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  • 1st First Convenience Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

1st First Convenience Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Nyasia, Angelique (Angelica?), and Miriam, Oper. Spec. empl #42252, servicing the Houston area, are equally unprofessional, need customer service training, and are not thoughtful of customers' time because they talk, talk, talk offering no real solutions. These 3 girls are getting paid for showing up only. They refused to transfer me to their boss, Ms Audrey, and kept putting me on extended holds to no avail. This may be my cue to change banks unless the bank vets better people,

  2. I was given disrespectful, unknowledgeable, condescending service from the assistant branch Manager at the Renaissance Square branch in Fort worth Texas. The Assistant manager's name is Irma Gonzalez, My wife and I have had a direct deposit account with First Convenience Bank for a little less than a decade and I went to the bank to deposit a five hundred dollar money order so that it could go through a clearance process so that the funds could be used. I then told this assistant manager that I would be receiving a large settlement check, and what would be the process for this deposit with reference to clearing this same process as the money order, she told me that the process would take 7 days or more. I informed her that these funds would need to be utilized before the last day of the month that I deposited them according to government regulations that rule over these funds that I was going to acquire, and that I would need to be in contact with some one higher than her in a supervisory compacity, her response was that she could not give me those individuals personal contact information, I had never ask for their personal info, I was there for business and that I would need to get the contact info for a district or regional manager or contact for the corporate office. She insisted that they would tell me the same thing that she had told me, I insisted that she could not make the decision on what her supervisors might tell me, in essence she would not furnish me with any contact information! ( the proof of our conversation is on a tape from the cameras that day which was Saturday May 22, 2021, I was the first customer that morning. The Assistant manager seemed to be offended that I had ask her something that she did not know the answer to, and also that I was a Blackman who was questioning her and she apparently had an inferiority complex type of problem which caused her to become hostile in her approach to handled our situation, after an approximate 20 minute encounter she realized that I sincerely wanted the info that I had requested she said that I should contact the Killeen Office stating "I told you that and that, and I just did not understand that" inferring that I am so stupid as to not understand the ENGLISH LANGUAGE! I assure you that if she had told me about Killeen I would have avoided the episode as I did immediately when she actually did inform me about Killeen stating " it's on the back of my debit card. Please contact me at 817-500-2281 because I still would like to discuss my special circumstances with getting access to my funds that I wish to deposit the amount is rather large so I need to discuss this with someone who is knowledgeable to resolutions to situations similar to mine.

  3. I have had all my privilege's removed from me. Just because I filed disputes in reference to unauthorized charges in the past. I personally feel left out by first convenience bank. If only some higher level supervisor would be able to get a hold of me and fix this huge problem. Then I will reconsider not leaving first convenience bank. I've been a customer for quite awhile now. I can understand now why people are disputing.

  4. First convenience bank is just awful. Just because I filed dispute charges in the past. I personally had my debit card and mobile app and online services revoked permanently. I have been a customer for quite awhile now and this is the thanks I get in return. I too agree with all the other people on here who have filed a dispute in reference to all of our disputes. I am asking please for someone to reach out to all of us and assist us all including myself in resolving our disputes please thank you.

  5. Omg..this bank is the worst!due to the clerks error the bank is holding 7000 of my money and I am trying to get it released through what they call a notary afidavit..bogus is what it is. I transferred two checks into my husband's account..the clerk said everything went alright and the funds would be available the following morning. Well.. My husband went into his account..the funds were there and then soon after were taken out! We Sent to another branch of that bank and found out from the branch manage that the transaction was not supposed to have been done the way it had…so now we are fighting for our money back..trust me after this i hope the clerk get fired and we are shopping for a different bank!!

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