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  • Coors Corporate Office Headquarters

Coors Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Coors Corporate Office Headquarters

1225 17th Street Suite 3200
Denver, CO 80202 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-303-927-2337
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-645-5376
UK Customer Service: +44 8457 112 244
Canada Customer Service: 1-800-665-7661

  • I recently was hired on at a new Red Robins in Elmira New York. I was asked to be at orientation on a certain day and time. Never once was there a mention of what to wear.
    So I show up dressed professionally and I get states at by a spiked Blond Lady in Management . New staff were coming in and I socialized with them ( jeans and many different styles of black shirts) I start thinking was I suppose to be in a certain attire?
    We all were asked to sit down and the Managera said hello to us all. Then this tall salt and pepper hair gentleman ( Manager) came up to me and asked if he could see me. Being myself I said"sure".
    We stood in the lobby of the new restaurant and in ear shot of the other new employees , like myself. He began saying" I like to have my employees in dress code when they come to work. I was stunned!!! I tried to explain I knew of no dress code or I would of been in compliance. He then preceded to say I knew , we were all told! This Manager made feel humiliated and made me out to be a lier! Which I am not !! Be serious! Just come right out and say it's my age cause it sure was directed to that in front of the younger employees. I was the oldest one there. But to treat me the way he did was Wrong!
    I have been and still are a Manager. I have been in this Restaurant Management Field for 15 years. Never have I been treated with such rudeness and Disrepect.i took the job cause I wanted to expand in the manager field with Red Robins. But now I have a bad bad taste of that style of management. I am a people person who make sure the guest are happy and come back.
    I am not a lier! And like this Tall Manager said " We will reshedule your Orientation!" Well I knew better , cause it never did happen. I am appalled at my treatment from him . And you can bet I will not set foot in any Red Robins ever! One person has ruined it . Thank you for listening and I feel sorry for this person . He and the other 2 managers need to get retrained on how to approach people and where to talk to then in confidentiality . I am still appalled over this and it's time you know of what I have went through besides my friends I have told

  • I will eat at red Robins in durham nc at 5313 new hope commons ever again the waitress was very nasty and the manager does not have any balls

  • I'm totally done with your restaurant based soley on your most recent commercial…very distasteful….damn?? Really?? And then the having to bleep a word bc something bad was said? Ummm, how about you should have never made this commercial? Horrible!!

  • Your ad writer should learn the correct use of the English language. We have too many mental midgets using slang as "me and the guys". Maybe he is self centered also. I guess I'll stick with Bud.

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