Tower Loan Corporate Office Headquarters

Tower Loan Corporate Office Headquarters
406 Liberty Park Court
Flowood, MS  39232
Corporate Phone Number: 1-601-992-0153

  • Maybe we should all come together and see a lawyer, everyone cant be wrong, take it to the News Media and Facebook, then maybe we can get some help, like some already know, they do not care.

  • Tower Loans has got to be the worst company ever. I purchased furniture from a local company nearly 3 years ago and was setup on 24 months same as cash. I did everything that they asked of me,they asked me to setup automatic draft but they wanted to charge me to take the money so I asked if I could have it sent from my bank and they said yes. I set up 24 auto payments with my bank to make sure that I received my same as cash option but that wasn't good enough for them because if the payment was received on the weekend or they didn't post the payments until after the weekend they would charge a late fee and then tell me that they didn't receive my payment and have me running in circles calling my bank to find out why they didn't send the payment only to find out after the tracer is done that the payments were all sent. Thomas in the Bessemer,AL branch called and threatened me saying that he would come to my home and snatch m black ass off of the furniture. I'm so out done with the language that he used and this matter is not over. I would advise anyone NOT TO EVER do business with them.

  • from un-known Tower Loan of Daphane Alabama are the biggest crooks around town. they charge late fees when you don't know when payment is due and how much you owe


  • Has anyone even heard from a complaint you made? Just wandering if this is a site made up so they don't have to be bothered or if it is a legit site to make a complaint to management?

  • I have tried for several days to get my account number to make a payment. What is so hard about that????? I have emailed requesting my info and have not received anything! WTF?!?!? I am trying to make a payment and getting no help from Tower Loans.

  • My name is Tiffany LaFleur. Funny, you can't even spell my name nor check to see if I am married and you will not be receiving my married name either. As I've never been a customer of yours EVER, I find it quite crappy that your company can't do as requested. I am tired of the unsolicited checks from this company. I tried calling the local branch to get my name off of the so-called list where I was treated with utter disrespect. Where they got my name from, I'm unsure as I never borrowed money from Tower Loan. And when you call them up and keep calling, they call you harassing. But, if i would borrow the money and NOT pay, that would be a different story, right? Because then you would harass me to pay the bill. GET my NAME off because if someone gets one of these checks and cashes it, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE!!! I will get a lawyer involved and have a good case as I have documented every phone call I have made to get this resolved! Your people are quite rude as well. Do you think I would borrow from rude people? NO, I will NEVER do business with your company EVER! I have made an X on several banks because of rudeness. I don't need your company. GET MY NAME OFF YOUR MAILING LIST!! Besides Wells Fargo, you guys are the epitome of a scam artist!

  • Wow…surprised and somewhat saddened to see so many people have had such negative experiences with Tower… Five years ago, I received a check in the mail from them for just over $1200…it said if I cashed it, I would agree to pay $137 for 10 months…seemed to good to be true from a payday loan company… But I was curious, so I called the local office here in Maryville, MO…the lady was very polite, very helpful, and explained that it was just that simple – a $1200 loan with basically a one time fee of $150 factored into the payments… So, I cashed it, made my 10 payments, and received my payoff paperwork about two weeks after my final payment… About two months later, they sent me another… Same thing, same simple experience… five years later, I'm now on my fifth "check in the mail loan" with them… It's been a great experience… I've only had two late fees charged to me in a span of five years – which is only $15 dollars, and only charged if you're more than 15 days past due… A couple of years ago, I missed a few weeks of work due to a knee injury…they still had to apply a late fee for that month, but they broke up that month's payment and divided it amongst my next three… It was tremendously helpful… All in all, my credit score has gone up more than 40 points in the last few years for paying my loans off in time… long story short, I've had a great experience with Tower…everyone who works for my local branch are are super nice and awesome to deal with… My sympathy goes out to all who haven't had the same positive experience as I… Brian Myers

  • I have a complaint against the branch in Mobile Al.(Schillinger's Rd) Ruby threatened me and my family. She was very loud and disrespectful just plain out nasty. That is no way for someone in her profession to act. I've read many complaints towards her on google. She needs to be held accountable for her ways. I am looking into a lawyer due to her threats towards me!!!

