have the charm of a Chip Gaines and thus the show is like a cardboard cutout with no substance. If Tarek and Christina don't want to work together and that is HGTV's decision to make….have Christina partner up with another flipper and get rid of the terrible mockery of what was a terrific, creative show.

  • I want to still love HGTV, but I agree the same programming is annoying. Also why isn't there more diversity among the cast? You talk about splash of color, but there is none. Please change or you will lose viewers

  • To: HGTV, ANYONE….
    From: Lee Harper
    So, who actually figures out what to put on TV there? Seriously! I just made this spreadsheet, quickly I might add, because all I had to do was cut and paste the programs over and over. No thought is put into your programing!!! What, is it 4:45 pm on a Friday and someone has to come up with the next four weeks of the programing schedule, but everyone is meeting at TGIF. So the guy says, give me 15 minutes, copy, cut, paste, season 6, etc. and I’ll meet you there. I am personally offering my services, from home, at a fraction of the price, without benefits AND I’ll be able to mix up your programing better than what you have on now. I’ll even consider ratings with number of times watch and more. Do you want me to the same Food Network? Seriously, who is ever figuring this out, NEEDS TO BE FIRED!!!

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

    12:00 Caribbean Love/List Fixer Upper Prop. Bros. Flip/Flop Lott. Dream Prop. Bros.
    12:30 Caribbean H. Hunter Fixer Upper Prop. Bros. Flip/Flop Lott. Dream Prop. Bros.
    1:00 Island Life Hunter Int’l H. Hunter H. Hunter H. Hunter H. Hunter House Reno
    1:30 Island Life Tiny House Hunter Int’l Hunter Int’l Hunter Int’l Hunter Int’l House Reno
    2:00 H. Hunter Tiny House Fixer Upper Prop. Bros. H. Hunter H. Hunter Log Cabin
    2:30 Hunter Int’l Tiny House Fixer Upper Prop. Bros. Hunter Int’l Hunter Int’l Log Cabin
    3:00 Beachfront H. Hunter Fixer Upper Prop. Bros. Flip/Flop Lott. Dream Prop. Bros.
    3:30 Beachfront H. Hunter Fixer Upper Prop. Bros. Flip/Flop Lott. Dream Prop. Bros.
    4:00 Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog.
    4:30 Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog.
    5:00 Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog.
    5:30 Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog.
    6:00 Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog.
    6:30 Candice Sale Two City Kitch Crash Free Vac. Hawaii Lf. Paid Prog. Paid Prog.
    7:00 Candice Sale Two City Yard Crash Free Vac. Hawaii Lf. House Reno Flip/Flop
    7:30 Candice Lott. Dream House Crash Rent/Buy Flea Mkt. House Reno Flip/Flop
    8:00 Flip/Flop Lott. Dream Love/List House Reno Flea Mkt House Reno Flip/Flop
    8:30 Flip/Flop Lott. Dream Love/List House Reno Flea Mkt House Reno Flip/Flop
    9:00 Flip/Flop Lott. Dream Love/List House Reno Flea Mkt House Reno Flip/Flop
    9:30 Flip/Flop Lott. Dream Love/List House Reno Flea Mkt House Reno Flip/Flop
    10:00 Flip/Flop Lott. Dream Love/List House Reno Flea Mkt House Reno Flip/Flop
    10:30 Flip/Flop Lott. Dream Love/List House Reno Flea Mkt House Reno Flip/Flop
    11:00 Flip/Flop Lott. Dream Love/List Dream 2017 Flea Mkt House Reno Flip/Flop
    11:30 Flip/Flop Lott. Dream Love/List Dream 2017 Flea Mkt House Reno Flip/Flop
    12:00 Flip/Flop H. Hunter Prop. Bros. Flip/Flop H. Hunter New Orlean Flip/Flop
    12:30 Flip/Flop Hunter Int’l Prop. Bros. Flip/Flop Hunter Int’l New Orlean Flip/Flop
    1:00 Love/List Fixer Upper Prop. Bros. Flip/Flop H. Hunter Fixer Upper Prop. Bros.
    1:30 Love/List Fixer Upper Prop. Bros. Flip/Flop H. Hunter Fixer Upper Prop. Bros.
    2:00 Love/List Fixer Upper Prop. Bros. Flip/Flop H. Hunter Fixer Upper Prop. Bros.
    2:30 Love/List Fixer Upper Prop. Bros. Flip/Flop H. Hunter Fixer Upper Prop. Bros.
    3:00 Love/List Fixer Upper Prop. Bros. Flip/Flop H. Hunter Fixer Upper Prop. Bros.
    3:30 Love/List Fixer Upper Prop. Bros. Flip/Flop H. Hunter Fixer Upper Prop. Bros.
    4:00 Love/List Fixer Upper Prop. Bros. Flip/Flop H. Hunter Fixer Upper Prop. Bros.
    4:30 Love/List Fixer Upper Prop. Bros. Flip/Flop H. Hunter Fixer Upper Prop. Bros.
    5:00 Love/List Fixer Upper Prop. Bros. Flip/Flop

