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  • Banana Republic Corporate Office Headquarters

Banana Republic Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Banana Republic Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Two Folsom Street

San Francisco, CA 94105 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-952-4400

Fax Number: 1-650-952-4407

Customer Service Number: 1-888-277-8953

International Callers: 1-614-744-3909

Customer Service Fax: 1-888-906-2465

TDD: 1-888-906-1345

BananaCard: 1-800-234-7455

Banana Republic Visa® Card: 1-866-450-2330

Banana Republic.com Customer Care Address

5900 North Meadows Drive,

Grove City, OH 43123


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  1. I purchased a Cosabella bralette in the graphite color, online on 10/14/17. The wrong color was delivered so I returned it to the store immediately and they re-ordered me another one. AGAIN, the same wrong color was delivered. Went BACK to the store, explained the problem, a new one was sent. AND YET AGAIN, A THIRD TIME, The same wrong color sent.
    Now of course, one whole month later, the graphite color is not available and no one at Banana Republic has any solution other than to refund my money and give me a store credit.
    Seriously? I am sure if a VIP or exec at BR wanted that item, it would be available.
    I have heard the word "unfortunately" said countless times, everyone "understands my frustration".
    The message to me is that I am not a valuable customer, my business is clearly not important.
    By my calculation I have spent 8hrs of my own time working on this problem. Store credit is useless to me – BR has lost a long time, otherwise very loyal customer.
    I am still very interested in resolving the issue – If anyone at the corporate office is interested in helping with this I would be very grateful.
    Christine Davis, Brooklyn, NY

  2. I recently was in the Train Yards in Ottawa shopping at Banana Republic. I am a regular customer that goes in and buys around $100 each time. Today, March 31 I went in and there was a rack that was marked at $7.47 for ladies dresses. I took two for my niece and started shopping for myself. When I arrived at the cash, the supposedly manager April said that they were not on sale that they just put the dresses on the rack because they were running out of space. Well how can you be more of an idiot than that placing regular price merchandise and confessing you do that on a regular basis. I said I wanted them at the price that was suggested on the rack and she I can't do that. I had around $120 on the counter and told her to keep it and I will bring my business elsewhere. I had a discussion with a friend that went to their outlets and we were comparing the fabrics of the clothing and the tshirts were pilling etc. At $39.99 for a tshirt I would hope that the quality is better than what you pay for. That being said, I wish you all good luck with your sad attitudes and not respecting the sales sign that you have in your store. I guess your name really reflects who you really are at the end of the day.

  3. So I will never ever shop Banana Republic again. I shop at Banana Republic in Shrewsbury, NJ (The Grove) all the time I'm there at least once a week. I shop for my sons, my husband and myself. Last Saturday Feb 11th. My oldest son who happens to be a Police Office to the town adjacent to this town was profiled and accused of shop lifting. He was off duty at the time and ran in the store to purchase a shirt for that night. He said he felt he was being watched and followed around. Now he is pretty built and clean cut. He was wearing his gym clothes. When he came out of the dressing room there was a police officer standing outside the door. So happens that they know each other and are friends. Even went to school together. Both now police officers for neighboring towns were embarrassed at the situation. My sons friend told him he was there because they called about a suspicions shoplifter. He happened to be the only male at the time. My son was shocked by the situation and embarrassed he didn't make a huge deal because he was so upset and embarrassed that he didn't know how to react. I cant believe that this happened to him regardless of his race which happens to be Puertorican. Something needs to be done about this. I wait to hear from you guys.

  4. I recently shopped at the Banana Republic Outlet store in
    Castle Rock, Colorado.
    I inquired of one the so-called young female managers on Duty about black denim pants that I had purchased earlier in the year. She could not be any more aloof and completely unhelpful.
    She had a very bad attitude and completely turned me off from shopping at your store.
    I asked for her name and was told it was Amanda.
    So sad to have unhelpful, uncaring, apathetic managers at such a nice retail store.

