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  1. Our company changed their EIN at the beginning of December and we submitted a request to update our Workforce Now platform. At that time, they stated it would be end of February before having a functioning payroll platform which is unbelievable. NOW, they are telling us it will be April before our platform will be functioning. I am baffled as to how it takes FOUR months to set up a payroll platform……for an existing client.

  2. The Vegas office is worthless. NO customer service what so ever. Just sent my third email requesting to speak with someone above our current HR person and she refuses to reply.



    I am a small company of fifty employees and after nothing but frustration with their payroll service and management of our 401k Plan I decide to switch. They offer no help and are horrible to deal with,

    They were also miserable to deal with when I tried to roll over retirement assets from their plan to an IRA. They lost a $100,000 check of mine. Awful.

  4. This company has the WORST customer service I have ever experienced. I do not recommend them to any business thinking of signing up for there services.

  5. It has been a year and three months and ADP has not responded to me regarding an HSA that we are having. I have spoke with nine different representatives from ADP and no one will help. Another rep tells me my case has been closed, which doesn't make since if the issue was never resolved. Even the Client Services Manager will not help. Her response is "someone with ADP will give you a call. I have put in an email through their support system in payroll and still no response. CASE NO. 44473427

  6. How, oh how, has this inept company survived for so long? We have four companies for which we have used ADP to process payroll and the various difficulties we've had with them over the past few years have been too many to recount here. But then we ran into a problem where our bank would not honor our overdraft agreement with them on select occasions, causing our payroll tax EFTs to reject, and they threaten us with putting up a $6K cash bond. I explained we're in our offseason and can not do this but would not do it even if we could. It wound up happening 3 times, and the amount in question was $84.06. So now they give us an ultimatum to put up the bond or agree to a permanent wire transfer arrangement, neither of which we are willing to do. Our business has been worth well over $100K to these geniuses over the past 5 years but they are willing to punt it all over $84. I could see it if there was a threshold, some amount well above $84, but they have no flexibility on this. They are complete fools. Ultimate case of someone cutting off their nose to spite their face.
    SMH in disbelief and extremely steamed from dealing with this complete imbeciles.

    James C. Taylor, CPA

  7. Dear ADP,
    I am a busy business owner whom has hired ADP in January. From January to present there has been NUMEROUS mistakes made by ADP which all involve
    un-authorized withdrawals from my Business payroll account. I AM FURIOUS!!! This continuously going on. Each and every time it was an ADP error!!! I am firing ADP and will never return again. And to my colleagues thank you for firing ADP as well as we all need to stick together since it is US whom have created our businesses and worked hard to get to where we are today

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