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Mattel’s corporate office is located in El Segundo, California. Below are comprehensive details about Mattel’s headquarters, including their address, contact phone numbers, website, photos, and a brief overview of the company. This overview includes Mattel’s competitive position in the toy and entertainment industry.

How To Contact Mattel Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Mattel USA Headquarters – Overview

Mattel Corporate Office

Map and Directions To Mattel Corporate Office Address

A Snapshot of Mattel’s History

Founded in 1945, Mattel has become a global leader in toy manufacturing and design, famous for iconic brands like Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, and American Girl. The company has a rich history of innovation and has expanded into digital gaming and entertainment, becoming a major player in the children’s entertainment industry.

The Toy and Entertainment Industry and Mattel’s Position

In the highly competitive toy and entertainment market, Mattel stands out for its diverse portfolio of beloved brands and products, commitment to innovation, and efforts in sustainable and responsible toy production. Mattel competes against Hasbro, Lego, Bandai Namco, MGA, and Tomy.

Mattel’s Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

Mattel is dedicated to creating memorable childhood experiences through its innovative toys and games, while also focusing on sustainability and social responsibility in its business practices.

Mattel Corporate Office Photos

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