  5. Hi,

    I love the fact that you are on e of the very few stores that went to making clothing for the Tall and Slim male. Others do just Big & Tall and that is not what I need for my son.

    I have been able to find my 6'4", athletic body son (broad shoulders/small waist/butt) some well fitting pants, no iron shirts and few casual shirts. But you don't seem to make sweaters and jackets in Tall and Slim. And that's a problem for me.

    Will you be opening a Tall and Slim section in your stores, or adding to the collection with sweaters and jackets? We are desperate here.

    Thank you! We love BR!

  6. I would like to take a moment and acknowledge your staff at your Willow Grove, Pa location. When I walked in the store, I was professionally & pleasantly greeted by a gentleman named Sean.
    We had a brief discussion regarding a pair of sunglasses I purchased. I mentioned I was a bit disappointed by the arm. I was told you stand behind your product and I was asked if I had the sunglasses with me. I did. After looking at the sunglasses, I was offered the option for a replacement pair.
    I would like to acknowledge Sean for this particular situation and also mention 2 weeks later, when I returned to the store ALL the staff was amazing.
    No need for all the little details…the staff should be recognized as one of your best stores!

  7. I hope this message is forwarded to management as I have made copies and sent it to your corporate and public relations department.
    As a consumer and a LUXE card holder for the banana republic brand I do not think words can express to you how very disappointed I am with your companies customer service or the lack of customer service.
    I returned an item within what I thought was your 45 day return window, a pair of $100.00 shoes that do not fit me. I ordered these on 12/27, they were delivered to me 01/2 and I returned them 2/9 which according to my math and apparently my lack of common sense when dealing with your company, was within 45 days.
    Well…as I am waiting to receive my credit, I receive my returned shoes back in the mail today, no note, explanation or anything just conveniently mailed back to me.
    Of course this surprised me, so I called your “customer service” department and was advised of your return policy. I explained to the young lady what had happened and that I thought honestly I was within my return window. I was then placed on hold 2 times only to be told that “leadership” advised that I was 2 days over my return window and I must keep $100.00 worth of merchandise that does not fit me and I can’t wear. Keep in mind I used your prepaid return label and unfortunately can not control mail time.
    I completely understand your policies, I have been a gap, Inc. customer for many years. I am assuming just like most customers that a high end company like banana republic stands by its overly priced merchandise that us as consumers willing pay to wear your brand. I would also assume that a company like yours would hate to lose a customer and luxe card member for an incident like this…your company has proven me wrong.
    I am so disgusted by this and I will make sure to let all of my co-workers, friends, and family know the above story, so we will not have to inconvenience banana republic by being over 2 days on a return, but it was nice that you paid to ship my un worn, not usable shoes back to me… Maybe in hind sight, it’s a good thing, I can wear these shoes and complain how they don’t fit and tell everyone I see this story.
    Congratulations Banana republic you have lost a lifelong customer.

    Jody May

  8. Customer service really sucks at your Ardmore Location store#08087 Cashier#2047553 is horrible she act as if it was a problem that I was even shopping in your store. What happened to the days of greeting customers when they enter your store or maybe I should say BLACK customers. Yes that's exactly what I said I listened to her along with the other white helpers one male one other older white female greet all the white customers but not me. Go figure! Now not to mention that I had bags in my hand from J Crew which is located NEXT DOOR. I had to reach for the box of shoes off the shelf while cashier #2047553 walked passed oh I also dropped the box and the shoes came out of the box cashier#2047553 looked and keep on walking. NOTHING!! do you need any help? Can I help you with a size? Nothing at all JUST A BLANK LOOK and she keeps on walking. I really prefer not to go to this location but if I'm in the area I stop in not because of the service probably cause of a sale or they may have my size big mistake…. So disappointed with the level of customer service and to think these employees are allowed to get away with this. Well if I visit this store again I will be sure to have my phone on record so I can forward to social media the rudeness that goes on in this place. This isn't a threat at just a BIG PROMISE FROM me to YOU….
    Changes are needed and real fast
    ges are needed

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