  • Flip or Flop is as far as I am concerned is a total flop and should be taken off the air!!!!! It's disgusting that their private affairs have entered into the airways. NOT a good family show. They should be concentrating on their family and setting good examples of family life. Instead it's turned into a soap opera….. They should follow the example of Fixer Upper. Those two involved their children in everything, set wonderful examples of Christian family's and raising their children properly. Take these selfish examples off your programs. They are as I said, horrible…..

  • My wife loves HGTV. We were sorry to know of the problems with people that don't feel you have the rights to your own beliefs. God says, "no weapon form against me shall prosper." So, no worries about there. Then came the Flip or Flop controversy. I told my wife I am starting to believe that HGTV is like all of the others. Decisions are made on ratings/dollars regardless of how they come. Then I decided to buy a subscription to your magazine. That was until I read the fine print which was somewhat concealed with a lighter print down at the bottom of the application. It tells me that " I won't be bothered with renewal notices, I agree to just keep on the the subscription regardless of costs or price at the time, etc. That's is deceptive, and poor. I wanted to write you a long editorial, but then I read a few of the statements on this page. All is well. Things just always seem to be what is right. It's funny how things always seem to work out. Good luck. You had a great product.

  • Flip Flop show has lost its charm with the dissolution of Tarek and Cristina. It is now becoming another "Kardashian" nonsense. They pretend for the HGTV show but are mudslinging in the social media. Seriously, get this show off the air. Thank you.


  • I have always loved HGTV but I am getting to the point where I don't want to watch it anymore because you are showing commercials of Flip or Flop and the couple acting as if nothing is wrong and there is just so much wrong with airing their show after we all know they have been faking their marriage and that they are no longer together. Take the show off!!! and stop the commercials!

  • Christina should be taken off Flip or Flop. She is not family TV. Let her and the contractor live on his salary, let Tark have a lovely designer, get rid of the cheating broad.

  • What a joke…. The one channel I love….. Someone is using there logo and Drew and Jonathan Scott's name telling you, you have won 3.5 million dollars and complete home make over.. if just have to go to Western Union. Wire them 2.9 million dollars, and have your confirmation number so when they call back with a restricted number they got you…. But they tell you, you get your money back when you receive your 3.9 million dollars… So actually you are only winning a million…. Who the in the hell has 2.9 million dollars…. If you got that kind of money… Want to be my sugar daddy????

  • How about putting on more shows like design on a dime…please?
    You need more shows to help the majority of Americans redo there house then alot of shows you have on

  • Why are we seeing flip or Flop commericals of flip or Flop as a happy couple at Christmas when they are not together????
    Please take them off

    • I really agree with you. It is such a joke to see HGTV air their commercials as a happy married couple when we all know they have been faking their marriage for a long time and that now they are no longer even together. Take them off and stop airing the fake commercials!

  • Religious Freedom? Denying equal rights to another group of humans based on YOUR religious beliefs is still called BIGOTRY. Fixer Upper's Chip and Joanie need to offer equal time to same sex couple families.

  • PSS….it is uncharacteristic for any homebuyer under the age of 50 to want a house with "charachter and charm" and if they did want that type of home (probably because they heard their parents or grandparents use it) they would use age-appropriate terms. That part is NOT realistic.

