ReMax Corporate Office Headquarters

ReMax Corporate Office Headquarters

RE/MAX International, Inc.

5075 S. Syracuse St.

Denver, CO 80237-2712 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-303-770-5531

Fax Number: 1-303-796-3599

Customer Service Number: 1-800-525-7452


  • House was sold in Spirit Lake Iowa by Aaron Jones without my permission. They didn't request Identification for the sale or even the Notary. This has been turned in to the police report # 22-175. The people in the office told the officer they didn't need ID as they know Theresa personally. That is a lie. It is my beleif that this home was sold and transferred to the Husband's boss to keep the home from being divided in the divorce. Wife was unable to return to the home after being attacked and a restraining order in place for pending assault prosecution (still an open case). Assault case 03301 SRCR023404 (DICKINSON).

  • What happened to Re/Max websites?? They are horrible. A huge dumb ass map on the left side of the screen and the property listings which are the real crux of the matter, are way down at the bottom. I bypass Re/Max websites and head straight for the ones where I don't get frustrated trying to find a property I like! Whoever thought that laying out the website as it is now, is an idiot!

  • As long as the disgusting crook Diana Sames works for Remax, I will NEVER use your company. Florida needs to take her license away, the Justice Department needs to prosecute, and the State Department needs to send her back to where she came from.

  • It is company policy that REMAX brokers and agents don't answer their phone or return voice mail or email. I'm tired of dealing with those people and will not market their properties.

  • Disappointed

    I'm a little disappointed with my recent experience with RE/MAX Greece. I've been on Spitogatos looking to purchase something for vacationing purpose. I saw a few fixer uppers not all of them from RE MAX and some others ready to move in. I've requested a physical address to some of the properties so that I may google the location and see the area and exterior of the property.
    I live 5000 miles away, when I come to Greece I do not want to waist my limited time driving from place to place. I have not received any response from anyone of you sales reps. with the exception of one agent and with that being said the property cost 45,000 euros and I asked if seller would willing to hold mortgage after putting 30% down. It has been weeks since I made offer, but have not heard anything. At least have the courtesy of responding one way or another, I even reached out on LinkedIn and nobody has responded. Re Max very unprofessional.

  • I recently signed up with a remax realtor in October of 2016. It was a short sale due to cancer that decided to enter our family. My realtor was reluctant to hold more than one open house, did not seem to like any suggestions I made in marketing my home. I finally did receive an offer and that was the beginning of the most inexperienced realtor I thought I could meet. The bank almost stopped the short sale process because forms were not completed and sent in a timely manner. I also spoke with the "owner" of the franchise and she seemed not to know what was going on., what a lack of communication. I wish I had read this website before
    signing with this realtor.It would take my realtor sometimes 4 or 5 calls before she would respond and the she took days to call me back with any answers. I am now is the process of closing the sale and after this is done I will submit another comment. When all of this started going bad, I made a comment to our Better Business Bureau and my agent called me and told me to remove my remarks (What a crock)Her response was that I was over emotional and did not understand their process. ( I am 73 years old). This was in Pittsburgh , Pa.I will be making a formal report to the Realtor Board in Pennsylvania and the BBB in Pittsburgh.

  • As a FSBO I entered into a contract with a buyer. A REMAX, Punta Gorda agent located at 3941 Tamiami Trail #3121 (there are more than one agency in Punta Gorda)decided to interfere with the transaction believing I was going to pay his commission, telling lies to the buyers, stating the buyers earned a 3% commission (what is that all about????-does he really have realtors license-maybe from a cracker jack box) because they were unrepresented, called FSBO and lied and told them I was trying to screw him out of a commission because he brought the buyer to me. He called my wife and belittled her trying to tell her about the Hud-1 Settlement Statement after she told him she was originating, processing, and underwriting loans (we owned a mortgage company for 20 years) before he was born, he promptly hung up on her. He divulged personal information about the buyer to me. As a result of his lies, my buyer cancelled the contract. I am currently losing $100 a day because of the cancellation. I have written the CEO of RE/MAX, will file a formal complaint to the Division of Real Estate, inform the BBB, inform the Florida Attorney General and blog as many people and sites as I can. I will NOT rest until this agency is exposed. The worst part the broker has not contacted me to offer a solution, maybe because this realtor hasn't told her or maybe he really believes he has done nothing wrong. I cant believe this agency won Broker of the Year for 2009-you have got to be kidding!

