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  • Gloria Vanderbilt Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Gloria Vanderbilt Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Gloria Vanderbilt Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

The Jones Group Inc.
1411 Broadway
New York, NY 10018 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-642-3860
Fax Number: 1-215-785-1795


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  1. I have been wearing GV jeans for many years. The last 4 times I have ordered the jeans, I have returned them. Depending on the country they are made in, the size is always different even though I order the same size everytime. The quality has also suffered. Sometimes one leg is longer than the other and other problems. Too bad your company has gone this route because I really loved GV jeans.

    I've tried calling the numbers listed, but you do not have an option for a consumer.

  2. Re: Gloria Vanderbilt handbags ~ I just wanted to express my opinion on the overall look of your handbags. I have seen many bags, which are designed beautifully but my put-off is the large swan on the bags. I know that is her brand and think perhaps if the swan was smaller and in an upper or lower section of the bags, it would make it more attractive to the eye of the customer. Just an idea that I have been noticing for well over a year when shopping for handbags and thought my opinion might matter to your company! Have a blessed day! Terry Alyce Strandquest Wynne

  3. I have been buying GV jeans for decades and they have been perfect. I bought the Avery and Amanda pull-on jeans last year and they are the most comfortable pants I’ve ever owned! But you must have changed where you are having them made because I ordered 9 pairs of both in the last couple of weeks. None of them fit some are sewn crooked and some are short from the middle to the waist. I am the same size, but even tried a bigger size, and still has a poor fit. I won’t buy GV anymore

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