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Ivy Rehab Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. This Note is for a Particular Employee that Stands Out
    I First started PT in Medford and Now Moved to Your New Marlton Location because I've Have started with Him since my first Visit
    I have been Able to Progress and He has also shown Me
    other Exercises to do at Home to move to add to My Healing.
    With Going to Ivy Rehab, I WOULD nOT BE AS fAR ALONG as I am Today.
    Your Staff is is always on a Great Mood.
    Welcomes Everyone with at Big Smile and How are You Today .
    When leaving- Having a Wonderful Day !!!
    Well taught (or Hired ).

    Without His Patience, Encouagement, Positive Attitude
    (at the Marlton, NJ Location and Relocated to the New Location and would like to
    Bring to Your Attention on in the Mt. Laurel, NJ Location)ragement, Caring , Eagerness ……

    Let's Go Back to Joe-
    In Closing I would like to express to You that Joe is a valued Employee to Your Team at Ivy Rehab !!!

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