  • Has HGTV ever considered redoing office spaces? Ours is in dire need of sprucing up. And the office kitchen looks like a soup kitchen and it shouldn't. We are a highly successful recruiting firm in Charlotte, North Carolina and we should be presenting better than we are.

  • Just want you to know… For HGRV to respond to the Buzz Feed article about the Gaines or any other movement or article about their beliefs is foolish. If HGTV believes that it has to pressure or fire Chip and Jo Gaines, hosts of Fixer Upper, I will not watch HGTV programs again. If you support them, I will continue to watch various programs and encourage others to watch also.

    Get over the idea that not approving of someone's lifestyle means that one hates the person or has a phobia. One can choose to not approve of a liar's actions, but it doesn't mean that one hates the person.

  • I know everyone that is a fan of HGTV has his or her favorite show, but will you limit the House Hunters episodes everyday? Please?! They are on extremely too much.

  • So disappointed in HGTV's disgusting treatment of Chip & Jo Gaines. They are Christians – get over it! I am a Christian and don't care what you believe but these kids are good people and they are raising good people. Leave them alone they make you lots of money in turn they entertain the general public who are NOT bigoted and don't condemn them for their beliefs because they don't SHOVE THEM DOWN OUR THROATS – AS YOU ARE DOING. STOP BEING BULLIED by a perverse few – grow a pair & stand up for the GAINES FAMILY.

    • I totally agree with you! And on top of that, they are getting drugged into this just because of the church they attend!! They have not publicly voiced their stand on the topic and people are posting things about them when they shouldn't. If more people would read the bible, they would know what it says and what is expected to be taught in the church! Some folks are a trip!! They can live in sin and have their own thoughts on certain topics but chastise someone else for their own thoughts. Leave the Gaines alone people! They have a great show, God is blessing them tremendously and I can't wait to see the next level God takes them to for being obedient and staying grounded in the bible and church!

  • cut down on the back to back programs of chip/Joanna gaines. house hunters, tiny houses, flip or flop, mix the programs up to hold peoples attention more…love them but back to back gets boring

  • Jim Sargeant Cocoa Fl I WATCH YOUR SHOWS 24/7. what has happened? Did all the restoration people quit? Now you fire a couple guys ( Benham Bros) for what? I am crippled and only have your tv shows to watch but I stopped after you fired the Benham Bros. This is a socialist act and you need to concentrate on good tv.

  • What has happened to Income Property With Scott McGillvrey and Rehab Addict with Nicole Curtis. Love those shows and can't find them. I even check DIY channel.

  • Love all your shows but would love to see a new series called MOBILE HOME RENOVATION. We live in a double wide and want to renovate our kitchen and laundry room but not sure of ideas. So hope you take my suggestion and turn it into MOBILE HOME FLIP

  • I'm a TV producer formerly of CBS News with a new idea for your series House Hunters and was advised to contact Steve Lerner by my friend that has shot for HGTV. I used the corporate number listed to find it was NO longer in service! Might want to update it.

    Hugh Simpson

  • I used to love HGTV but it has turned into a all day real estate commercial. What happened to the decorating shows or the crafting shows. I used to love watching the landscaping shows too. I think I am going to have to flip the channel because I am sick of watching people hunt for real estate all day!!

  • HGTV – PLEASE STOP THE BLATANT WASTE YOU ARE SHOWING!!!!! I love the decorating and remodeling ideas I get from HGTV. However the thing I DESPISE is the WASTE that I see on almost every remodeling project. There are so many things (cabinets, sinks, tubs, toilets, appliances, flooring, windows, etc.) that instead of being destroyed could be removed intact and donated to organizations that help the needy. HGTV seems to promote the wealthy folks that tear out a perfectly functional and updateable kitchen (for example) and show the DESTRUCTION of so many things that a needy person would treasure. HGTV – YOU HAVE THE POWER TO SEND A POWERFUL MESSAFE AND DO SOME GOOD IN THIS CRAZY SELFISH WORLD…. by promoting donating, reusing, repurposing, and recycling. Please take the time to ask organizations such as "Habitat for Humanity" , "Salvation Army", and many others how much they would value the donation of those items that you show being destroyed. PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!

