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  • Jim Acosta should be terminated immediately. He is the most disrespectful POS out there. It's no wonder why people cannot stand your programs with people like him working for you!

  • I have something to say about your reporters. They should not be saying that we mental people are glorifying this kid who shot up the Florida school. I am one who has a mental issues. I have bipolarism, split personality, etc…. What this kid did was not a mental issue. What he did he did because he knew what he was doing. This reporter is a man who is on your payroll. Someone there should be briefing your staff on what they should say about mental health. It is not us who are glorifying this shooting. It is the News Media. So please ask your staff to be more careful on what they are reporting on. If they don't have knowledge on the subject then they shouldn't be reporting on the subject.

  • i live abroad so cnn is my main source of news–my complaint is why in the middle of new day or don lemon you switch to a repeat of newsroom or amanpour the interview with the woman who wrote harry potter was repeated 12 times in 3 day and an important story on don lemon was cut at half time–do you have show so many stories over and over again?????

  • We can all see. Your a bunch of Losers. The only thing is now, Is It Rachel or Kelly who's is the biggest lying snake. Funny, you'd think after being wrong on virtually everything for a year, you guys should just close up shop and admit your utter stupidity.

  • You are absolutely correct.CNN reporters are discussing,despicable( Hillarys word) and disgraceful.I hope they crash and burn. Fox news is the best!

  • It is great to watch the Inaugural Parade on CNN , it would be even better if they took the microphone away from Wolf Blitzer. He goes on and on about nothing, repeating himself, and wasting air time. I don't need to see him either. Please have a review on how CNN covers such important events. I would rather listen to the bands, than your announcers yapping away.

  • I can not believe that you did not know Ms. Brazile was rotten ,i can not and there is nothing you can say or do to make me think otherwise. You must think nothing of your viewers except that we will believe everything you say.Therefor you leave me no other choice but to find peace of mind somewhere else .

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  • I have been watching the Presidential conventions, but it is almost unbearable when the "professional commentators" start yelling and arguing with each other. They are supposed to be professionals. Why can't they discuss matters like adults. I'm ready to look for my news elsewhere.

  • The DNC in Philadelphia is being held at The Wells Fargo Center at 3601 S Broad St. Not at The Philadelphia Convention Center which is located at 1101 Arch St in Philadelphia. I was born in Phila. and lived there 37 years. Please correct the location on your televised coverage.

  • You are surely not being an objective news reporting agency when you hire the campaign manager as a reporter. How objective can he be?

  • I've written numerous emails to CNN TV regarding their practice of showing 4+ minutes of commercials between stories and have _never heard
    back from them.

    Its especially ironic that they use the phrase, 'after a _short break'.

    Pretty soon viewers will have to go to the website to read the news because CNN will only be showing ads.

  • The newest article about the Affluenza teen has a great big typo. Ben Brumfield and Mariano Castillo wrote the piece. They show the time he could serve in adult prison as 120 DAYS….. it is 120 MONTHS which translates to 10 years not 3 months. Can you please get this corrected.

  • CNN is better then this. The vitriol expressed by Dr. Drew and his guest in regards to Mrs. Davis is beyond belief and his lack of understand of the whole Bible is appalling.

  • The vitriol expressed by Dr. Drew and his guest in regards to Mrs. Davis is beyond belief and his lack of understand of the whole Bible is appalling.

  • Is CNN attempting to help Hillary by keeping Carly Fiorina from participating in the debate?
    Ms. Fiorina deserves to be included in the debate. I would like to see the RNC cancel the
    event with CNN.

  • Why would CNN not let Carly Fiorina participate in their Republican debate when she is clearly in the top 5 in all the state polls and the top 10 in all the latest national polls? Their lame excuse of using "older" polls and that the election commission is making them use them is laughable. How can we regard CNN as impartial when they do things like this?

  • Jennifer, What a F__ MORON you are!!!! A football Field 100 ft. Long. Just another example of News Reporters working on there looks, Bleach Blonde Makeup Bimbo's, but don't know a DAMN thing
    except what they READ!! Stupid.

  • Fantastic Peggy Drexler for supporting and defending Britt McHenry on being a bully. Really. In addition to that Britt McHenry is NOT a celebrity. Not even close. You basically just tried to shift her cruel way of being on society. R you for real? Not buying it Peggy Drexler. Not buying it. In addition to that Britt McHenry was WAY to calm & comfortable with her hurtful words in an everyday living situation. She is accustomed to talking down to people and you support her Good one Peggy Drexler.


  • CNN lady news caster 1-22-2015 at 1210hrs stated that the story of Leggos for kids is "like leggos on Crack!" My son wanted to know what Crack is and I stated you do not need to know then, he proceeded with I will find out at school. It sounds cool to be on "Crack" if the leggos are on it. Sent comment to station doubt this will go further on their end will have to contact FCC and others…this will not go away.

  • Shame on CNN for putting up a warning about the national.anthem. What happened to your American values, your love of country? Didn't think any TV station could get below MSNBC, bit you have crawled under a huge rock.

  • In regards to the Ebola problem, I think the nurse in Maine should care enough for other people that she would take extra precautions. I mean what does it hurt to be extra careful. It appears she wants to fight our state governments. People need to be protected and she should want to protect them.


  • Speaking of the U.S.A Postal Service, one of your anchors, Michaela Pereira, made a statement concerning the discussion on how they lowered their dept considerably this year. Ms. Pereira stated "When was the last time you up a stamp on a letter?" This clearly underscores the ignorance surrounding the U.S.A. Postal Service difficulties; even your anchors don't understand. You have failed to inform the public that Congress has placed burdens, that no other business entity, must fulfill on the U. S. Postal Service. The whole picture in any question is never discussed, you pick and choose what you want to emphasize and therefore, you have failed in factually informing the public.

  • CNN has become nothing more than a one sided news station. No longer do they comment of
    ALL the events that are happening around the world. But rather just get on one topic and run it into the ground from saying the same thing over and over and over. Most of the so called host – have no business on being on air – they just don't report news, they offer their opinion and view points, exactly how is that news. CNN needs to fire who ever is in charge and get someone who knows how to tell others about events aka the news.

  • Your comment section is disgusting. The N word is rampant — CNN has always been the homepage on my computer for more than 20 years. No longer.

  • I like to preview all news chanels for a balanced view of what is going on in the world. Sadly I see CNN dropping in ratings and satisfaction. It appears to give one side of the story over and over. Few people get their news from newspapers these days so we often depend on TV and radio. I do still like Anderson Cooper but Piers Morgan must go. How low do his ratings frop before you realize the damage he is doing.

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