  • I submitted an offer twice on a property in Las Vegas, NV. The first offer was rejected because they were allegedly not accepting contingency offers. I waited a week and contacted the listing agent office directly and I was told they were accepting contingency officers. I provided a new full asking offer that clearly reflects my house was in escrow with a set closing date. On the date that the agent was to provide a response to my offer, he contacted the agent representing me as a buyer to say, he needed to contact the title company servicing the sale of my home. This is after he'd been provided my offer reflecting my escrow number for the sale of my home and a projected closing date. This agent is stalling and avoiding negotiations with me for no legal or rational reasons. This is unethical and illegal. Beware of dealing directly or indirectly with ReMax in the Las Vegas area.


    My first, and only, conversation with this man about a property for rent was a horrible one. He was rude, disrespectful, and not helpful at all. I asked about a property for rent under the company that he works for, he was not helpful. When I started asking questions and telling him that I was looking for a place 60 days in advance, he laughed at me. Then I explained that I had to give my place 60 days noticed and am willing to put a hold down on the place as well as the rent. He then said "So your going to pay rent for three months in two different places?" He has no clue what my financial situation is or how much money I am willing to spend. He automatically dismissed me and was unwilling to have a conversation to see what we could do. I was very interested in seeing the property, but after that conversation I do not want anything to do with the property and I do not want anything to do with him. Especially after how he spoke to me and how he treated me. I will take my money and time elsewhere.

  • We live in Apple Valley Mn. Our house is not for sale but will be shortly. Remax has a town house for sale across from us in our Cul-de sac. Buyers came and parked in a fire lane right in front of a" "FIRE LANE TOW AWAY SIGN" Being a concerned neighbor I rang the door bell and knocked 3 times. No one came. The Agent ignored me completely. I tried to find a telephone number (no sign allowed at residence)for the local office but there is no number on line I could find. because of that, we will never use Remax. And I am sure they really don't care.

  • Do not use rick stouffer in ft collins colorado. His practice is as shady as the others. He threatened my husband and I with eviction notice when we had paid our's the kicker…he wasn't even our landlord. I kept all the threatening texts from him. As it turns out….he took advantage of elderly people and bought the house we were renting. We were trying to buy it at the time. He happened to be friends with our landlords. As we were trying to buy the house he continually called the mortgage people to see if we could buy. That's unethical right there. Then he kept calling our landlords to tell them that there was no way we would qualify for a loan. None of his business. This went on for almost 2 years. We found an investor to buy the property we were renting and met with our landlords to discuss. They were all for it…that is until rick stouffer talked them out of it. We ended up moving and Rick hot his way and bought the house. He is unethical, shady and should not be doing what he does. It's pretty sad that when I tell people the story and who was involved, they always say he's a piece of crap. He has a bad rep in this town. Of course.

