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  1. I want to let the BCBG corporate office know that due to their horrific customer service team and their gross negligence to assist your customers, I will no longer put any money toward your brand and discourage others from investing any money as well. I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years purchasing almost on a monthly basis so I hope you truly understand the impact of this on your sales. If you don’t believe me feel free to look up how much I have spent with your company. I also work in a high end place where customer constantly ask where I purchase my clothing and I will be sure to let them know to not bother with BCBG due to their awful customer service and for not standing behind their brand. I truly hope that someone in your corporate office cares more about the wellbeing of your company more than the people you have on your customer service team and actually looks into the order issue I have currently ongoing to understand what your customer service team is doing is wrong and they know they are wrong because I have picture proof.

  2. Ron
    December 30,2018 5:20 PM

    My daughter and I have been loyal customers for 10 years. We purchase a pair of shoes and asked the associate if they can be return if the color wasn't right.
    We were told yes. My wife and daughter acknowledge that the shoes was not a fit.
    Here is the reason I am writing this comment about your manager on duty. We talk with an associate about returning the shoes and was told we need to see a manager.
    After waiting about 15 minutes and, no manager seeing us. We told the associate we will be back. Upon our return the manager was there and we explain the problem. Showed the receipt to her and out of the blue with a distinct nasty attitude. She say's there is 98/99 on the receipt. So I asked what is that it didn't mean anything to us . It means all sales are final she says. Then I tell her why didn't the associate
    tell us and stamp our receipt. She immediately snap back I can only let you pick an
    item of equal value if we pick it now as if she was putting us on a timer. We rejected her gesture and left the store. It would be appreciated if manager would be courtesy and understand the value of the customer. We don't have to shop there and
    as a matter of fact we will not return to any of your stores. I would appreciate
    a response but will truly understand if we didn't get one.

  3. I am a devoted customer of your brand. I absolutely LOVE your clothing and designs. I shop from the retail stores and from department stores frequently. However I am disappointed with some of your policies in stores. I understand and respect the need to be "rigid" because of the image of the brand and maintain the quality of your items, but I feel that courtesy should not be taken out the window. I made a purchase at a store 323, in Lord & Taylor in Scarsdale, NY. It was a cash transaction. I also threw the receipt away from Feb.28th. My first time wearing the item today 4/12, I noticed the security sensor was still attached. I visited the store today on my lunch break and asked the associate/manager to take it off and she informed me that she could not do so because of your policy. It was not until I had a conversation with the security at that store and they found the transaction that another associate unrelated to BCBG was able to take off the security sensor. I find it very appalling that I had to go through such an inconvenience due to the mistake of your employee. This is not the first time that I have been inconvenienced due to your "policy." In regards to this particular situation perhaps a better tracking method of transactions would be useful. For the integrity that the brand holds and operates by, especially for the type of clients you attract, it would be appreciated if you could revise your policy to show a little bit more courtesy and train your employees to treat your customers as though they are valued and appreciated. Thank you for your time. I look forward to a response.

  4. I will never shop nor recommend BCBG.
    While shopping on your website I was asked to sign up to receive 15%, I did but I couldn’t use the code because the item I was buying was on sale, but per the fine print I was able to use this on regular and sale items – Offer valid through 11:59 P.M. PDT on 03/23/2017. Receive 15% off your purchase on a regular or sale priced item exclusively at BCBGMAXAZRIA stores in the US and Canada and at bcbg.com. I reached out to one of your customer service agent via chat, to whom I explained and showed the fine print and who told me – “you can’t use the code, OUR COMPANY DOES NOT STACK PROMOS”……………awful customer service and total misleading information in the fine print. I will never shop this brand again.

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