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  • Disney World Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Disney World Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Disney World Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

The Walt Disney Company

500 South Buena Vista Street

Burbank, CA 91521

Disney World Orlando Address: 

4600 North World Drive

Orlando, Florida 32830

Disney World  Main Phone Number: 1-407-824-2222

Corporate Phone Number: 1-818-560-1000

Fax Number: 1-818-5601930

Disney World Customer Service: 1-407-824-2222

Vacation Package Booking: 1-407-939-7675

Room Only Bookings: 1-407-939-7429

Tickets: 1-407-939-1289

Dining: 1-407-939-3463

Tech Support: 1-407-939-7765

Guest Information: 1-407-939-6244


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  1. I grew up watching Disney on Sunday night at 7pm eastern. The Wonderful World of Disney. I am now 66 years old and the best memories of my life were getting ready for school and hurrying so that my brothers and I could watch Disney on Sunday evening. I miss Johnny Depp in the Pirates movies, please stand above the fray like Disney did for the last 60 years. Don't hold this marital trial and issues against such a great actor, and the enjoyment his movies bring so many people like me. I hope you decide to make a couple more Pirates movies in the near future. I love Disney just keep being Disney and making generations of people happy… thank you caroline

  2. There are 4 of senior ladies that wanted to go to Epcot for one day. We picked a date and started calling. I was on the phone 3 hours and got hung up on. Called again and was on the phone again for 3 hours and could not get anyone to help me, also got hung up on. Finally after two days all day trying to get a resort and tickets to go to Epcot, I talked with a very nice lady and she was so helpful. Got us a room at the Dolphine resort and a ticket for Nov. 17. I told her that we wanted to come up early because we can't check in until 3pm on Nov. 17th and we wanted to go ahead and go to Epcot and come out and check in and then go back to Epcot. Also that we have to be checked out by 11 am, we want to get up and check out and go back into Epcot seeing what we didn't get to see. When we left Epcot that time we would head for home. She said she understood and that I would be able to do that. The next day I called to double check on the place to park the car and the person who worked at the Dolphine Resort was very nice and told me exactly what I would have to do. When I told him about going into Epcot on the 18th and would be leaving our car there .He looked up our tickets and stated that we would not be able to go back into Epcot on Nov 18th. I asked could he help me out and tell me how much it would cost me to get us in the next day. He was very nice gave me a phone number to call. I finally got through to them and a lady who was very nice help me, but told me that I would have to buy another ticket in order to go into Epcot on the Nov. 18th. Well to say the least I had to pay $566.00for another pass in order to go Nov.18. I feel like Disney World has forgotten what Disney use to be and that was for the people. they are all about the money now. That is a shame Since I was given the wrong information about the tickets, the least they could have done was given us a decent price on the ticket for the next day. Like I said we are senior living on social security, trying to enjoy what time we have left on this earth. So I really hope that they never are in this situation, but it would teach them a lesson. Thank you for listening. Helen

  3. terrible places for special needs and the handicap .
    you will be waiting on long lines like everyone else. There is no accommodations for us as parents that need help. They change all the rules that once gave us a break.

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