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  • A&E Networks Corporate Office Headquarters

A&E Networks Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact A&E Networks Corporate Office Headquarters

A&E Television Networks, LLC
235 East 45th Street
New York, NY 10017
Website: AE Networks
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-210-1400
Fax Number: 1-212-907-9497
Customer Service Number: 1-212-907-9497


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  1. You know what. Forget all the arguing about how everyone feels about this. If GQ asked the question then GQ got there answer. He is a true country man from Louisiana who doesn't have to share the same values as A&E corporate New York. And that's ok because this is America and not everyone is the same. After all that is what attracted A&E in the first place and they have been a success. They are "Backwoods" different. I don't see anyone saying crap about all the criminal figures that A&E broadcasted on and made millions on. Bottom line is A&E went through all of that just to let him back on…..I don't know if A&E made a long drawn stupid mistake or was this on purpose to boost up ratings

  2. I am a disabled veteran and agree 100%, A&E is pissing on our constitution. "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Oh, BTW A&E, Never again say you support our troops because you obviously do not understand why we serve and what we are protecting!

  3. Good for A&E. It's not about their religious beliefs. It's the ignorance and intolerance of some of those beliefs and the misinformation. It boils down to why can't people stay out of other people's lives and pay more attention to bettering their own. It's not up to the human race to judge others. It's up to God.

  4. I back Phil Robertson!

    I respect his right to speak freely about his believes, whether I agree with them or not. I am a veteran that has fought to protect that right.

    I salute the Robertson family for standing up and supporting Phil. I will gladly stand beside each of you to try and right this unbelievable wrong perpetrated by A&E.

    I've just finished blocking A&E from my satellite provider.

    I will return A&E to viewable status at my home when I see A&E's public apology (media wide – not just on A&E) of trying to censor freedom of speech and freedom of religion, and they're proclamation from this point forward to support the American right of free speech and religious freedom.

  5. I was very disheartened when you decided to remove Phil from your network . I pray and believe that that the Robertson family will stand firm in their faith whether or not the fulfill their contract with you. The same God that took care of them last year will take care of them this year . I just don't understand your reasoning . You knew they were Christians when you signed them on . You know that their family is like myself and believe the Holy Bible to the written word of God . You knew that question is the first asked to any public Christian . It even gets asked of me from time to time . What did expect him to say ? Some people are not willing to lie just for the sake of their employer and the riches that may follow . You have brought this controversy on yourself and because of that, as much as I try , I don't really feel any empathy towards your network right now . If you don't like the message don't hire the messenger . PROBLEM SOLVED !! However , I do respect your right to include or exclude anyone from your network as I have never been a fan of having someone else shove their will down the throats of a private or corporate business . That includes you and Chic Fil A . However , I do love the fact that our market is based on free enterprise and you can take your money anywhere you desire . Life is about choices and their good and bad consequences to either . Phil has made his choice, the family will make theirs , you have made yours , and now I get to make mine . I will not watch or support your network in anyway . I have had your channel removed from my satellite package on threat of going with their competitor . Once again the beauty of free enterprise . I hope other like minded do the same . Regardless of how I feel , I still wish you all the blessings of Abraham .

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