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  • Febreze Corporate Office Headquarters

Febreze Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Febreze Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 11530 Reed Hartman Highway
Cincinnati, OH 45241
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-477-8899
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-477-8899

  • The exact same thing happened to my car and I think that because it is Febreeze product that caused damage they should pay for it to be repaired!

  • Dear Febreeze, I have been using your freeze products for years and I love them. But I have to tell you the Febreze car vent clips destroyed the front of my Dash in my car. Evidently one of them had a small leak I didn't know it, it ran down the front of my Dash over my stereo buttons and created the surface to peel off. This shows me that your product in liquid form must be highly toxic for it to peel the finish off the the face of my car. I wish I could send you the picture and you would understand it's a mess. I don't know what else to say oh, you may email me if you like and I will send you the pictures. But there should be a warning about the liquid that's in the vent fresheners 4 cars. It was the vent freshener with Gain.

  • your candles are a huge ripoff they do not smell at all none of them for the price can you not bump up the scent. I tried the cranberry spray and it is the only one I love now ÙI can not find it.

  • I'm not a fat obese person, but I think it's rude to code the reference to fat people with the word Gordo's in there love the couch commercial.

    • I will consider buying your products again, only when your crude commercials have been taken off the air, and not before.

  • I realize your products address some of the less than appealing aspects of the human experience. However, your Superbowl ad was awful, vulgar and tasteless. Toilelt jokes are for six year olds, and those who think like a six year old.

  • I have to tell you how great your product is.

    On night last month my Jack Russell Terrier, Milo, was sprayed by a skunk. After 4 baths, I still could not get rid of the smell. I tried shampoo designed for skunk odor and also a homemade concoction I read about online and still a could smell a slight odor.

    I talked with a friend whose dog had a similar skunk encounter. She also tried everything on the market for this particular problem. She told me to try using Fabreze as this was the only thing that worked for her.

    So one night, Milo went outside and it happened to be raining. When he came back into the house, the skunk stench was reactivated.

    With Fabreze in hand, I took paper towels, absorbed the rain, took a dry paper towel and sprayed it with your unscented product. To my surprise, this did the trick.

    I am extremely happy to say we have no reoccurring skunk odor.

    Thank you for a great product.

    Your product is great! I keep a bottle of unscented by the door just in case of emergency.

    • Good to know my dogs tend to run into skunks every now and then and I usually have Febreze on hand!

    • I love you fabreze ,I have several can's of air fresheners in my house. But I hate your commercial on tv. It stink's. Please use more class in your adds. Please discontinue the bathroom add. Use more house pets or cooking wonderful cabbage or some other powerful smelly veggies. I love you fabreze ,but your TV commercials stink.

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