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Huggies Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Huggies Corporate Office Headquarters

Kimberly-Clark Corporation
351 Phelps Drive
Irving, TX  75038
Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-972-281-1200
Corporate Office Fax Number: 1-972-281-1490

  • I purchased Huggies Little Swmimmers swim pants and they are falsely advertised. This product is not waterproof or leak proof. My 1 year old peed right through these swim pants and got a diaper rash. I am truly disappointed and dissatisfied with this product and the misleading product information. Little Swimmers swim pants in fact, are not waterproof and from my experience of having used on my toddler the swim pants do not absorb moisture keeping children dry and pool water uncontaminated from urine it only allows urine to leak through the swim pants while remaining dry on around the lining causing wetness in children's clothing and potential diaper rash if not detected right of way.

  • I need to speak with someone in corporate office about a serious matter very serious matter dealing with the diapers I purchased for my twin babies I'm seriously thinking of going public with this if I'm not contacted call me (469) 701-9270

  • Good morning,

    My name is Corinna. I am interested in submitting a request for a representive to contact me regarding an invention. Without disclosing to much information; I have made an invention which will ultimately change the experience of the use of diapers, all types of pull ups and wipes for the every day use by parents, child care givers, grandparents and others around the world.
    I am interested in partnering with Huggies to bring this excellent invention to the world and eliminate the competition from other competitors with the use of my invention.
    Look forward to hearing from you, soon.

    God Bless,

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    Corporate Office Headquarters