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BH Management Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

How to Contact BH Management Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

BH Management Services, LLC

Official Address:
400 Locust St. Suite 790
Des Moines, IA 50309 USA
Email: Online Form
Corporate Phone Number: 1-515-244-2622
Fax Number: 1-515-244-2742
Contact Number for Support and Help: 1-515-244-2622
Website: BHManagement.com

BH Management is a corporate housing and property management company with locations throughout the United States. If you are looking for a comfortable place to stay while traveling for work or if you need temporary housing while your home is being renovated, BH Management can help. Their properties are fully furnished and include all the amenities you need to feel at home. Plus, their corporate office staff is available 24/7 to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible.

BH Management’s competition in the property management space includes Greystar, Lincoln Property Co., Cushman & Wakefield, Bozzuto, Morgan Properties and Avenue5 Residential.

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BH Corporate Headquarters - The Summit in North Chesterfield, Virginia

Rated 3 out of 5
September 7, 2023

I genuinely appreciate living in my apartment at The Summit in North Chesterfield, Virginia. However, during my time here, I’ve encountered several concerns that I’d like to address. Over Labor Day weekend, the maintenance team, their families, friends, and some non-residents used the pool after the stipulated closing hours. When I inquired with the rental office, I was told such usage was unauthorized, which raises concerns, especially since we pay an amenities fee for shared facilities. Additionally, our building experienced a prolonged period without hot water. The communication regarding the issue was unclear, with the office initially indicating a new heater was on order, only to later reveal they merely repaired the old one. This lack of clear communication is frustrating, especially for families with young children in the building. In the winter, I encountered problems with my heating system and spent the entire month of December without proper heating. The delays in addressing the issue were substantial, made worse by the lack of updates from the management. Further, my apartment suffered water leaks from the unit above, resulting in damages to my grandchild’s room. The response to these leaks seemed cursory, with paint merely applied over the damage. I was advised to claim the resultant damages through my renters’ insurance, which I found disconcerting. Another persistent issue is the squirrel infestations causing damage and mold in my pantry. Despite multiple reports to the office, this remains unresolved. Aside of my personal apartment issues, I’ve observed various community rule violations. From dangerous fireworks on the grounds to inappropriate behavior at the community pool, there seems to be a lack of oversight or willingness to enforce community guidelines. It’s concerning to be advised to call the police for such matters, which I believe should be within the property management’s purview.

As a Property Manager by profession, I find many of these concerns alarming. While I cherish many aspects of this community, from its location to my wonderful neighbors, the ongoing issues paired with rising rent costs make me reconsider the value I’m receiving for my money. I believe compensation for these inconveniences is warranted, and the amenity fees deserve reassessment.

I hope the management will take these concerns seriously. I have documented evidence of these issues and am willing to share them upon request.

Teresa Moss

Attention BH Management Timber Creek Charlotte NC

Rated 3 out of 5
August 1, 2023

I think the property manager here at Timber Creek in Charlotte is very unprofessional she sits n her office closes the door when residents come in and if you request to speak to her she won’t speak with you .. I think that’s a very bad look for someone to be the head of a property.. As a Realtor myself I think it’s downright hateful shows you just have a job and careless about the tenants I guess that’s why the gate is wide open with no future of repairs we pay for safety features we don’t even get.

Tenant Charlotte
Corporate Office Headquarters