  • After reading the above comments I'm glad and hurt at the same time.I didn't realize that remax was such a lousy company to do business with. I'm in Charlotte North Carolina and on yesterday which was March 3rd 2016 my husband and I was supposed to meet Zann Hawkins for a touring. My husband took a half day from work so that if any paperwork neded to be done after the showing we could complete it without having to worry about rushing through things or worry about getting back to work we waited and waited for about half an hour and Zann hadn't showed up nor called. I decided that 30 minutes was long enough to wait so I decided to reach out to Zann Hawkins by way of a phone call to my surprise Zann Hawkins answered the call and tells me that he forgot to email us to cancel the touring because the house is under contract. We first spoke with Zann on Sunday March 28th and he never mentioned that the house was under contrac He never apologized, never asked if we were interested in seeing any other properties. Zann Hawkins had ample time to call us even if he forgot to email us. My conclusion is that he was trying to (CHA) cover his A$$ and offer the excuse that the house is under contract because he forgot about the touring.There is no sign in the yard nor on the website that says its under contract . I will not do any business with Remax and I'm going to tell all my business associates and friends to NEVER do business with these lieing,manipulatimg,untrustworthy people. I'm so glad that I found these comments before signing on the dotted line. I'm going to reach out by phone to corporate to express my distaste that I have for the unprofessional conduct of Zann Hawkins.Sorry for the long comnents. I'm just hurt.

  • The remax office owner in johnson city tn. said he would never hire niggers to work at his office and that he would never rent one of his rental properties to one . I guess he can actually prove that statement because out of the 60+ agents at his office there hasn't been an African American working there as far back as I can remember .



  • I gave an rental application to a Re/Max agent in Rockville, Maryland. The agents initials Kim S. She kept the application and never presented to the owner, never got back to me, I had to text her and be after her, she then on a Saturday approved the rent application and asked for $35 fee to run the credit. Three days passed never called back even after leaving her messages. Finally replied to my email at 9 pm saying she still has a client and that she has another rental offer and if I want to go up on the rental price or she can return my money order. She jerked me around for a week. Just a liar. These agents do what they want and no body controls what they do. Shame on you Re/Max.

  • Well my realtor is worthless! The bank or I can leave a message, send a text, or an email and we might get a reply within 3 days. I have been trying to purchase this home for over a month…there has been some hurdles but if he would actually respond and do his job I would be closing sooner! He never updated me on homes that came on the market another realtor sends me emails on any new home, or change in price on homes that is how I found this home. So tell me why he should get ANY COMMISSION from this? Just horrible and when people ask me how its going on buying this home and I start telling them my problems without giving the realtors name they already know who it is! At one point I couldn't get my realtor to respond so I went through the sellers realtor in order for mine to even respond! I have done customer service work my entire life and this man has no clue on customer service!

  • RE/MAX Country – Yelm, Washington Broker Cynthia Schmier
    I would not use or consider Cynthia Schmier as your realtor or broker due to her deceptive practices.
    Specifically, she posts homes for sale on Craigslist and seeks new customers and clients through her ads of homes for sale….when in fact those homes are already listed as pending on Redfin, Zillow and
    She plays with a separate rules of ethics, disclosure, withholding of accurate and up to date information with 'bait and switch' tactics to gain new clients customers.
    Example; She recently update many (several) Craigslist postings on August 3, 2015 when in fact those homes were already pending sales and received/accepted offers weeks in prior, some were pending several month prior.
    FACTUAL proof was submitted to the National Headquarters of RE/MAX, Craigslsit, Board of Realtors and the Attorney General Office. This is not slander, facts presented and supported.
    Her practices are different than a realtor leaving the sign on a property a little long to gain a prospect customer. She utilizes deliberate efforts in advertising and soliciting new or prospectful customers through deceptive practices.
    I'm sure she has good experiences and supportive role for the customers once she hooks them deceptively. It's not a level playing field she creates with other Realtors and the industry.
    NOTE: The rules of Zillow, Redfin, etc. require up to date postings and disclosure, however, she utilizes Craigslist for her purposes becaus she can run out of date listings, postings and advertisements to gain you as customer and client.
    I am not a realtor, I found this out with the same homes interested and others sought that had current and up to date information on Redfin and
    Hope she gets banned from Craigslist and the Board of Realtors and RE/MAX address her issues of ethics and deception with the information (facts) I provided them.

