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Zumiez Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I was in the Aurora, Colorado store yesterday-11/19/2017 to buy my son a pair of shoes for his birthday. I could not stay in the store long enough to purchase the shoes, however, because the music they were blasting was so offense and inappropriate! "F*#K" and "Ni##@r" were the two most prominent words! There were several families shopping and they left as well. This type of music is illegal on the radio but was blasting throughout the store for everyone, including children to hear. I will never shop at another Zumiez!

  2. I was in the Durango colo store Today. Employees act like they are on crack. Rude and the store was a mess. I will never go back to Zumiez. I used to shop there all the time but the old manger is gone and the store went down the tubes.

  3. zumies in columbia mall, I am a security officer, The new manager sleep in back of the store after the mall closed. Can not do that. This store location columbia md.21044.

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