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  1. I shopped your store in Cary NC since it opened. I went there this week with my 12 lb. dog..puppy. First i checked…on sign that said pets not allowed. A female employee saw me and gave me a very nasty look and got on her radio to alert others. No hello, thanks for shopping or can i help. Next guy said: control you dog….I said he's not doing any thing and he said i know but make sure you control him. I said i would leave if dogs are not allowed he said just control the dog. no hello no how can i help or thanks for you business. I put down and items and headed to the door.. Manager was up from and he was the worst. I say again aare dogs not allowed and he didn't say yes or no….he said people are alergic to dogs and this is a public place. He went on and on…no thanks for coming no hello just a jerk.
    If your rule is no pets….post it. I will and can buy everything you sell somewhere else and i will. I also see your reviews are not good. I find it amazing how your staff treats customers in today's enviroment of buy online.

  2. How insulting! Went to the Greensboro NC store last week and purchased a Callaway Sure Out. At the time of purchase I asked the sale person the return policy and she told me if it was hit I could only get store credit. Needless to say I hit it on the range no more than 10 balls and did not like it..just not for me. I returned the club and the manager was unprofessional and could care less about the customer. I felt like i just pissed him off and he had no desire to help me. I waited 20 minutes for a price and they quoted me 49.00 and I paid 129.00 the day before….insulted. They will turn around and sell it for 100.00. I used a scorecard points and they tell me they can't give them back but he gave me a 20.00 gift card because I wasn't going to leave. My point is how unprofessional he was and how insulting to give me pennies on a dollar for a 9 plus/10 for the club. I now understand why these stores are dying and I would rather deal with them online. I should mention that I reached out to customer service via email and they never responded. I will never deal with this store again unless I am just flat out desperate. They don't want my business and I sure don't want to give it to them…….

  3. I recently purchased a Callaway Sure Out from the Greensboro NC store. I was told by the sales person I could return the club for store credit if it was used. Needless to say I used it on the range for about 10 balls, did not like it, it wasn't for me. I brought the club back to the store and the manager was disinterested is working with me. I purchased the club for 119.00 if I remember correctly and he offered me 49.00 and the club was near perfect, what an insult. They will turn around and sell it for 100.00. I used scorecard points which was about 20.00 and he could not refund that but did give me a gift card. You would think I was putting him out and he was just not very professional. I might add that I waited 20 minutes for a price on the club so I assume they made the number up. I really wish there was another big box golf store here but I am stuck but I assure you I will not purchase from this store unless I'm desperate. Secondly I sent a email to Golf Galaxy customer service and heard nothing. Now I understand why Golf Smith went belly up…..

  4. Golf Galaxy has lost another customer due to the horrible performance of the on-line ordering. First the website is always hit or miss when trying to order. It keeps freezing and does not allow you to complete the order. When I called customer service directly to place the order it was confirmed and now they have no record of the order at all. Bad website, bad customer service, BAD COMPANY!!!! You have lost a very good customer forever. Looks like sites like RockbottomGolf will be getting all my business. Thanks for nothing. douglas.pehler@arkema.com

  5. Hello,
    I have been loyal Golf Galaxy client for years and I have recently had few things done at store#03064 in Woodbridge NJ. I dropped off my TaylorMade R11 3-iron to get new KBS 90 shaft installed and re-gripped with my favorite Winn grip. I was told it will take approx. 10 business days for it to be ready. Two weeks went by and nobody called me. I went to the store to check on the status and the club was waiting for me for few days already. When I opened sealed sleeve I saw my club,but immediately noticed residual of epoxy all over the club and the plastic black piece on the connection spot was cracked. I have immediately asked why is that and was informed that it's not a big deal and it's only cosmetics. I asked if this will effect the club in any way and was told absolutely not to worry about anything. This was Saturday afternoon when I picked it up. Sunday I am at the golf course and first tee off with my 3 iron could have ended with tragedy as club head came off the shaft and flew 30+ yards. I picked up the club head and after quick inspection noticed that club head simply slid off the shaft. I told myself – Not a big deal. Maybe guys at Golf Galaxy simply didn't put enough epoxy or maybe glue was old… I went to TaylorMade authorized center by my house located at Galloping Hill Learning Center in Kenilworth NJ and ask the guys to check the club and put it back together for me. They called me back and said that tech at Golf Galaxy simply made the hole in the club head too big and the club is useless. He mentioned the opening diameter should be 0.7 I believe but it's nearly 0.8. The opening in the club is too big and thats why the head came off on impact. The problem is that R11 TaylorMade irons are no longer available and fining another 3 iron head is impossible. I expect GolfGalaxy to either find me new TaylorMade R11 3-iron head or trade me out of current set into (3-iron to P wedge) new equivalent set without any additional expense on my end. I can bring the club and the shaft back to Woodbridge store but I need to know what to expect. Looking forward to hearing back from someone capable of resolving this issue.
    Best Regards
    Adrian T.

  6. This place is terrible I place an order online before midnight flash price sale ends website won't finish my purchase. I call in this morning and customer service rep Brandon doesn't ask to confirm shipping and billing address, so after initially going through i get two emails cancelling my order. When I call back to find out why oh because you didn't match your addresses. Well after being informed I had to go online and do my order myself I gladly told her how I had and her coworker Brandon messed it up. I have to thank you golf galaxy because this is not the first time but is definitely the last.I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM YOUR STORES AGAIN!! Thanks

  7. To whom it may concern,

    Golf Galaxy recently had a 20% off sale that I received in my email. The sale ends on 8/29/2015 which happens to be today. I have been looking at that coupon for the past 2 weeks and finally decided to purchase the clubs I have wanted for over a year (Big Bertha Iron set). Much to my dismay when I took the clubs up to pay for the women charged me $1.275. I asked her about the 20% off sale and she informed me that Calloway was not part of the sale. After looking over the small print it appears none of your golf clubs are part of the 20% off sale?? I shouldn't say none I think Wilson Staff was on the 20% off sale. The closest Golf galaxy to me is over an hour away and I wasted 2 hours with this false 20% off sale. Maybe the next time you have a 20% off sale you might tell the American public that it does not include most all your golf clubs.

  8. Dear Sirs,
    I love your "Candy Store" and enjoy shopping there for my golf needs. In my line of work I do machine audits that refer to OSHA standards and requirements for compliance. Right in your shop I saw a grinder with no guarding at all and this is a big hazard for your workers. If you are warned by OSHA about this you could fined a good chunk of money and if they go to another store and find it you would be fined for a willful violation for an even larger fine.
    My suggestion is to cover all the buffers and grinders and make sure no one is exposed to the rotation of the wheel.
    FYI I was told that no one has been hurt yet, but I have a picture of a 28 years of experience lathe worker that wishes he had listeded prior to his body being cut in half on that lathe.
    Good luck and let me know if you have any issues with regulations.

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