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At Home Stores Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact At HomeCorporate Office Headquarters HQ

At Home Stores LLC.

Official Address:

1600 East Plano Parkway

Plano, TX 75074 USA

Website: AtHome

Email: CustomerCare@athome.com

Corporate Phone Number: 1-281-578-2334
Fax Number: n/a
Delivery (Select Express): 1-866-939-7737
Customer Service Number: Call Your Local Store


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  1. My husband and I went to the Ocharleys in Springhurst store # 265. The waiting for a table was very uncalled for when there were several empty tables. The wait to get in was 30 minutes. Once we were seated we never got rolls. The food we ordered came like 45 minutes after we ordered
    We ask our waiter again if we could get some rolls. The food was cold. During this cold meal my husband ask again very politely if we could have some rolls. We finished our meal and the waiter brought our bill. When he came back to take our payment I told him I was not leaving or paying our bill until we got rolls. By now it became a matter of principle. Someone needs to speak with the manager in this store and ask why this is happening. My name is Cindy Pettit.

  2. Jewel was my store for purchasing green bananas but not so for the last few weeks. What's up with only having ripe bananas for sale? No way will 4 ripe bananas be eatable in 4 days. Both the Rock Island, IL and Chicago stores are stocking only ripe bananas. Now I'll buy ripe bananas at any grocery as Jewel no longer stocks green ones. Bummer!!!!!!!

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