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HGTV Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact HGTV Corporate Office Headquarters

500 W Summit Hill Drive
Knoxville, TN  37902
Corporate Phone Number: 1-865-546-3251


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  1. Subject: Request for Home Improvement Assistance

    Dear HGTV Network,

    I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to you today with a sincere plea for help in renovating our beloved home, which is nearly 70 years old. We are huge fans of your network and have witnessed the transformative power of home improvement projects showcased on HGTV. It is with this hope that we reach out to you, seeking assistance to improve our property.

    Our home, located in the Whites Creek area of Nashville, Tennessee, is in dire need of various upgrades and renovations. Unfortunately, we are currently facing financial constraints that make it difficult for us to afford these necessary improvements. Our dream is to find a contractor who can help us revitalize our home, and we are willing to participate actively by contributing sweat equity.

    Our house spans approximately 1500 square feet and consists of three bedrooms and a single small bathroom. Our primary objective is to extend the living area into an open-concept layout, creating a more spacious and modern atmosphere. As we are only a short ten-minute drive from downtown Nashville, we believe our project would be of interest to viewers in the area and beyond.

    We would be extremely grateful if HGTV would consider showcasing our house on your network. We believe that by featuring our renovation journey, we can inspire other homeowners facing similar challenges and demonstrate the transformative power of home improvement. Furthermore, any advice or guidance you could provide us would be greatly appreciated.

    In order to provide you with a better understanding of our home's current condition, we are more than willing to share photographs and additional details in a follow-up email or through any preferred means of communication.

    Thank you for taking the time to consider our request. We eagerly await your response and any advice or assistance you may offer. We are truly excited about the opportunity to work with HGTV and embark on a transformative journey to create the home of our dreams.

    Yours sincerely,

  2. Hello, I am wondering why you dont have a Dream Home built on the west coast, or the Pacific Northwest?? I have entered the Dream Home contest, and others for many years; but really would not enjoy flying across the country from Oregon to stay in the house, if I won. There are beautiful areas in the Pacific NW, that West Coast people would like to live. Please consider this request for your next Dream Home location111

  3. Hello,
    Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jessica Long. I am currently the mother to 3 children, I have a 13-year-old son (biological) a 11-year-old daughter (biological) an 8-month-old son fostered & gained full permanent custody) and soon I will be taking in a newborn little girl (in July). I grew up majority of my life in foster care. That is what gave me my purpose and heart to help other children. A lot of my family and friends think that I cannot take on a 4th child by myself. Their arguments are legit, I am renting to own a small house that is already crowded as well as I work full time still. I just can’t help to think that God places us in situations where He provides a way to make it, we just must pray and seek His guidance. So, I am reaching out, I have always been told, “you have not, bc you ask not”. You may not even read this letter, but I can’t help but ask. Maybe you know of a property or someone who owns a property that they are willing to donate that would fit me +4 children? Or perhaps, your willing to help donate time and work and some supplies to make the home we have now be able to accommodate all of us. Its an older home and has so many issues. For the last 2 years, I have done a ton of DIY projects myself to make it better for me and the children, but it still has a long way to go. I know my ask is probably crazy and absurd, but I have the crazy faith to match my crazy ask! If I were to just up and “move” to a bigger house, my rent or my mortgage would go up. Once I take on the newest addition in July, my daycare bill is going to double from currently $500 to $1000 a month. There is no way, with my $3,600 income that I can afford to pay more on a house and daycare. If I could do it by myself, I promise I wouldn’t be out here trying to find someone to hear my story and offer to help us. I am praying that this letter falls into the right hands of someone who has the power and ability to help, and the Holy Spirit will pull at their heart strings and they will act on their feelings. I will end this for now, but I will continue to pray that the Lord will guide my huge ask, to the right recipient.
    My hope and prayer are that our wish will be granted, and not only will I be able to continue to raise these 4 children, but many more in the years to come. I’ve been hurt and abandoned as a child, I know how it feels on holidays, birthdays etc. to not have those family roots. Not only can I reach the child and provide for them physically, I can also mentor them emotionally and allow them to accept and grow from the pains they will go through at such a young age in life.
    If you have taken the time to read this, then God bless you & even if I never hear back from you, I’m grateful you listened.
    Jessica N. Long My Family: (1 more coming soon 😊)

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