  • To me, the most important aspect of "House Hunters" and "House Hunters International" ought to be how these people can AFFORD the homes they are viewing. What are their incomes, what are their down payments, and who would be lending to them ???? Many seem to be quite young, and perhaps it is jealousy, but how can they afford these homes, most of which seem to approach or exceed $350,000 ??

  • I just saw a commercial on HGTV for Beach Front Bargain Hunt and you described the homes as "crap holes". I am glad my kids were at baseball practice. We won't be watching your channel any longer until you get YOUR house in order.

    • The show you saw advertised was "Beach Flip" not "Beach House Bargain Hunt". If you're going to act all high and mighty, please make sure you know what you're talking about!

    • Way to kill your brand, HGTV. Beach Flip is already a Beach Flop for me. Renovating "crap holes" is not my idea of summer viewing fun. The promos make me wanna (be very sad for your really sorry little ad campaign). Suspect that the class act show hosts in your line-up are saying "WTC-hole" is corporate thinking.

  • HGTV, I enjoyed watching some of your shows, however, I can't continue to watch a show that shows inappropriate things. I understand you have to run commercials etc however, although the show may be rated G, the commercials are not. The Playtex commercial showing ladies in their bras with their parts hanging out is just too much. It is very uncomfortable when my grandchildren are here or there is mixed company. So I will have to be turning the channel.

  • Whoever does the programming needs to be fired, why do they have one program on most of the day? why cant they have several programs doing the day?. You have good shows like the prop brothers, and Ryan, ect mix them up, don't show one program for hours on end.

  • Why have you changed Fixer Upper to Thursday night. We are used to watching on Tuesday now and they were not on. We love this family, business couple from Waco and their kiddos.They work, laugh and play. Their remodels are so great. Many of our friends watch and we discuss it when we get together. Please give us a normal schedule. Thank you..

    By the way, loved the Rose Parade this year..

  • family will never watch Fixer Uppers again after seeing the disgusting man eat the roach – would never trust to hire him after that behavior

  • I learned today on FOX News that the Benham Brothers were fired because of their Christian beliefs. What happened to tolerance??? I get it, only Christians are supposed to be tolerant. To the one who hires and fires…you disgust me.

  • I'm APPAULED that after JUST beginning to avidly watching your programming to learn this morning thru Fox & Friends that you fired 2 brothers from a reality show just because they are born-again Christians.
    My religious affiliation is of no consequence.
    I'm only one person, think how many viewers who have NOT written you have just lost. And to refute it now, HGTV would be an insult to the viewers' intelligence.
    I have shared the segment from Fox & Friends and my comments above.

    • Yes, they use to have one on CMTV. I found it one day and only got to see like 3 episodes before it was off the air. It was really good. The ideas they had were great for any home, not just mobile homes. I see how people at cooperate looks at these messages. They don't bother. Maybe we can write another channel to offer programming we like.

  • I want to thank HGTV for its amazing commercial free coverage of the 2015 Rose Parade hosted by Nancy O'Dell, Drew and Jonathon Scott. I was thrilled to actually see all of the hard-working youngsters who make up the bands that are scattered throughout the parade! THANK YOU!
    And keep up the nice work! – Jim

  • why so hard to locate schedule of programs-looking to see if the older ones are still out there-design on a dime and other affordable decorating ideas-in general, most people cannot redo their home and dont have a hugh budget-most of the latest shows are for rich people who earn 1/2 million +-lets get real and get some reasonably priced homes/decorating programs back–i assume color splash isnt on anymore–sure cant find any info on it in the HGTV site

  • Just want to say how much I LOVE FIXER UPPER! It is the best and I can't wait for the new episodes to start. Property Brothers used to be a favorite, but honestly, Chip and "JoJo" have it all over them because they improve the OUTSIDE of the home, as well as the inside, and for a fraction of the cost. What a charming couple! I hope we can look forward to seeing much more of them. Love It or List It? Just once I'd love it if Hiliary had money left over in her budget! "I can't do this and I can't do that." Please – boring and predictable! BTW, what happened to DYI Disaster? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BRIAN!

