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ReMax Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact ReMax Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

RE/MAX International, Inc.
5075 S. Syracuse St.
Denver, CO 80237-2712 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-303-770-5531
Fax Number: 1-303-796-3599
Customer Support Phone Number: 1-800-525-7452
Email: webmaster@remax.com

  • House was sold in Spirit Lake Iowa by Aaron Jones without my permission. They didn't request Identification for the sale or even the Notary. This has been turned in to the police report # 22-175. The people in the office told the officer they didn't need ID as they know Theresa personally. That is a lie. It is my beleif that this home was sold and transferred to the Husband's boss to keep the home from being divided in the divorce. Wife was unable to return to the home after being attacked and a restraining order in place for pending assault prosecution (still an open case). Assault case 03301 SRCR023404 (DICKINSON).

  • What happened to Re/Max websites?? They are horrible. A huge dumb map on the left side of the screen and the property listings which are the real crux of the matter are way down at the bottom. I bypass Re/Max websites and head straight for the ones where I don't get frustrated trying to find a property I like! Whoever thought that laying out the website as it is now, is an idiot!

  • As long as the disgusting crook Diana Sames works for Remax, I will NEVER use your company. Florida needs to take her license away, the Justice Department needs to prosecute, and the State Department needs to send her back to where she came from.

  • It is company policy that REMAX brokers and agents don't answer their phone or return voice mail or email. I'm tired of dealing with those people and will not market their properties.

  • Disappointed

    I'm a little disappointed with my recent experience with RE/MAX Greece. I've been on Spitogatos looking to purchase something for vacationing purpose. I saw a few fixer uppers not all of them from RE MAX and some others ready to move in. I've requested a physical address to some of the properties so that I may google the location and see the area and exterior of the property.
    I live 5000 miles away, when I come to Greece I do not want to waist my limited time driving from place to place. I have not received any response from anyone of you sales reps. with the exception of one agent and with that being said the property cost 45,000 euros and I asked if seller would willing to hold mortgage after putting 30% down. It has been weeks since I made offer, but have not heard anything. At least have the courtesy of responding one way or another, I even reached out on LinkedIn and nobody has responded. Re Max very unprofessional.

  • I recently signed up with a remax realtor in October of 2016. It was a short sale due to cancer that decided to enter our family. My realtor was reluctant to hold more than one open house, did not seem to like any suggestions I made in marketing my home. I finally did receive an offer and that was the beginning of the most inexperienced realtor I thought I could meet. The bank almost stopped the short sale process because forms were not completed and sent in a timely manner. I also spoke with the "owner" of the franchise and she seemed not to know what was going on., what a lack of communication. I wish I had read this website before
    signing with this realtor.It would take my realtor sometimes 4 or 5 calls before she would respond and the she took days to call me back with any answers. I am now is the process of closing the sale and after this is done I will submit another comment. When all of this started going bad, I made a comment to our Better Business Bureau and my agent called me and told me to remove my remarks (What a crock)Her response was that I was over emotional and did not understand their process. ( I am 73 years old). This was in Pittsburgh , Pa.I will be making a formal report to the Realtor Board in Pennsylvania and the BBB in Pittsburgh.

  • As a FSBO I entered into a contract with a buyer. A REMAX, Punta Gorda agent located at 3941 Tamiami Trail #3121 (there are more than one agency in Punta Gorda)decided to interfere with the transaction believing I was going to pay his commission, telling lies to the buyers, stating the buyers earned a 3% commission (what is that all about????-does he really have realtors license-maybe from a cracker jack box) because they were unrepresented, called FSBO and lied and told them I was trying to screw him out of a commission because he brought the buyer to me. He called my wife and belittled her trying to tell her about the Hud-1 Settlement Statement after she told him she was originating, processing, and underwriting loans (we owned a mortgage company for 20 years) before he was born, he promptly hung up on her. He divulged personal information about the buyer to me. As a result of his lies, my buyer cancelled the contract. I am currently losing $100 a day because of the cancellation. I have written the CEO of RE/MAX, will file a formal complaint to the Division of Real Estate, inform the BBB, inform the Florida Attorney General and blog as many people and sites as I can. I will NOT rest until this agency is exposed. The worst part the broker has not contacted me to offer a solution, maybe because this realtor hasn't told her or maybe he really believes he has done nothing wrong. I cant believe this agency won Broker of the Year for 2009-you have got to be kidding!

  • I submitted an offer twice on a property in Las Vegas, NV. The first offer was rejected because they were allegedly not accepting contingency offers. I waited a week and contacted the listing agent office directly and I was told they were accepting contingency officers. I provided a new full asking offer that clearly reflects my house was in escrow with a set closing date. On the date that the agent was to provide a response to my offer, he contacted the agent representing me as a buyer to say, he needed to contact the title company servicing the sale of my home. This is after he'd been provided my offer reflecting my escrow number for the sale of my home and a projected closing date. This agent is stalling and avoiding negotiations with me for no legal or rational reasons. This is unethical and illegal. Beware of dealing directly or indirectly with ReMax in the Las Vegas area.


    My first, and only, conversation with this man about a property for rent was a horrible one. He was rude, disrespectful, and not helpful at all. I asked about a property for rent under the company that he works for, he was not helpful. When I started asking questions and telling him that I was looking for a place 60 days in advance, he laughed at me. Then I explained that I had to give my place 60 days noticed and am willing to put a hold down on the place as well as the rent. He then said "So your going to pay rent for three months in two different places?" He has no clue what my financial situation is or how much money I am willing to spend. He automatically dismissed me and was unwilling to have a conversation to see what we could do. I was very interested in seeing the property, but after that conversation I do not want anything to do with the property and I do not want anything to do with him. Especially after how he spoke to me and how he treated me. I will take my money and time elsewhere.

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