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  1. The Saginaw Michigan location has the rudest employees. They were quick to size up and sell suits but when it was time for alterations they refused and said they were backed up for three weeks when they were aware of the short window. Saginaw is a joke. They all have cheap suits anyway. Not sure why any wedding party would use them. I highly suggest using our local Edwards Men Shop. They have quality suits for less. And the owner goes above and beyond to help. A suit that anyone can proudly wear

  2. Went into your Terre Haute IN store. Told the salesperson I wanted a suit. He didn't even ask how much I wanted to spend. Bought a $500.00 suit and accessories. Decided the next day I didn't want the waist and seat alterations. Tried calling, twice to no avail. Went to the store and asked what time they opened, they said 11:00am. I explained that I had called twice, and even left a voice mail. Was told they were very busy, but it had just slowed down. Asked why they didn't return my call. Again, about how busy they were. I just asked for a refund. While I was standing there, there, the phone rang and was asked if I wanted them to answer it. I said, of course. She didn't answer it. I told her the website said they opened at 10:oo, her response was "well, we have no control over that.????? Explained that I was a commissioned salesman till I retired, and people don't mind if you only ask them if you could answer that line. Not sure what kind of a place you are trying to run here, but to me this is unacceptable. Your people should get some kind of training, and not just cram whatever they want at your customers. I, for one will NEVER go back there.

  3. Ordered a suit on line at a reduced price. Waited and waited. Checked status..all I received was ORDERED.
    This suit is still being advertised but at a much higher price. Now they tell me the order is canceled. They don't have my size!!!
    Jensen Beach Florida store has my size!! If you want to pay $600.00!!!

  4. Our experience was a disaster. It was at the Evansville, IN Men's Warehouse. First off the woman manager is about as rude as you can get. The first thing that happened was when I picked up my tux, my pants had a hole on the side seam and the pants were all wrinkled. Like they wadded them on a hanger. Second thing was my sons picked his tux up and the jacket was way too small. So the lady manager told him she would get one fedexed in the next morning before the wedding. So my son(the best man) arrived the next morning and low and behold finds out they never even ordered it. Thirdly, 45 minutes before the pictures we all get dressed and one of the other groomsman tie is broken so I had to find some pliers to bend it to make it work. Then to top it all off the Groom had his pants to split out on the crotch seam. When I went in to ask for the manager, the lady manager came out only to say "My he must have really been dancing" (which wasn't the case) no sorry, but after complaing she sent me what must have been the real manager and he also said "He must have really been dancing that's why we put a 10.00 damage fee on there for" I said really, that's all you have to say! Then he offered a 20.00 refund on a 230.00 rental. To top it all off, I spent roughly 600.00 paying for my sons tuxes and they failed to tell me that there is a rewards program, So I asked about it and they told me since the transaction went through, they can't give it to me now. So I would not recommend this place to anyone! This place needs some managerial changes.

  5. Watch out in FARGO NORTH DAKOTA you go In there a darker skinned women very skinny and pretty ; will try to keep your Id she keep butting mine under Receipt's and slid over closer to her and then put more receipt on top and then handed me mine and said thank you I stood there and waited for my Id she did not give it I then asked for it and she knew it was under reciet and dug it out and gave to me . I walked out of store and said something to 2 other people that were behind me I said it seemed like she was trying to keep my Id and they said that's what they thought also so becarefull they may try to steal your Id and stuff NOT GOOD !!!!!!!

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