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  • 4 Wheel Parts Corporate Office Headquarters

4 Wheel Parts Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact 4 Wheel Parts Corporate Office Headquarters

400 W. Artesia Blvd.
Compton, California 90220 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-310-900-5500
Customer Service Number: 1-877-474-4821


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  1. Terrible customer service… don’t refund the proper amount and they charge you but don’t know when your order will arrive.

  2. 4 Wheel Parts is The worst! Don't shop these stores until they hire compete employees and learn how to treat their customers with respect and dignity.

  3. 12-28-2020 My husband and I came into the (Mesa, AZ) store to purchase new shocks for his Jeep and a new exhaust system for my Dodge truck. We PAID IN FULL. Mr. Farrell stated that the shocks for the Jeep would be in the following day or the next at latest which would be make that January 30th. We were told we could get them installed on 1/2. We heard nothing about the shocks that were supposed to be in on 1/30, so my husband called on 1/2/21 at 9:30 am to inquire about them. He was told that they were not in yet and someone would call him when they were. He also inquired about the order status of my exhaust and was told there was no information on it at this time except that order was placed. We heard nothing about the shocks, so Tomas called again on 1/7 to inquire about status. He was told they would investigate it and call him back shortly. On 1/8 they called and said that the shocks were still not in. I called the shop on 1/8 and I'm told “the shocks have been here for a long time”. He says that for some reason there is 2 accounts on file so previous employees were looking at the wrong account. I inquired about my exhaust and was told it was on B/O and so they would probably get it around 1/18/21. Again, NOT ONCE did anyone call me to say that the exhaust was on B/O. I did set up an appt for 1/11 to have the shocks installed. I was told to have it there no later than 9:00 am. On 1/11 we showed up at 8:30am we were the very first customer. Once again Tomas was told he would get a call when the Jeep was done. We heard NOTHING all day, so he calls at 3:46 pm to inquire about it and was told that it had just been put on the lift!! It was dropped of at 9:00 am, the Jeep is just now being worked on at 3:45 pm? He gets a call at 5:22 pm to say it is ready and “remember we close at 6:00 pm”. We had to rush to get there at 5:58 pm. On 1/20 husband gets a call that the exhaust for my truck is in. An appt is made for 1/30 at 1:00 pm to have it installed. I have my truck to 4 Wheel Parts at 12:14 pm.(So, 45 minutes early) When I go to check in, I am greeted by Mr. Bobby Farrell. I tell him I am here to drop of the truck for its exhaust install. He fiddles around on the computer for a little bit and then says, “Do you mean you are here to pick it up?” I said no, you guys made us an appt on 1/20 for 1:00 pm for the install. He says he will give me a call when it is ready to go. NOT ONCE did he inform me that they close at 3:00 pm that day. I would have NEVER left if I knew they were closing at 3:00 pm. So, we leave, waiting for a call. Mr. Farrell calls at 3:06 pm (very first call and remember the shop closed at 3:00 pm without my knowledge) and leaves me a message saying my truck is done and that they closed at 3:00 pm so I need to get down there right away! He calls my husband at 3:08 pm and tells him the same thing. My husband explains that it will take 25-30 minutes to get there (we live 25 miles away) and Mr. Farrell tells him “we can’t wait that long; you can just pick it up on Monday!” So, he lets me know this and I IMMEDIATELY try to call THREE times and it goes straight to a message saying we are closed and there is no option to leave a voicemail. I even tried calling the corporate office to no avail.So now my vehicle is being held hostage until Monday. This location is not in a good part of town, the crime rate is high. To hold my vehicle is wrong on so many levels. My husband (police officer) and myself (24/7 animal emergency medicine) are busy people. Mondays are my only day off to get medical appointments done. Every time we bring a vehicle to 4 Wheel Parts it requires both of us to be involved since the vehicle must be D/O which is 100 miles round trip. I have never seen a business so disorganized and chaotic. Nobody has a clue what is going on and no one takes responsibility for ANYTHING. I also cannot help but wonder, have we been discriminated against because of my husband’s profession and myself being female? I hope to God that is not the case but the treatment we have received is despicable.

  4. I must say ,your Redondo beach location is the worst ever service .you have useless technicians who take over 5hours to install 4tires .nothing special and they are sure not busy in the tire department..By far the sorriest management and useless technicians.Never again will I deal with 4wheel parts .I will take my chances thru summit and jegs from now on for anything off road . LAZY ASS TECHNICIANS takes 1hour and 20minutes to change a tire .POS

  5. I have been going to 4 Wheel Parts in Las Vegas since 2005, They aligned my 2004 Avalanche about a year ago. Something was loose so I asked them to find what was loose, tighten it and align the truck. I installed a new track bar and put new tires on it. When I came back, no work was performed and I was handed a $1,500.00 quote for new ball joints, pitman arm, idler arm, tie rod ends and new bushings in the rear. Mind you, all these parts were a little over a year old, greased every six months. Took my truck to another shop, they inspected it, found loose bolts at the upper control arms and said everything else was fine and did not need replacing. Mind you, 4 wheel parts did the alignment a little over a year ago and now bolts are loose. Took my truck to another shop for the alignment and they inspected it, said everything was good, slight wear in the steering box. Took my truck back to 4 wheel parts because they were going to warranty a bad front axle they installed and ended up charging me 100.00 labor and the manager said he inspected my truck and there was wear. By the way, they are so incompetent, their mechanic's don't even know the proper ft lbs torque for a wheel hub axle nut, they are putting 140 ft lb when it requires 177 ft lb. I had to show them the specs and make them put the proper torque on before I drove away. I wonder how many people come back with bad wheel hubs and they get them for a new one. Two shops say my truck is good, they say I need parts. 4 WHEEL PARTS USED TO BE GOOD TO ME, NOW THEY ARE ANOTHER RIP OFF SHYSTER SHOP, I WILL NEVER SPEND ANOTHER DOLLAR IN THAT PLACE, THEY TRIED TO RIP ME OFF AND THE MANAGER WAS PART OF THE SCAM !! I am reporting them to the consumer protection agency and I have an appointment with channel 13 news here. THESE GUYS STINK !!!

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