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  • Tilly’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Tilly’s Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Tilly’s Corporate Office Headquarters

10 Whatney
Irvine, CA 92618 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-949-609-5599
Customer Service Number: 1-866-484-5597
Email: customerservice@tillys.com

  • If I could give a 0 I would. My daughter and I was shopping at the Towne East Mall in Wichita, KS. After a few minutes of shopping in Tillys we noticed two of the workers following us around. I was looking through the rack that had a 30% clearance sign and I noticed the worker was resting his arms on the rack looking at me. He never said anything or asked if we needed help, so I asked if I could help him or if he needed to help us and he starting stuttering over his words and did not know what to say.

    Due to everything going on in the world, my daughter and I felt discriminated against because we're BLACK. These were two male employees with hair color to point them out. My daughter and I will not return to this store and black Americans be aware they will follow you as well. I would like a return response regarding this as well. My email address is gyrlz20001@yahoo.com.

  • I opened my bank account online to find that a charge from Tully's in Irvine CA. Had been made by using my debit card. When I tried to contact customer service and explain to them that I didn't make the charges but wanted to know if the delivery address that was put in online so I can narrow down who may have stolen my card info, the customer service department drug their feet for thirty minutes to come back and tell me that there was no transaction done using my card, but my bank account shows diffrent. I plan to cancel my card and file a grievance with the BBB and or file a suite for theft against the Corp. Do not shop at this company it is very crooked and dishonest.

  • i just went to interview at tillys today and i don't believe i had a fair chance. im a male who was interviewed against 2 other females, and when they came around to ask us to pair up clothing for a key item they handed out to us, i got a very long skirt, while the other girls got other female clothing. was i supposed to know how girls dress themselves? because as a male, i sure as hell don't. if the would of given me actual male clothing, i may have had a chance to get the job. instead i had to watch as the other girls were basically hired on the spot in front of me while the store manager gave me the usual "go around" of "hopefully you'll get something in your e-mail if we want to proceed with the hiring process." long story short – the deck was stacked against me. and i really needed this job.

  • I made a purchase on their website for a jacket, I didn't like it, so I returned it and paid the postage to send back. They received the item on the 12/16/16 via FedEx. I called and was informed that my refund was processing and should be in my account from 5-8 business days, which is not indicated anywhere on the website. It has now been 10 business days and I called back and was told for some reason my order wasn't processed and now it has been as of the 12/28/16. Now, it should be 5-8 business days. Transferred to a lead Gabby who LIED to me to get me off the phone, giving me some BS excuse that it is my bank that needs to process it. So now, my refund probably won't hit my account until 1/6/17!! I need this money for my family, this has been the WORST experience ever with Tilly's, I would have just returned it to a store and saved myself the hassle of dealing with associates LYING to me. I will NEVER shop at Tilly's again because of this.

  • Went to the Tilly's at Park Meadows mall in Colorado. At checkout, the employees were free, but were standing around and talking. I came up and I asked "so, where should I go?" since there was an employee in the way and she said "are you ready?" (of course I was ready since I was waiting in line). I felt as if she got offended by my "tone" and looked at me completely bothered and snatched the hanger in my hand, pitching my finger, which actually hurt pretty bad. She never greeted me or told me to have a nice day. I asked for her name and confronted her about the situation, but she never apologized, instead, she scoffed, and gave the impression that she didn't care whatsoever. She was the manager; her name is Bethany M. I just thought it was the most disrespectful customer service I've ever experienced in my life! I did nothing in my defense for her to act that way. I feel as if this needs to be reported to her attention, especially if she's the manager.

  • I went into the Rancho Cucamonga Location on 12-23-15 purchased a sweater on their online in the store. The girl there told me I had to use a card to hold to order the sweater so I gave her my debit she ran my card and said it said error not declined but error so suggested I purchase a gift card for the amount of the sweater so I did for 47.51 and paid cash for it. the next day my bank notified me that I was charged twice for the sweater. I called the store they gave me corporates number and I emailed them still nothing. I just want my money back or another sweater in small. SO over this place.

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