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Greystar Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Greystar Corporate Office Headquarters

10375 Richmond Avenue
Suite 900
Houston, TX  77042 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-713-953-7007
Website: Greystar Properties

Greystar’s competition in the property management space includes BH Management, Cushman & Wakefield, Bozzuto, Morgan Properties, Lincoln Property Co., and Avenue5 Residential.

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  • I just moved in the Outlook Apartments in Graham, WA and I was treated very rude by the manager at the property.. She was very rude and didn't care much of the residents who is paying rent there. The property has charge me up the storm and has no respect regarding my concerns. She says it is my problem. What kind of a managers is she? Not a very good and has horrible people skills!!!

  • I live at the Eden Prairie, Minnesota property with my two children. For the last 2-3 years the staff at this location will not help, have no customer service or professionalism. The garage has been broken into several times, the maintenance if they come have said inappropriate comments to you. In the laundry room the driers and washers keep braking down and will not be fixed for months. Projects that get started never get finished for weeks. It is very hazardous having things in the middle of walk ways, stairs, and real trashy in the middle of the foyer not completed. When I call to speak to someone the manager is not around ever,( I did see her hiding and gossiping with the staff) then the assistant manager Jordan has the sales girl" Geri" hang up on me. The way they treat people is apprehensible!! I need to know who is the district supervisor who over sees this property? I have asked and always get the run around with them, so I want to have a name and email with phone number.

  • We live in the Sawgrass Resort Community Apartments in Corpus Christi, Texas. I would like to know if it has become the policy of the Greystar Corp to allow un tagged and out of date vehicles to remain on their property, as long as they pay the office a 25.00 parking space rental fee, there are vehicles on this property that don't run not tagged at all stickers way out of date but when they are brought to the office's attention they say as long as they are paying the company its legal, but yet others are towed away I don't see how it's legal or right

  • There is no fire evacuation plan in the Urban Rice Lofts. We had a fire alarm on the 13th floor next door to me from a tenant who left a pizza in the oven. Most of the residents who evacuated assembled in the lobby of the building they were suppose to be evacuating. There are no practice drills or assembly area for residents in case of evacuation. The apartment that set off the incident must be vacant as the smoke smell is still pervasive outside my door. One of the firemen stated the ladders only go up to the 9th floor so I do not know how I will escape from the 13 th floor windows if I cannot exit my front door in case of another emergency. I am concerned for my safety as it should be. Are there fire ladders in the building with instructions as to how tenants should use?

    I did contact the Houston Fire Department and have left messages for Senior Fire Inspector Blackmon to return my call. Although Greystar Management does not value sanitary living conditions for its tenants, it should value safety above all else..

  • Greystar just acquired Post Rice in Houston. They are planning to update apartment and raise rents. Therefore, they are not putting any money in the meantime to keep maintenance up to standard and keep the place livable. Dirty carpets stained carpet, vomit on stairwell for days before cleaning, hole in the wall outside my apartment which they were not going to fix but I raised hell, elevator broken, foul smell in hallway, walls need painting and chunks missing on corner walls from tenants moving in and out and the list goes on.

    I pay 2233 a month plus to live in a dump. New Management is horrible and I can't wait to the end of my lease..

  • I currently live in Champions Park Apartments located in Thornton Colorado..I dont claim to know much about Greystar but I do know that the property manager here doesn't even know the corporate headquarters phone number or won't release it. This arrogant woman thinks she has the right or power to suppress people's first amendment rights and basic renter rights. Why would Greystar hire such an incompetent ignorant woman at all. I am a 55 year old male with severe diabetes and hypertension. A notice was put out to notify of paving and striping of parking lots. Certain areas were slated for certain dates. The paving was done one day earlier then scheduled causing significant noise etc. Even automobiles were being towed to other locations which I feel was improper and violated the owners' rights. I work nights so scheduled alternate sleeping arrangements for tonight when work was supposed to be done…but now I am wide awake due to this so called
    mistake. She was mainly concerned of one curse word to her thin skinned receptionist. I claim renters have rights to the
    Property they rent and certain laws and regulations be followed. They increase rent by 8.5 percent and then violate peoples rights..By the way is clearly posted above 713-953-7007…Thats the number I will be giving to my attorney during consultation…maybe Skye Elkins Community Manager should grab her crayon and scribble it on her lunchbox as well.
    property they rent that supercede those of the owners. .especially when not correctly scheduled or renters are not properly notified.

  • This is tenents from your Puyallup,Washington community there has been so many issues here,we are relly tired of this community. Pool does not work bikes in gym do not work managers say they will fix it but that has not happened. Have complaints on other tenents they say they will take care of it well that did not happen.We have been here awhile and do not think how much more we can take.We are dicussed with this place thought it would be what we wanted but we a really disapointed……

  • I live at a Greystar property in the state of Washington in Issaquah at Lakemont Orchard Apt. I had a family emergency that I had to help out with a family member with a substantial amount of money. I asked the Management of Lakemont Orchard if she could take away the 75.00 late fee this one time. I have been here for almost 10 years. I am probably one of the longest here. I have always paid my rent on time and on some occasions a week early. All I asked was 2 extra days past the last day you could pay before you had to pay the late fee. Why am I going to be late if I did not have a certain circumstance that came up on a one time basis after all these years. I am moving out and certainly going to tell people to stay away.

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