  • I hired Re/Max to sell my home. From the moment the agent walked through my front door, I was lied to. My home has been on the market for 3 months and they have not showed it once. I can sit in my living room every day and watch people pull in my driveway and write down the number. When I talk to my agent, and he never calls me, he tells me that no one has asked about it. I know that is a lie because I have talked to some of the people who were interested. When you call the phone number you get a message that says, "this is so and so and shoot me a message. It never says that this is so and so with Re/Max. My agent also told me that they do not return phone calls. I signed a 6 months contract because he told me that no Realty Co. does 3 month contacts any more. I want to know how to get out of this contract an get out now. I am widowed and need to move closer to my family because of health reasons. I told him this when he came to my home. He told me to start getting rid of what I was not taking with me. I am now nearly out of furniture and my home is still not sold. I am going to call Corporate Office and see what I can do.They have a lousy company and even more lousy agents..I am turning all my papers over to my lawyer and have him handle it. I am 72 years old, no children and am not able to handle this. By the way, I am in Kentucky.

  • Remax South Pittsburgh Pa is unbelievable unfair. Dick Charles is the owner and is the worst agent to deal with.
    Scanlon Pittsburgh

  • horrible experience , just had my agent contact the buyers agent with a counter offer that I NEVER agreed to. this agent has bullied me all weekend, texts in early hours on a sunday morning.. deadlines imposed on me.. and now this. is this even legal? if it is legal it certainly is not ethical.

  • well…that's just great…started working with a re max agent in St. Louis, MO-am out of state-for the sale of two properties, but after seeing all these awful reviews and definitely NOT liking where this agent is going, am NOT a happy camper and will most likely be calling a lawyer next…this agent wants to sell to an investor for 30% below appraised value…WHAT???!!! excuse me??? Mary K., if you see this, it means YOU….

  • Having a problem with one of the realtors representing Remax here in New York. Hoping to resolve within your company if possible. Unethical behavior is not acceptable to me when conducting business. Can you have someone of authority contact me?

  • My husband and I have actually elected to pull our house off the market and wait 6 months to list with someone else vs. giving REMAX Puyallup, WA a dime of our money. We had to remove our first agent when we found out he was willfully withholding counter offers from us to the potential buyer. His boss, the owner of the office got involved, but did nothing to facilitate the sale of our home because she wasn't getting any commission on it (the original guy was). The only reason a deal was even negotiated was because I reached out to the buyers agent, unfortunately, by that time, the house we wanted to buy had already sold. The "owner" was always 2 steps behind…she called us last night telling us things we knew 3 days ago! And the first agent had the nerve to tell us that Veteran's United, who we were being funded by, was "a joke" and that we should drop them and go with his guy instead. Being that my husband and I are both veteran's, that didn't go over too well with us. I feel like this was doomed from the start. The first guy doesn't want a sale to go through because it makes him look like an ass (he didn't want to give the buyer the counter-offer because he didn't think he could afford it….well guess what, genius….when the buyer finally did get the counter-offer, he accepted it right away!!). I wouldn't trust this office with the biggest purchase of your life. I have no confidence that this office can complete a transaction efficiently, and frankly, I'd be surprised if they could tie their own shoes in the morning!!!

  • We just bought our first home this past week in NJ. Weichert was our realtor and REMAX was the seller's agent. Matt Erny of Hackettstown NJ was the REMAX agent. He is one of the most unprofessional, discourteous and downright rude people I have ever met. Negotiations were terrible and he cursed out my agent multiple times at the negotiating table. I will be contacting the NJ REMAX headquarters to file a complaint. Absolutely uncalled for and a disgrace to the REMAX agency. Truly unprofessional to say the least