  • After reading an article some time ago stating the decision of HGTV regarding the personal beliefs of the Benham brothers I was angered and saddened. I have written a letter to subscription and cancelled my magazine order and I have sent a letter to HGTV Headquarters, as well. Censorship is a slippery slope we do not want to get near whether we agree with the content or not. Not to mention the fact Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion being ignored in this process I am exasperated with 'everyone' throwing people under the bus because of their Christian beliefs or a negative incident that happened in their past. At what point is someone going to stand up and say 'this is life, deal with it.' Why do we have to crucify everyone…sorry if I offended anyone using the term 'crucify'…not really. I believe the financial side out weighs doing the right thing. Who will be the first to take a stand and when will this all end? You can't teach common sense, unfortunately. Where are people with some backbone?!? By the way, my husband and I were regular viewers of HGTV, but we have not watched or purchased a magazine since reading about your decision in early May. I hope you and many others will rethink your decisions and act accordingly.

    • I agree- I am no longer watching HGTV or visiting their sponsors. In America, you should not have to lose your job because of your faith. Freedom of conscience is the most important freedom we have.

  • I was a fan of HGTV for many years and learned a lot about home decorating in its shows. But HGTV has insulted my core values in pulling "Flip It Forward" just because the Benham brothers have expressed religious views regarding the nature of marriage as between a man and a woman and the sanctity of life. HGTV offended core American values of free of speech and freedom of religion. This is yet another example of the social communism that has infiltrated the powers that be in American politics, corporate life, media and entertainment. I am boycotting HGTV's shows and will encourage all others I know to do so. HGTV should also realize that any viewer has the option of tuning a show out that they do not like for any reason. Banning a show based on the expressed religious beliefs of its hosts does not provide viewers any option.

  • Who does HGTV think they are?!?! Why not let the viewers decide if they don't agree with the Benham brothers instead of censoring us. There's this little thing called Religious belief that applies to ALL United States citizen not just a select group. It doesn't matter which side of the fence you sit on with their beliefs the fact that HGTV decided to play Big Brother is the real issue at hand and it would be smart for all parties to keep that piece of information in mind.

  • It is amazing that those who cry tolerance are so intolerant. Their anger reminds one of a little boy who toy has been taken away and pouts for the rest of his life. Their intolerance also shows a complete ignorance of Christianity.

  • I wrote this comment but didn't sign my name. Did not see the option before. I am not afraid to sign my name because I am proud of my Christianity.

  • I was sorry to discover that HGTV was anti-Christian and anti-American when they cancelled flip It Forward and the Benham Brothers. As a Christian I was raised to treat everyone well and as an American to treat them equal,Obviously HGTV does not believe in these principles and I will bedeleting this channel.

  • People of America Stand Tall and use your names…Be Proud you have values ..God knows who you are….I will never back down or hide who I am…if you want to make a difference make sure the good people know who you are and let the others know also….remember the men who shed their blood and STAND TALL FOR WHAT IS RIGHT…GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • your ANTI- CHRISTIAN VIEWS will be your down fall. We built this country on Christian values and the loss of them is exactly why our country is in such deep trouble.
    You and you QUEER associates will not have any of my business. You and your perverts will someday answer to God. I am glad I am not you. I am a sinner as we all are but these choices you have made for money…..I hope you enjoy your short term wealth….you will not have it when you leave this life…My prayer is that people like you and you associates will wake up and do what is right…you are killing this great country and your opportunity for life …

  • HGTV!! You did it now! How dare you run scared because of someone brave enough to express their Christian Beliefs of fundamental values of family life.
    Why is it so bad to say: I'm a Christian and Same-Sex life is Wrong according to God who tells us so!!! He made us and we all have to answer to him. No more watching your shows!!!

    • HGTV promotes life styles that are against the Word of God. I am a fantastic designer but I love the Lord of whom has given me the talent. On all my websites I let person know my talent comes from the Lord.

  • HGTV,
    I just discovered your channel and was delighted in many of the shows, but now I will not watch it until you reverse your discrimination against Christians. It is unbelievable that having family values and valuing life will get you fired. It truly is calling evil good and good evil. I hope you come to your senses and stop pandering to the squeaky wheel.

  • I have watched HGTV from the beginning. I didn't care who the host was or the couples on the show. I am saddened that you will not be airing the Flip it Forward and I am no longer allowing HGTV, DIY Network, Food Network, Cooking Channel, Travel Channel, or Great American Country or any other Channel the Scripps Networks Interactive acquires in my home.