  • Yes they love to harass they will call 10 times a day . They have said I was behind when I wasn't . The manager called me my phone wasn't getting good reception it hung up. So she calls back leaving me a message saying I know you didn't hang up in my face. You know this is your account. Which was rude and unprofessional. Which since my husband had to get another job I have gotten behind. But try to pay it on time. When I get this paid off I will never do business with this shifty place again. This is the many,La. Branch.

  • I too am tired of the harassing phone calls. They know I had surgery and cant work.I had the form filled out and they said they did not get it. so another one was filled out. Now the phone calls will not stop. These people are rude and the harassing needs to stop. The main office needs to check on how there employees treat their customers.They are very rude.

  • The harassing phone calls are ridiculous! These people have called my place of employment and my director's phone numerous times! I do not want everyone knowing my personal dealings! They are totally rude (branch location in Ridgeland, MS.), saying mean, nasty, unnecessary statements that are so uncalled for. If anyone knows of any actions I can take to stop these calls to my job, please let me know. If I have no job, Tower Loan gets NO MONEY! Thanks in advance.. 'very upset customer'

  • Same issue in Lessville LA branch. I have a title loan through them nd fter falling behind on ONE payment I was threatened with "we will come out and gather your collateral including the title loan" The manager was rude nd hteful long with theresa, not first time I had complained on these two people. How they manage to stay employed is beyound me. I know, it is because we do NOT have the means to get to Rankin MS without burning vacation time off or have to burn more in travel fees than what the loan is worth.

    As SOON as I get out from under their thumb, I will file a complaint with the BBB and as well as their home office for allowing such behavior become the norm and not the exception. Much like Delta and United Airlines.Next time I am late I will record the phone call and in person chats I have and will post them all over social Media.

  • I have a loan with the leesville, Louisiana branch. I have gotten behind due to medical problems that my wife has. I was called at work and threatened to have the local parish sheriff deputies to serve papers at my work place. I told the "manager" that I could pay on the 17th but was told by her I had to have a partial payment in by the 10th or they would not only have me served at work, but come to my home to repossess their property. I do not think that the corporate offices condone this way of doing business, but if they do I will not recommend nor do business with them again.

    • Just to get this out to Tower Loan Customers…when you pay a loan off or it is handed over to collection agency and the debt is charged off…check your credit files at credit karma because i had a loan finished 5 years ago and Tower is still checking my credit which drops my score.The debt has been paid..why is someone from Tower running my social thru credit bureaus

  • My hubby and myself had got a loan because we had a death in the family and needed help with the funeral. We had got behind but caught up. The second time we got behind it was about to to collections but had paid the past due balance and the attorney fees in order to get back on schdule. So we made a verbal agreement to come in with $200 every month instead of $160. We were like 2 or 3 days late and we were told that we could not make any more payments that it was sent to collections and that they will garnishing his check…like really 2 or 3 days late and now we owe almost double…I will never use this company again epically in plaquemine, louisiana. The manager there is real rude and unprofessional

  • we have cashed two checks in the past from tower loan. they have been considerate when payments were late. at least the checks they send out are somewhat reasonable in finance charge. we are happy

  • I got a loan from tower loan in morgan city,louisiana and I pay my first note for more than the note was and they took my check and gave me a receipt for the amount then some body in their office changed the amount on my check for more.I went to the office and the manager and a worker all they say was that they did not do it so they try to blame me and the bank. Then the next day i called headquarters in mississippi they said would have a supervision to call but did not called me at all.

  • Same situation here. Cashed the check that was mailed to me and have made all payments on time. The end of March our identity was stolen and have fell behind on all of our bills. I have called the Jasper Al office several times and get no answer or just a fax machine. So my bank started started sending checks through bill pay to them not for the amount due but at least I am making an effort to pay. This past Saturday I had a note on my front door from these fools! They had drove to my damn house and put a note on my door. I am taking all legal action possible. That is beyond harassment and kinda scary to know that these people actually know where I live.
    If I would had been home they would have left in a police car due to the no trespassing sign in my yard. I am considering filing bankruptcy just so I don't have to pay them anything. I pay my bills but when you come to my house especially outside of business hours that creates a huge problem

  • my husband and I got a loan from you guys and the date is for the 11th of each month I get paid the first of the month and I go pay it then you guys still charge the damn late fee. Also We were told as soon as we get caught up you guys would go back and fixed on his creadit when we were marked late and I was told you guys were not going charge a late fee