  • We've had many real estate dealing through the years and as a rule they have gone very smoothly. Not so with our most recent dealings with the ReMax office in Punta Gorda, FL. Our home sold within days but only because we were lied to by our agent and received no representation. We had a cash offer and were told our buyer would pay all costs at closing so we accepted an offer well below the listing price, only to find out at closing that the buyer wasn't paying all costs, taking another $2000.00 out of our funds, after we had already taken the lower offer. Which left us with a decision to make. Our buyer was coming from out of state and already had their belongings ready to move in the next day so we could either close to help them out or refuse to close and perhaps loose the sale. We chose to close and settle the differences later. Our realtor threw a fit when he was confronted with his lie, he stormed out of the closing leaving us with no representation at all. He had gone to great lengths to make sure we didn't see the closing statement before we got to closing. When we have tried to resolve this with the owner of the business after closing she has been even more rude and less interested than our agent was. I would hope that no one would list with the ReMax in Punta Gorda, FL This will end up costing us legal fees but we cannot let it just drop.

    • Same thing happened to my home. Is this something that Re Max trains their agents to do? I am now $2500 in the hole due to incorrect calculations that my agent had assured me should have "broke even". I would have never sold my house for the price I did, if, I had been notified I would have to pay in $2500! Very unhappy with Re Max, Wausau, WI.

  • One of RE/Max agent was rude and insulted the actual buyer, and lied and misguided for closing. I wouldn't trust them.

  • Fauetteville nc remax is terrible..and screws u out of ur security deposit.. then doesn't send u copies of anything which they by law are supposed to.. so now we r going to have to persue a lawsuit.

  • I have had THE worst experience with the Remax realtor shop in Bloomingdale, IL.
    1. First rental showing revealed a single home in Hoffman Estates that smelled badly.
    2. Second showing revealed a home in Schaumburg that had an infestation of cockroaches and "multiple chewings on the drywall in the garage" Rats??
    3. Our realtor asked for copies of our credit reports and lost them during FAX submittal.
    4. Our realtor then asked me to get a copy of my credit score back at my home and leave the master copy off with her partner and he jumped ship and the door to the Remax shop was locked. Poor play. She THEN asked me to drop the copy in the mail slot.
    5. The next rental revealed a townhome without a dishwasher, place was filthy and the fine print on the home brochure showed a 2 mos security deposit? She said "Oh, didn't know that."

    Remax has got major problems and I have run out of time renting a home/townhome.

  • I have recently had a very bad experience with Advantage Remax Realy. The owner? says she will do this and that for you. All lies. Beware this agency in Spring Hill, Fl. I cannot even get their sign and lock box off our home. No showings or open houses in the first two months and now a big fight to cancel. This prson is rude and dishonest.

  • Worst company I have ever felt with I am a disabled a disabled veteran we had a home on contract with money down and financing guaranteed. They stripped us of the home one the last day because the realtor actually didn't keep it under contract like she said she did. So we lost our money. The broker Julius is a complete assenin smartass. He believes non of his people do anything wrong but after researching the realtor had actually let out the appraised price and our purchase price and suddenly someone else was interested in it for 25,000 more. So we lose our money while the company makes more and leaves me homeless. DO NOT BUY FROM REMAX THEY ARE CROOKED AS A DOGS LEG

    • Yes and the same with the agencies in Middlesex county Realtors in N.J.
      They are rude and will waltz even a buyer around.They feel they are right and can't ask them questions, you never hear from them again.Hmmmmm? Wonder why?

