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Seattle Seahawks Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Seattle Seahawks Corporate Office Headquarters

Football Northwest LLC
11220 North East 53rd Street
Kirkland, Washington 98033-7505 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-425-827-9777
Customer Service Number: 1-888-635-4295

  • I am done with the NFL and the Seahawks.
    My father served (Army), I service twice (USAF/USCG), My son (USMC) and daughter (USAF) currently serve, and my brother-in-law retired (Navy). I also have law enforcement in my family. We bleed Red and Blue.
    I try to help ALL my fellow VET's anytime time I can. I took an Oath and no one has relieved me of that oath. I served with every race, sex, sex choice, religion, shape and size. I followed and led everyone of them in to the bowels of hell. We could not focused on our differences. We saw brothers and sisters that bled RED. I laid my brothers and sisters to rest in a casket draped with the Flag that is being disrespected.
    I do not believe Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream included disrespecting the men and women that defend your right to kneel or even worse, just not show up for the National Anthem.
    My family and I will continue to support and defend this great nation and every person in it regardless of race, religion, or sex. But I will do it always in a respectful manner.
    Good bye Seahawks!
    Seahawks you are a disgrace.

  • I have been a Seahawks fan from the beginning. I am also a veteran of the USAF. I have bought all kinds of Seahawks memorabilia from jerseys to stickers. I have been to games. Never again…. The actions of Michel Benet and the rest of the Seahawks have ruined Pro Football for me forever. My Flag and My Country as in-perfect as it is, is still the best in the world. I would give my life for both. Good by Seahawks Good by NFL.

  • I am a DISABLED VET VIETNAM..I will stop watching or buying any Seahawks Things as long as you don't FIRE those players who DISRESPECT our National Anthem and our flag I almost gave my life for. This gos for all the teams!!!!!

  • Well you just lost another Seahawks fan. I will never watch any Seahawks game. I will not support any team that has disrespect for your flag and our country. They are paid to play football not give me there personal views. I am now a Cowboy fan. Wish you had enough balls to do something about this.

  • To sit during the national anthem is a disgrace to the military who have shed blood for your freedom.Jerry Jones said anyone sitting for the anthem for the Cowboys would be cut,same should go for every team.Grow some Pete Carroll

  • Thank you for another season of NFL Football. Even though we did not go as far as we would have liked, the Seattle Seahawks are a GREAT TEAM with a GREAT ORGANIZATION. Until Next Year, May all of You enjoy a well deserved off season. WE LOVE YOU…………………………………

  • If this protest continues, I have made a decision to not allow my young son's to watch football. This country deserves more respect than this. My husband, who is an avid football fan, agrees, and that says something.

  • Way to go Seattle!! You won a game and lost your standing with your fans and the rest of America.

    Tell Russell Wilson, who I previously admired for his personal lifestyle choices, there was nothing "loving" or "unifying" about this protest. Dr. Martin Luther King himself would have never condoned this display. He loved this country and fought for equal access and sharing of all the wonderful opportunities this magnificent country has to offer for all Americans. He also recognized the importance of securing positive public opinion in advancing any cause. Sadly, the Seahawk organization supported this directionless display today.

    Not too many years ago the Portland Trailblazers thought they could ignore public opinion concerning their determination to retain questionable players, the infamous "Jailblazers". Much to their surprise the public decided not to attend their games until action was taken to remedy the problem. Watch out Seahawks. Watch out NFL. Even the 12th Man has its limits. The power of lost ticket and merchandise sales. Ouch!

  • If you disrespect our flag on 9-11 you should be ashamed of your selves. Please have your players learn some self control and make changes in their own lives before they disrespect the millions of American soldiers who died for their freedom. Did they already forget the hundreds of thousands of soldiers including many former black slaves who died during the civil war just for the hope of freedom? Did they forget the millions of service men who died during WWII including the Tuskegee pilots who fought for the rights of all men against oppression? This country has provided more blood for equality and freedom than any other country in the history of the world…. Honor it or send your millionaires in tights home.

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