  • And I am cancelling my magazine subscription because HGTV does not believe in free speech and free association. And I might add that I'm an avid decorator.

  • I'm with Gen Yvette Sutton. I have blocked HGTV from my Dish Network viewing list. Thanks HGTV and your double standards. I will no longer watch HGTV.

  • I am disappointed in your decision to pull the Benham brothers and Flip it Forward, due to the brother's thoughts. HGTV–you are being bamboozled by the left. They are on a mission to silence free speech. WAKE UP. Be courageous and don't let them take our freedoms away. Step out of the group-think box and think for yourself. Remember this will lead to everyone being less free in the end and it won't end well. History has shown than.

  • We will no longer watch HGTV at all, since we value life and we try to conserve Christian values. Obviously, HGTV doesn't value its audience. And I might mention that we watched a ton of HGTV. Never again.

  • Hello all. So I saw that "Flip it Forward" has been cancelled. It's sad that the show is being cancelled because of the way the gentlemen choose to live their lives. It's sad that because people don't agree with ones belief or lifestyle that we call it "hate". If we don't like the way a family member is raising their child does it mean you hate them. no. Just because you don't agree with the way you boss does things does that mean you quit, no.

    We should be careful about how we use the word "hate". Just because we don't agree doesn't mean we hate one another. We don't have to like what others are doing but we can agree to disagree. Christ came to love and as believers we do love. John 3:15-17…Check it out. It has the potential to change your life. 🙂

  • I know you have spent your life going around thinking your something special, calling out bigots everywhere. The bigot all along was just a mirrir away

  • I am very sad to see such a wonderful concept of helping families be removed due to the legal rights of Americans to have opinions. Let the viewers choose what to watch or not. Flip it Forward is based on pay it forward.

  • I just deleted HGTV from my DVR even though I love many of shows and to date have not seen anything political or religious in the programming.

    I am not religious, but I believe in freedom of religion guaranteed by the Constitution and as long as the programming is not political or religious what those who appear on your programs do on their own time is irrelevant and firing the hosts of Flip it Forward which I have never seen for what they say or do off camera is WRONG.

    Sorry, not watching HGTV will leave a big gap in my TV viewing, but I do put my money where my mouth is.

    It's been fun.


  • Sorry about the incorrect date…should have been April.
    THANK YOU HGTV for realizing that most of us are tired of contention. Peace.

  • Love HGtV…..can't wait to hear the winners of the 2014 Dream house in Truckee, CA. Hopefully it will be us…thank you for great shows

  • As subscripter of print and watcher of HGTV, I am alarmed about the promotional advertising of AL Jazerra cable network on this channel. I am not a fan and would chose to watch another channel that did not advertise middle east values, and try to attract watchers and brainwash everyone about how peace loving there region is……………… way.

  • WHY do you broadcast "Love it or List it" all day every day? Marathon programming in general is very annoying. If one doesn't particularly like a certain program,one is stuck with it for hours. That is when I turn the channel. "Love it or List it" is too predictable and scripted. I never watch it. Too many reruns also. If you listen to viewers you will find that I am not alone in my opinion.

    • I AGREE! I am so tired of turning on what used to be one of my favorite networks, only to find "Love It or List It" scheduled for yet ANOTHER entire day. Enough, already. What happened to creative decorating ideas, decorating on a budget, etc.? Obviously there are other viewers felling the same way, which is an indication that your viewership is dwindling.

    • Bring back Design on a Dime, Candace Olsen Divine Design! Bring back actual design inspiration shows….not this endless parade of houses for sale and flippers. I used to be an avid HGTV watcher. Now? It's a last resort if nothing else is on. Please!

    • Shut up Peggy. You mention one show that you don't like. Many people do like the marathons since we work and can't sit all day complaining about re-runs. U just shut your mouth. If you don't like it. Change the channel. There are 300 other channels to watch.

    • Anon that was 3 years… Glad to see you blow up on someone for saying that. It's true, it's literally reruns throughout the day with no variation. True, there are other channels but they do the same. With chromecast and projectfreetv, I can stream anything which can be a good solution for others. That's what you should have suggested instead of freaking out and insulting someone.

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