    • have several matters that I need to notify your office of yesterday or the day before yesterday actually I was not in my
      home and my son was I guess he was evicted from my home for which I am an owner and a secured party creditor on
      property I speak of is 2460 Mesquite Lane in Corona California 92882 I want to report that Mr Andres Cortez has been
      very very aggressive he has harassed me continuously at work forced me under stress to sign a blank document for
      which was the deed transfer to my ex-husband's home, he evicted my son without me being present my 16 year old son
      when I arrived at my home Mr Andres Cortez was changing the locks to my home without any permission without any
      officers present I did make a threat I did say I practice 2nd amendment which was how I got him to back off during the
      course of the time that he was waiting for the sheriffs he called the local police department and reported me as a
      trespasser on my own property I do hold the deed and I do not feel that it was appropriate for him to even communicate
      with my 16 year old son I think that his actions are perverse unethical and I do not wish to associate or contact this man
      for me to get my belongings from my house so something needs to change now because I have no clothes I have no ID I
      have no money I have absolutely nothing because this man has somehow managed to block me from my house because
      he is a good friend of my ex husband Robert l Carlos.
      To make matters worse Mr Andres Cortez has also submitted fraudulent documents to the courts submitted fraudulent
      affidavits fraudulent statements fraudulent information he has also written up two separate disclosures for sale one
      which has a amount of $400,000 for my home which is the copy I received and now that I look at it the one for the courts
      that was submitted was for 600 and something thousand I can't recall right now but I want to know how he can get away
      with this how is it possible that I am a trespasser on my own property for which I have already secured payment to my exhusband
      I was supposed to be in Germany and I had a stroke and that's the only reason why I'm here I believe that they
      found a window of opportunity to take over the property during my absence unknowingly that I was still here in the US of a
      I need to get into my home my animals are going to die my dog was tased my son was arrested and I was tackled and
      arrested and thrown into booking and then I was released I had to walk home just to come to a home that I'm not allowed
      to enter
      I don't know where they get off evicting me when I am not in tenant and if I am a tenant please show me the contract and
      if I am late on any kind of rent show me the contract I am an owner I did secure payment to my ex-husband and this is
      unethical of your office I need somebody to do something now I have no money I have nothing I'm like a bum in the street
      I will have a restraining order issued if you can not remedy this immediately. My animals are missing my cat probably got
      eaten by a coyote and my dog is 600 to get from pound and this man is a menace and has been committing fraudulent
      I always felt your REMAx brand a great brand. Until now, this is the worst thing to happen to anyone person.

  • After I had an accident in which I broke my neck, I had Remax list my house as a "short sale" because I couldn't continue to make mortgage payments. I was referred to an agent who supposedly had "short sale" experience. The agent listed my house but to my surprise, she never completed the short sale procedure with my mortgage company. And now my house is going into foreclosure because of the time span. The agent came by a few days ago and picked up the for sale sign and lock box without any notification.
    I'm wondering if I have grounds for lawsuit because she did not fulfill her obligation and breached the contract. Anyone know ?

  • remax worst co. to buss. with..they misrepresent you.they have no communication with you on selling or buying..just want to contract your listing and walk fact all my sales some 5 homes they never once where the seller on my listing..always a diff realator brought buyer..

  • Remax 100 in st augustine, fl. The agent Ron Brown is a complete MORON!! These guys cut and pasted my signature on a one year lease extention when I specifically sent in an extention for 6 months because I'm building a house and will be moving when it's complete. I found out about it when I was served court papers for nonpayment of rent. We have had problems with the AC unit, which they refused to fix. When my husband found a way around the problem, they said that we had damaged the property and sent us a 7 day eveiction notice. They then tried to cash my rent check, which I had put a stop payment on so I could use that money to move thinking that I only had 7 days to do (it was all the money I had at the time and I don't use credit cards). I will be fighting the eviction and then will get a lawyer to find out what I can do about the unethical way that these folks do business. I can't believe that they would use my signture from last years lease extention to forge my signture on this years extention. I intend to point this out to the judge as NO ONE ever signs their name the same way, in the same place everytime. Not to mention that I had scanned the document and e-mailed it to him so I can prove that I didn't sign the form they currently filed with the courts. Do NOT get in bed with these folks, they are sneaky and devious.

  • REMAX OF CENTRAL MARIN, SAN RAFAEL, CALIFORNIA- Ms. Yamamoto and her daughter Kathy listed and sold our home in Marin
    County. they were awful. they had no expertise or knowledge of legal intricacies or finance, especially in the short sale department and called OUR lawyer constantly for advice until we told him NOT to bill us for her education. Mary Kay and Kathy, as soon as we had an offer, immediately became the advocate of the buyer, telling us to agree to items and demands for the buyer no matter our wished. They were only interested in their sale and commission and making sure the sale proceeded – by pleasing the buyer. It was a constant unpleasant struggle with rude and uneducated women.