  • Wow! reading all these comments I see all the trouble others have had with this company!! I had a loan with the company in 2011, and now is 2016 am being notified theyre going to take me to court because I owe them all this money (almost $400 just in late fees) I had a loan and paid it off with them, so then they sent me a check in the mail and I cashed it and then paid it back off again (they said I only made 2 payments on the account and then they couldnt reach me after) I know they have ran my credit report and I didnt understand why until I got this letter from them that I had a $1500 loan but now owe them $3166. Our branch in nevada, mo is the branch this is through, they have a new manager every few months- every year it seems. I think somewhere in the mess of things they have messed up my account and now want me to pay them all this money I dont have-I have 3 children and only my husband works to support us all. I dont see how if they was running my credit report they couldnt have contacted me sooner- or when I missed my first payment, I supposedly missed, a credit report has addresses and such listed. 5 years later contacting me is ridiculous and I think they just had to find a way to say I owed them money and my loan was never paid (I think my payments maybe were being pocketed or something?) I Wouldnt recommend anyone to do business with Tower Loan

    • Makes a mental note to add 1 EXTRA dollar to my account AFTER I pay them off in full. That sounds like a nightmare.

  • During a difficult time, I received a check in the mail from Tower Loan. I cashed it and had been paying on time consistently. However, the last couple of months or so, I've been later. When I went there(Amite) on Tuesday, the staff was very rude… beyond what I can text. She didn't previously explain that although they took the late fee out, it still shows as due. When I brought it to her attention, she immediately became defensive and so, Sandy did too. They even had the police called AFTER I left, who then called me to say I was NOT in trouble but to just pay in Hammond from now own. I finally got their boss number from another location. When I spoke with him, HE was rude. Saying that he didn't want to hear what I had to say and that he didn't believe a word I said because he had already talked to the two ladies who said I was going to beat them up, which is not what or how that was said. He refused to listen to my side… causing me to have a super emotional day in front of my kids. So, I've reached out to his boss, but hadn't from her yet. Someone suggested that I solicit help to make known how unprofessional their services were. If you are willing to make a phone call for me, just to let them know that you heard my story and how upset I was and that you won't be doing business with them because of it, I would appreciate it. Looking at the website, others have made complaints too. Just know I won't be doing business with them and will be telling everyone I know to stay away. They are nice in order to get you into a contract… then shows NO compassion or empathy!

  • In Natchez, MS not allthe workers are rude, just Tara. She called me at work and talked to me like I was her child and did something wrong. Yes, I borrowed money from Tower Loan and yes I'm behind and they have taken me to court. I have 30 days to contact them but instead, they are contacting me about payment. I know I owe them and will pay them but will not take the harassment and abuse(verbal) by Tara. It don't make sense to be frustrated because she can't make a payment and to get treated like you are a child by a worker is even more frustrating. I've taken all the abuse I'm going to take from her. They have lost one person and that's me.

  • I went to the office in my home town, in February of 2014, to pay my accounts off in full. The gentleman at the front desk took my payment of $1500, gave me my receipst and told me that my paid in full contracts would be mailed to me. I received a paid in full document from the company and filed them away with my paid debts. In December (10 whole months later) I started to receive harrassing phone calls regarding a balance on one of my accounts. I called the office back and the woman (Amber) who answered the phone was so hateful and rude to me. I explained that both accounts were paid in full, in person. I gave her the date and verified the account information. She argued that I had paid one bill online and one by phone (never showing in the office). I explained my bank statement showed the payments were one right after the other (seconds apart) and from the same location. She insisted that my account was behind $18.79 and that I would not get a paid in full contract until I paid it. How much sense does it make that I come into the store and pay $1500 but leave off some change???? I finally just agreed to make the payment, but told her I would only come in person and have a manger process it. I asked her hours of operation (I had moved and would only be in town for one day) and she told me. I went that day and the store wasn't even open (it was a Saturday). I was infuriated. I called today (now January of 2015) and asked for the manager. Kenneth answered the phone and sounded very annoyed from the beginning. I explained what was going on and also addressed the harrassment, rudeness and misinformation from Amber. He kept explaining why I wasn't notified of the balance (which was all finance charges on a .02 balance – clever huh?) and couldn't explain why it had surprisingly already been reported to my credit agency – even though I hadn't even been billed or sent to collections. I was calm and trying to explain the discrepencies and he interrupted me saying "WELL BEFORE YOU CUT ME OFF I WAS TRYING TO TELL YOU THAT A WEEK AGO WE CREDITED YOUR ACCOUNT FOR THE FINANCE CHARGES AND SENT YOU A PAID CONTRACT". I explained that I had moved and that I would wait to see if it was forwarded, if not I would call back in a week or so. HE HUNG UP IN MY FACE!!!!! Please please please take your business elsewhere!!!

