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Ann Taylor Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Ann Taylor Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Ann Inc.


7 Times Square 15th Floor

New York, NY 10036

Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-541-3300

Fax Number: 1-212-541-3299

Email: n/a

Corporate Stock Symbol: ANN

Ann Taylor is a famous for their retail stores for women. Ann Taylor offers women’s apparel, shoes and accessories under the Ann Taylor Brand and Loft. Ann Taylor is one of the premier women’s retailers in the US.

Ann Taylor’s Customer Service Number is 1-800-342-5266. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

  • I have been very disappointed lately with the quality of their sweaters. All are piling even though I washed as directed.
    Unfortunately, I might have to shop elsewhere.

  • When I ordered from Loft.com, it stated my order was placed correctly. Shipping and tracking information was provided. Sounds good, so far, right? Well, after 10 business days, the tracking information says the package is located in Seacaucus, NJ. It has not updated since the initial tracking information was posted. When I called Loft customer service, they told me that they would ship me out new items, but needed to charge my credit card again until they found the package that already shipped. Imagine how incensed I was! Charging a customer for the products again and won't refund the charge until the other package is "located". How outrageous. When I told the customer service rep I would not allow another charge on my credit card, he told me the order is cancelled, and hung up on me! I will definitely be NOT be shopping at LOFT anymore until their customer service improves.

  • I am very disappointed in the level of service I received from Anntaylor.com. I attempted to purchase two sale items with an extra 50% off. The discount was applied during the checkout process, but when I received my email confirmation the discount was not there. I called customer service and was told that I could not cancel my order and there was nothing they could do about it. I asked to speak to a supervisor and I seemed as if he did not want to deal with it because it took him forever to get on the line. I had to ask three times. I felt like I was treated in a condescending manner and I will never order from Ann Taylor online again; and I will tell all of my family and friends about my experience. I will not pay to be mistreated.

  • I was at Oakbrook, IL location this past weekend. I was getting helped by this Asian lady in mid 50's may be she had amazing customer service skills. Another employee who introduced herself as 'Tu' came up to us and ask the lady to go in the back while she was helping me with an outfit. This 'Tu' women had a very bad attitude towards other co-worker. I would never work with somebody like that she is rude, and mean to fellow coworkers and customers. I was very disappointed with this kind of service at Ann Taylor store.

  • So sad to see both Loft and Ann Taylor not offering capri length pants anymore. Cropped length is so similar to regular pants and too hot for summer. You used to have beautiful sweaters and tops. Merchandise options have changed quite a bit. You use to be my favorite stores. Not anymore.

  • My complaint has to do with what appears to be an unfair and deceptive business practice within the Ann Taylor store. A sign was placed on a table with six separate piles of sweaters offering sweaters for $35. In mouse print (not clear and conspicuous font) underneath the $35 price it says select sweaters only. Not seeing the mouse print, I brought the sweater I chose from one of the six separate piles, to the register for purchase only to be told that my sweater was $69. I pointed to the sign that was touching the sweaters on the table and was informed that only select sweaters were being sold for $35. When I inquired which sweater in the six piles were being offered at that price I was told NONE OF THEM! So where are the $35 sweaters I asked? "Oh they are across the store on a rack towards the back" was the answer. This smacks of false advertising. The store manager then says she was told BY CORPORATE to put the sign there. REALLY?? Ann Taylor Corporate specifically instructs the stores to engage in "bait and switch" false advertising tactics?? I think this practice should not only be investigated by the State Attorneys General Bureau of Consumer Protection but the Federal Trade Commission.

  • I have never in my 55 years of life been treated so poorly by anyone as the customer service team at Loft.com. I have been put on hold for unending amounts of time, hung up on, been called a liar, been refused contact information to corporate numbers, been refused to speak to a supervisor, when finally reaching a supervisor I have been treated like a two year old with being talked down to by someone I can tell is half my age. I called this morning to request a price adjustment (we are talking a $7 transaction here) only to be told that that is NEVER done. Now keep in mind I have done this on many occasions with no issue whatsoever, in fact the supervisor said she could see I had done it recently, but she knows it had to have been a "one time exception" even though that was never said to me or even discussed. I find it interesting that this supervisor is psychic and knows what my conversation was that day. I spend literally thousands of dollars with this company and over and over in the past few months they have proved they don't want my business. There are lots of companies that will be happy to take my money, who have better customer service (because let's be real, the IRS has better customer service)and who actually care about their customers. I even specifically asked the agent not to email me the policy she was shoving down my throat as she interrupted me repeatedly, and she emailed it to me anyway. No better way to win customers than by harassment, right? This is shameful. Customer beware, and take my advice, shop somewhere else.

  • I tried placing an order online at The Loft. It rejected my card 10 times yet put 10 holds on my money placing my account in overdraft. I called about the charges and was told they'd fall off in 3 days, and they'd put my order through. Two weeks later I still hadn't received it. I called and a man puts it through again and says I'll get an email confirmation with the order number. I got 2 confirmations because he duplicated the order sending one to my old address in another city. In the meantime, my account is overdrawn again because he out the order through 5 times, instead of once!! I called and spoke to "floor supervisor Michelle La" who said she can't cancel the duplicate order, reverse the holds on my account, or reimburse me for my bank fees incurred due to their error!! She said I have to return the duplicate order when I receive it. When I notified her that I no longer live at that address, and won't receive the second order, she told me I have to track it and return it. When I told her how horrible the customer service was she kept saying "that's company policy." When I asked to speak to her supervisor she said there was no one above her. I called the corporate office for assistance, and they attempted to transfer me right back to the same customer service department that incorrectly processed my order twice!!!! After asking to speak to someone else I was transferred to a voice mail. The Loft could have easily removed the charges to my debit according not but don't care enough about the customer to take the time. Their lack of concern for customer care is further evident in their poorly trained representatives and very rude and unhelpful supervisor. I do 90% of my shopping online and have NEVER experienced such poor customer service. I will never shop there again and advise anyone considering their store to BEWARE!!


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