  • I am about to file breach of professional ethics against two agencies in Delaware for outrageous practices regarding a commercial property we have under contract. The selling agency has not fulfilled their obligations under our preoccupancy agreement. A second agent called and asked me to send a synopsis of our plans, under the pretense of being an 80 year old woman with romantic memories of our beach, wanting to set up a meeting with our senators to discuss funding. She slipped and gave me her office email. The following week the property was condemned and it has taken three weeks to obtain a list of violations. The selling agent refuses to take calls from us or the seller. I've had to seek assistance from the governor as well as county commissioners, as we were told it would take four months to schedule land use approval of our oregano

  • ReMax agent in Austin/Roundrock back stabbed me and spent $500 at my cost then blamed everything on me. Do not ever deal with ReMax, they are always on the sellers side only!!

  • Beware of Remax Masters (Perrysburg)
    If you are trying to buy a home, beware of Remax Masters of Perrysburg. They have hired a new agent named Cynthia Epstien who is a total MORON! We had the unfortunate experience of having her as our agent while we were trying to purchase a HUD home as a investment property. She shows up to show us the home dressed like a washed up stripper. After showing us the property, we contacted her the next day to put in a bid. She proceeds to misspell my wife's name on the bid (even though it was clearly spelled out in the paperwork), and doesn't use my wife's Soc Sec #, but some sort of pin #. The bid is accepted by HUD, and the wife goes in to fill out the follow up paperwork. Her name is again filled out wrong, so they tell her to just scratch it out, correct it and initial. They now use her Soc sec # intsead of the pin # they used the 1st time. Thing don't match now, so HUD flags the bid, and gives Cynthia a time frame to have us correct it. Cynthia doesn't get ahold of us until it's too late, and the bid becomes null and void. The process has to start all over again and this time we are outbid and lose the chance to purchase the home that we already had an agreement to buy. Jon Modene (Cynthia's Boss) admitted "it was my fault", but that and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee! The opportunity is gone. We are now exploring our options of legal recourse against Remax Masters. So in conclusion, get another Realtor to represent you, or you may have the same experience we had to go through. It was 3 weeks of agonizing over wether we would get the property we already knew we had.

  • i bought a house from remax with the under standing that it had a functinal water tap and meter aslong as well water but when i payed to have the water line dug and hooked to the house the locol water company told me that my tap was consiterd dead becouse the previousowner didnt pay the min meter fees for the tap and that the owner was well aware of this before selling. when i contacted my remax agent about a possible reinbursment he was happy to help or so he said and also never heard from agin despite my maney calls

  • I heard about ReMax bullying small companies because ReMax thinks they have a right to be the only company that can have Red, White, and Blue signs. No body likes a bully. I've bought 14 properties in the past 3 years. Im not going to buy any thing else that is connected to ReMax. Play nice, or get off the playground.

    • i totally agree! i will never ever do business with Remax again! i will deter all my friends from doing business with them as well! totally the most unprofessional business i have ever dealt with! Stay far far away!!

    • I agree……their agents bully and treat customers as if the customer is stupid and they know all – when in reality they are usually uneducated and aggressive ugly thinking only about the commission.

    • Yesterday I found out that my "lovely" Remax office screwed me royally. I paid my rent online and received a confirmation number. Then I got a confirmation email of payment made and received. Their online site said I owed 0 and on another page it showed where they received payment on Feb 2nd. Now I found out that was all B.S. They did NOT run my payment when I thought I paid it, they held onto it making me think I was a bit better off this month so I put much needed tires on my car.. only to find out it bounced now and now I sit with no rent and am getting harassed by my property manager and I had to hang up on him yesterday for an extremely RUDE comment. What am I to do?

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