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  • Brooks Brothers Corporate Office Headquarters

Brooks Brothers Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Brooks Brothers Corporate Office Headquarters

346 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10017 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-682-8800
Fax Number: 1-212-309-7273
Customer Service Number: 1-800-274-1815

  • I received a Brooks Brothers gift card for $100 for my birthday from my daughter. We ordered a King and a Full sheet for a total of $158; $100 from the gift card and $58 from my visa card. When the order was sent, a message came that the King sheet was unavailable, so I took it out and ordered a Queen sheet: total $153. But now the order said I had no funds in the gift card. Then I called customer service and was told that none of the three items was in stock. So asked for the money back. The credit card was not charged, but Brooks Brothers refuses to return the gift card amount, saying it has no record of the gift card payment.
    It is a scam and fraud on the part of Brooks Brothers.

  • WTG Brooks Brothers. Who decided to take the "Madison" and "Traditional" cut out of the brick and motar stores. AND TO MAKE IT WORSE… YOU TOOK THE POCKET OFF A LOT OF THE SHIRTS!!!!. Apparently your "traditional" older life-long customer IS NO LONGER IMPORTANT TO YOU!!!. My husband USED TO purchase shirts at Mich City Indiana (closest store to us) about 1 hr away. He buys a couple times a year… Last fall we didn't realize what that had in stock was all they'd have ever so when he came back in the spring we were SCHOCKED HIS BUSINESS OF BUYING $600 worth of shirts and ties two times a year was no longer important to CORPORATE. I talked to the manager and was told that store turns away customers daily who are disappointed they now only have SLIM AND EXTRA SLIM!!! WTH… ??? I called customer service and was told people have been complaining for nearly a year now. So now the only option is to pay MORE for your "jacked up priced no pocket shirt!!!!" Isn't $75 – $95 enough per shirt for you… really $140 to $192 for one shirt that's probably still made not in the USA. Your "product distribution team" apparently is a bunch of snot nosed egotistical know it all inexperienced millinneals. So kudos and congrats to your 198 year old company for chasing off your loyal customer base who may be a bit older but is more likely to buy your shirts because we actually work at a job and earn good money. KUDOS– to your ignorant "product distribution team" who can't even outfit half of America. Sally2614@aol.com

  • I love brooks brothers they are an amazing company great customer service. Period. why are you guys all so negative its time to start being positive in life and shake off one bad occurrence that happened. look at how many good experiences you had why look at the one bad experience?.

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