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UDR Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact UDR Corporate Office Headquarters

UDR, Inc.

1745 Shea Center Dr. Suite 200
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-720-283-6120
Fax Number: 1-720-283-2451
Customer Service Number: 1-720-283-6120

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  1. Reside at Rodgers Forge Apt in Baltimore MD. 209 Apt T1 electricity went out at 300pm Tuesday 4/18. BGE electricity checked and said the power is on and had no interruptions from their side. Roger's Forge maintenance came out and checked breaker and could not find a problem. There is an issue. Meanwhile we are living with NO electricity. Please help.

  2. In South Orange County – they DO NOT care about Tenants AT ALL – they do not take care of ANYTHING – empty promises – empty everything – a total nightmare to deal with – totally unreal – totally unprofessional – these people, in my experience are evil to the core, the turnover is insane – both management and onsite workers – they promise one thing and give you another – bait and switch – constantly – how sad

  3. DO NOT EVER RENT AN APARTMENT FROM THIS COMPANY. You will absolutely never get your deposit back and on top of that they will charge you ludicrous amounts for "carpet replacement" and other stuff that wasn't damaged. I didn't believe all the reports of negative interactions when I moved into the apartments in Tualatin, OR, but now I definitely do. Even after providing proof that the carpet was completely fine when I left and that there is a huge mold issue from a leaking roof, they are still determined to charge me almost $2.000 for carpet replacement and repainting. They only care about grabbing a s much cash as they can from each and every tenant. PLEASE LISTEN TO ALL THESE COMPLAINTS. DO NOT RENT FROM UDR.

  4. Resident at Los Altos Way, Altamonte Springs – FL. Open a ticket to repair my Washer Machine on Oct 03rd. Today is Oct 14th and nothing yet. For real ??? They don't have a spare one. Over 200 apt and they don't have a spare one ?!?!? Need to other a new one. They did. and now only one maintenance guy on duty for the last 3 days and need to have 2 two to do the job. I offer my help, due to my need to have clean clothes, and they denied me. You must wait for the maintenance Team do it. That is freaking ridiculous!

  5. Hi!

    If it is anybody interested to start a legal action in Texas, please let me know. The woman from the billing department is despicable, rude and unprofessional! She refused to take my payment via phone, instead she emailed me that she reported me to the collection agency… for a one week delay of a balance. The delay was caused because they accept payments just by phone and they were extremely difficult to reach… Unbelievable!!!

  6. I previously resided at Sullivan Place several years ago. Upon moving out of this establishment, my roommate and I were sent a notification that an additional fee of $755 was owed due to a carpet being "destroyed."
    Not knowing anything in regards to this and believing it to be a mistake, my roommate and I had both attempted to call the property manager to rectify the error. Every time we had called, we were told that the manager was "unavailable." We asked for their email and to leave a message. Between the two of us, we had left about 10-15 messages and emails inquiring about the mysterious carpet fee. We never heard back from anyone. Ever.
    Since no resolution seemed to come from contacting the employees personally, we decided to complete a formal dispute with the credit bureau. When we had moved out of our apartment, there was no "walk through" completed by a staff member (which we were told would happen,) and this fee we were being asked to pay was completely fabricated. We even sent photos to the email that was provided to us of our apartment on moving day, as well as the form which listed as all damages, to which there was only the normal "wear and tear" of living in an apartment for 2 years.
    Per the "housing landlord and tenant laws" there is no reason for us to be charged a fee of any amount, to which the rental property cannot provide proof on the claimed "destruction of property." We were never given proof, let alone spoken to by a single person at Sullivan Place is regards to their claim.
    It has come to my attention that this matter has still not been rectified, and that a collection fee is still requested from said incident.
    If I do not hear back from a representative of UDR, then my roommate and I will continue to seek out additional legal council on how to proceed with the matter.
    I would like to thank you again for your assistance.

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