Eastern Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Eastern Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
251 Clifton Ave
Clifton, NJ USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-732-750-1130
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-982-5529

  • I am writing this review to shed light on how RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL Shirleena the office supervisor is at Eastern Dental in Northfield, NJ. This incident occurred on April 5, 2022 at approximately 1:55 p.m. I received a call from Theresa wanting to know if I was able to come in a little early for my appointment the following evening. I was asked to give a call either way to confirm my appointment. I called and was then told that my child’s appointment was canceled due to a hygienist not being available the next day at that time. Then, I asked if my child’s appointment could be changed and be put on the same day as my appointment, which was in two weeks. I was then told that my appointment would be canceled too due to no hygienist being available on the day of my appointment. I proceeded to ask to speak to a supervisor because I wanted to know why I was not aware of either cancellation. The supervisor got on the phone and never addressed herself as one. I had to ask. I explained to her the situation and she proceeded to tell me that she did not know what I wanted her to do because they hired the hygienist strictly for a 8 a.m.-4 p.m. schedule and she was promised the day off on the day I had my appointment when she was hired. Just to reiterate and I quote,” What do you want me to do? “ None of that had anything to do with what I was asking her. I simply wanted to know why I was not informed of the cancellations. Once I asked her again, the supervisor proceeded to over talk me, and she neglected to answer my question. Her tone was very RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL. When I requested her manager, she told me that her manager was Corporate. Consequently, I asked her for the number to corporate so that I could inform them of how rude and unprofessional she was. She proceeded to tell me that I was rude and if I wanted the number to Google it and hung up on me.

    I called back and she answered the phone once again. I asked her if she was indeed the person I just spoke with and she confirmed that. I wanted her name because I was not sure if I heard it correctly when I asked her what it was initially. She responded, “ I gave you my name once and I am not going to give it to you again. “ I was hung up on again by her for the second time.

    I called back a third time and Shirleena hung up the phone on me once again. Needless to say, I will not EVER go to this dentist office again. I have been going to this dentist for around 20 years and have always been treated with respect. Shirleena is the epitome of what horrible customer service/patient care is!!!! She does not indeed uphold the vision or mission of this company. If Eastern dental employs people like her, I can foresee them losing many patients very soon.

  • Would not recommend. Sat in the Lawrenceville office for two hours today just to get a routine check up and cleaning (even though I had an appointment). What's worse is that the staff did not seem to care that they were running so far behind and did not offer an explanation nor an apology for the disorganization and/or the wait time. Will not be returning and will let everyone I know that they should not go there as well.

  • I have been calling three times a day and left messages each time with no call back. I have been calling 732-750-0707, 732-750-1130, 800-9825529 . Been calling from 3/5/2021 to 3/11/2021. Either there is no way to leave a message or when I do I do not get a return call. WHAT A DIRTBAG LOW LIFE OERATION. DO NOT GO THERE FOR DENTAL WORK unless your insurance pays in full as they will not speak with you regarding a billing question. And I have been a patient there for over 15 years and this was the first time I had a question

  • Eastern Dental of Laurel Springs has the absolute worst front desk staff. I have never been spoken to so rudely in my life! I understand now things are different due to the pandemic, i took my 15 year old son for a cleaning, was told to wait in my car. Never received a call, I waited an hour and a half. I finally called them, the person that answered ( maybe ashley, or somnething like that ) very stern and rude " WE CALLED YOU 15 TIMES!", i stated no, i have my phone in my hand and it never rang. She said we even called your house. Now call me stupid, but why would you call my house if you knew I was in your parking lot? Then proceeded to tell me because I was 1 hour and 40 minutes late for the appointment, to come back at 4pm. First of all there was no need to be as rude as she was. Second of all there are no calls at my house, nor on my cell phone from them at all. I seriously believe they forgot about us, and there is no reason to be that rude. Thats not the first time either, the Orthodontist receptionist was just as rude. I called to make my sons appointment to begin his treatment for braces, and said any day is good except Tuesday since that is his only in school day. She proceeds to continuously give me Tuesday dates, to which I finally stated, " im sorry, did you not hear me when I said Tuesday's are bad for me". She put me on hold without even telling me she was putting me on hold, then came back on the phone and told me " well we have been calling you since July, to reschedule this appointment, and I am doing the best I can". Well it is January of the next year and someone speaks to me that way? NOPE I am leaving Eastern Dental where myself and my family of 7 kids and 8 grandkids will be going to a different Dentist and Orthodontist. So I hope the money you are losing is worth it, because your staff is completely awful, and rude.

  • I don’t enjoy going to the dentist, however, I have gone to the Parlin office for years. The front office is friendly, extremely helpful and accommodating. My compliments to Dr Carlos Marlino who has worked on my teeth for years and is an excellent dentist, as are others. Joan S.

  • I have been a patient of the Marlton office for a number of years. Generally I think that the care is good and I have no problem getting the appointment that I need. I would like to report that recently however they have tended to overcharge the patients and then carry a credit balance. They tell us that the insurance company paid more than expected. Either they have the world's worst Pre-cert people or they are just flat out over billing. Both I find unacceptable. If you contact me I can give you examples.


  • Very bad practice. People simply ignore your requests, your rights, they do not care. Dentists come and go every year because they are bad treated by Management. Try to avoid this office. Dede Shepherd


    • Hi gust read a post on line about eastern dental you made what office or people are doing this had a bad experience. Thank you.

  • What a refreshing, professional, up beat, on time, caring dental practice.
    I have spent 10 years searching for just this.
    From the front desk to Dr. fromkin.
    I feel blessed.

  • I have gone to Eastern Dental for many years and they have always been pleasant and professional. Tuesday, I went for a check up and cleaning. Dr. Rubienstein was pleasant and professional. Debra cleaned my teeth and as always did a great job. I appreciate the service they provide. Thank you. VB

  • I have never in my life had a worst experience in dealing with a Dental Practice. I have learned a valuable lesson stick to a private practice. The service that is offered is the equivalent of cattle service. I paid 4500.00 paid in full and have to take my son to another orthodontist so they can complete his teeth.

    • I feel for you I just spoke with Selena and that office and she saw discriminative she has no value as she’s disrespectful not even like you said because you pay ahead but in this case was for me a grown adult over the phone it was the worst experience I’ve ever had in my life I agree with you.

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