  • Do not use the services of Tower Loan. They are a Predatory Lender – See 2013 Ark. 367 SUPREME COURT OF ARKANSAS No. CV-13-135 GULFCO OF LOUISIANA, INC. D/B/A TOWER LOAN OF SPRINGHILL, LOUISIANA.

    They will say or do anything, including the use of fraud and deception, in order to get you to sign a contract.

    Check out consumer affairs reviews and sites such as glass doors, where even their own employees will fill you in on their unlawful practices and the real aim of the company which is to prey on the financially vulnerable.

    They have no respect for their customers because to them their customers are just suckers and victims. They have an equal disrespect for the law, because they routinely break it and feel they are above it.

    There is much more that could be said about this abhorrent company, but by all means don't just take my word for it, do a little digging and you will certainly see for yourself that this is not a company you want to get involved with.

  • I was in yazoo city office and two of the workers were argueing one was pregnant and the other white girl was getting loud and the manager never said a word have been back and the same girl and manager are sitting there giggly and the other girl is gone you may need new manager in Yazoo City it is going down fast

  • I have an account with them. I didn't have a full payment and I was going to pay half and the rest when I got paid. They told me no I couldn't do that. I was like really why. They call my job at least 3 times a week wanting a payment. I tell them I don't have the full payment and they said they have to have a full payment they can't take anything with out it. Ok I work in fast food and don't have a lot . So I was going to pay in two payments and they said no.

  • I feel lied to and cheated. I was approved for a loan before with this branch in laplace. I moved maybe 5 blocks away from where I was currently living and have done 2 loans with them in the past. I have also received offers for loans from them in the mail. Finally I run into some problems and I need some quick cash, so I applied for a loan and was approved.I want to get my check and there system was down so I had to come back the next day, when they told me I must apply again because it Expired yesterday ( YOUR SYSTEM WAS NOT WORKING FOR A WHOLE DAY) . I applied again and the lady said my application was good and that the manager was going to call me back. I never received a call nor an email from her. When I called back the manager then said that they do not want to give me a loan due to the city i stay in where i have had 3 approvals and 2 loans with. tHIS HAS CAUSED ME TO WRITE THIS REVIEW AND AWARE EVERYONE OF THIS BRANCH AND THE MANAGER. The slidell location where I made my payments are nothing but nice people. I hope no one does business in laplace again

  • My husband purchased some furniture and we had the opportunity to finance it 12 months same as cash so we did. The loan was through Tower Loan. What a mess that was, they called on the day our first payment was due which was our first notice (the phone call) at that time I asked if we could set up automatic payment from our checking account and they said yes but we would have to come in to the office (which is in different town) or they could mail the paper work to me. In the meanwhile I mailed a check for my initial payment so it would not be late. We got the information in the mail two days after my husband went in and signed the paperwork. We discovered that there would be a $3.95 convenience fee for each monthly transaction done electronically. We have purchased many items same as cash in the thousands of dollars not hundreds like this was and never been charge a convenience fee. I am mailing a check to cover the balance of our loan and we NEVER intend to do business with Tower Loan AGAIN! I asked the branch in Liberty, MO for an address of the corporate office and they said I would have to send it to them and they would send it to corporate! I didn't want to send it to them, I wanted to send it directly to headquarters so I went on the internet and found the information myself. They really didn't seem to care one way or the other about my aggravation!!!

    Marsha Rieck

  • I applied at waveland, ms store three times. First, said to catch up on credit cards, so I did. Second time, said I needed longer employment, so I waited. Third time, I had to called for 4 days before I got the manager on phone. Then when he finally did, he mentioned me wsnting a car loan for $4000, which was not even what I asked for. Then he rudely interrupted me and said I'm gonna pass and then hung up on me, wouldn't let me ask about what I needed to improve. You should look at your website that says what your company provides ha!

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