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  • Gelson’s Market Corporate Office Headquarters

Gelson’s Market Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Gelson’s Market Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 16400 Ventura Blvd, Suite 240
Encino, CA 91436-2123
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-818-906-5700
Fax Number: 1-818-788-4018
Customer Service Number: 1-818-906-5700

  • Today at the Laurel Canyon Gelsons I was told I could only use 1 coupon. I normally get to use three or $15 worth. I usually purchase close to $200 for each trip. I can’t believe Gelsons is So cheap. They are overpriced, to begin with, and this was a small benefit to customers. I have lots of choices for grocery stores and this is enough for me to switch. How dare you Gelsons. So cheap. There was also no coupon for turkeys this year or last which is another way Gelsons is not accommodating or caring about loyal customers. I’m done.

  • La canada store. Dec 9 2018. Used to be a vons market with pleasant employees. No longer. Large female at salad demo stand said to me YOU have an attitude! There is a Sprouts a Trader joes and a large Ralphs all within a block or two of Gelsons. No reason to shop at this Gelsons.
    Also, i agree Julie at santa barbara was a lovely lady.

  • To the new corporate owners of Gelson’s market. What have you done to Gelson’s? I have been a customer for over 35 years. I always knew I was getting the best quality of the items I purchased. This is no longer true. The quality of your produce has gone to the dogs. You have cutdown on your staff. Checkers are frustrated that they have to beg for a bagger. They are now short tempered. It no longer has the ambiance it once had. I will now shop at whole foods and Bristol farms

  • Gelson's Market is a very corrupted and unethical company. It deducted money from every paycheck towards a pension plan and it forced to join a labor union for which mandatory fees were deducted. At the end when my employment ended, I never received the money that was deducted nor any information about it. And Gelson's market kept the money.Also, employees ascend based on favoritism rather than on merit.

  • The new manager at Marina del Rey did not know how long the sale on lobster tails would last. I was transferred to the fish department. The staff there did not know either and said I should call when the manager of that department was in…quite early in the morning. I finally got him and he gave me the information.

  • It is time that the santa monica gelson's management speak to staff and stop the harassment of a specific customer while they do their shopping. I've noticed a female staff member that I worked with, speak to other staff members while this person is around, the staff then comments on very private information and makes that customer feel very uncomfortable. It is VERY noticeable. It is apparent to me that the management isn't doing anything to STOP this female staff/staff members from harassing the customers.

  • I used to purchase a whole roasted vegetable pizza a year ago at least 3 to 5 times a week. I noticed they have changed the menu and or the recipe and the pizza looks and taste SO SICK. Sorry but I will never buy any pizza from Gelson's anytime nor ever until they bring back to old recipe back. Shame the pizza looks so unpleasant.

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