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Medical Management International, Inc.
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Customer Service Number; 1-866-894-7927
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  • I have been trying to call Banfield in Morehead City, NC, for two hours. My dog is sick and I want to take her in tomorrow. No one ever answers the damn phone there. I'm very disappointed in this clinic. The vets are great. The staff leaves much to be desired, especially the desk staff.

  • Good Evening just to get started with a comment and more to follow I WAS a customer of your establishment up until what I witnessed today Sunday June 7, 2020 around 1:30 pm in the parking lot of Banfield Pet Hospital 3665 Marketplace Blvd. East Point Ga. 30344. I am disturbed and concerned about this situation and I feel that not just a comment will suffice. I witnessed not a random individual but an employee handling her pet in the back seat of a car with the most unnecessary aggression I could ever imagine anyone would subject to a no more that 5 pound canine no matter what the reason might have been it was graphic and went on without and remorse for the public and witnesses of this abuse. When I preceded to my vehicle from the store I could hear and see the dog and its owner only a few feet away from my car and as I looked over the small dog was in the back seat of the car barking loudly and uncontrollably that another customer stopped to observe also and what we observed was this female take the leash of her pet and strike it several times with contact based on the screeches coming from within the car of this individual, to add to the disturbance she proceeded to curse towards the on lookers and gesture as to why we were looking and then she speeds off in her black car while still wearing her pink scrub uniform and Banfield name tag. After the this incident it did not sit well with me knowing an employee of your company was comfortably wit this act of abuse towards pets that she works with everyday, so I went back into the Pets Mart to the back of the store where Banfield Pet Hospital is located and asked the receptionist if this behavior was tolerated at this establishment, and her response was shocking, she let me know that, that was that employee pet, he is aggressive, and unfortunately that is how she handles her dog and my follow up question was so you are saying because the dog is aggressive and belongs to her it is okay for this to happen? and her response was we wouldn't treat a customers pet that way. This left me even more uneasy about the whole operation of their thinking. No pet should be mistreated no matter who it belongs to. If there is anything else I can provide wile this investigation is being pursued let me know and if there are any cameras in this parking lot please review them or the police will. Thanks in Advance
    Store Number phone: 404-349-0705 fax: 404-349-8320

  • Your facility in Stroudsburg Pa is an embarrassment. I will be canceling my plan immediately and advise all others to do the same. My dog is having epileptic seizures because these unprofessional individuals did not provide proper follow up instructions. Additionally, your rep there hung up on me today. Don't waste your time here.

  • I reside in NC with three dogs having Banfield's insurance. One of the dogs attacked my daughter injuring her eye so we had to let her go. We paid about $600 on plans for the two dogs we adopted since we had no problems with insuring our first dog at Banfield. When informed this place about the removal of the animal. I was told there was nothing they could do to remove the dog from the policy so we wouldn't be charged insurance for a pet no longer with us. This company explained that they had no way in their system to remove the third dog from the plan. I asked if we could change the policy to accommodate just the two dogs because we had proof that we had the third dog taken out of the home. Banfield stated their business doesn't have the capability to change policies, I said you expect me to pay on an insurance policy for a dog I no longer own? Basically after the run around on the phone I realized I wasn't going to get anywhere with them so I told them I'm not paying for a dog I don't have so they wouldn't see any of my dogs. I paid my first dog's policy in full so now I'm furious because my animals need care and couldn't receive it. I told Banfield to go ahead and send my account to collections since I didn't get the respect nor service that I paid for. Do not bring your pets to this place.

  • On November 25, 2016 our puppy was sick, lethargic, we immediately took him to Benfield Hospital. Our puppy was there for 6 hours and seen by Dr. Zackarias Gardenfors whom diagnosed our puppy with needing a liver shunt. He also said that our puppy needed an ultrasound and would need a stool softener. We purchased a wellness plan for 2 of our puppies, the stool softener and left. We paid a total of $200.00 cash. We drove 2 exits away and our puppy was passing out, we took him to a pet emergency and he immediately had more blood tests and the liver issue was ruled out. Our puppy had IMHA and needed an immediate blood transfusion. If left in the hands of Banfield our puppy would have died!! The manager never returned any of our calls. A director named Diane never called us back. Horrible business practices and management.

  • OMG, while my experience is nowhere near that terrible, this "banning" of customers happened to me too! My argument was about a simple bag of dry dog food, yet if I don't now "apologize" for my "behavior" they're going to refuse me service as well. I complained about their poor customer service so now I'm banned. Give me a break.

  • Absolutely. There is no effort on their part to try and make things work. I had a problem over dog food…same answer over and over "we're not getting the fax". Could my vet e-mail them the script? No. Since the script was already on file, but expired, could they call the vet and take the refill on the phone? No. Is there someone in with a little more authority to talk to? Nope. No, no, no. In today's age of internet, they can't scan and send the script over? No. All this over a bag of dry dog food? Give me a break.

  • I have seen nothing but negative comments about Banfield Animal Hospital across multiple comment pages, so I hold little hope for a response to mine, but here we go: I had a problem over the weekend simply trying to get some prescription dry dog food from Banfield in Latham NY. Trying to keep this short, we were going back and forth over the prescription. By the 5th call, I expressed my frustration over their lack of customer service and ANY attempt to consider alternatives as a solution. Apparently that conversation (no swearing or yelling) made the girl at the desk cry and she was unable to work for 30 minutes. So when my BF showed up to get the food, this "Dr Hoffman" pulled him into a private room and berated him for MY behavior, threatened to decline the script. Yes, that would be my 63 year old BF, former Marine, who served in Vietnam. Not to be outdone, "Dr Hoffman" then called me the next morning at 11 am on a Sunday, and berated me for my behavior and again stated that they would no longer provide service to me. In the 30+ years I've been involved in Customer Service, NEVER have I called a customer back to chastise them and especially never over a situation that evolved based on such a lack of service to begin with. Dr Hoffman violated my privacy by choosing to discuss me personally with a man whom he had never met before, he exhibited misogynistic tendencies by assuming I was Doug's "wife" and Doug should have some control over me, and harassed me by calling me at off business hours on a Sunday morning. My heart breaks when I read the stories of poor services that resulted in animals' sufferings and death while I'm only complaining about a bag of dog food, I know. However, Dr Hoffman also said the call was recorded so take this as my formal demand for a transcript of that recording, along with the other 4 conversations I had prior to the last one. As for Banfield, I wouldn't take my dog there if he was already dead. They are just awful and no one at the Corporate Level seems interested in fixing the problem.

  • Stop sending me literature to come in with my dog to see you. I will never step foot in your place again. This all began when I had my last dog which passed away four years ago. I called Banfield to see if such a senior dog needed booster shots. Three calls later I got fed up with no return call and went in to ask that question. the vet said no and they charged me an office visit for "their expertise". Had you returned my call, I wouldn't have had to come in. You lost out. Dixie got very sick after that and I spend $8K total for the next 7 years on her but not at Banfield. Well several years later I received a reminder from you and that's when I told you NEVER. The office called and agreed it was unfair to bill me and said if I brought my new dog in it would be a free checkup. I hesitated but agreed after my dog had a pain in her paw which I thought was a hang nail. I phoned first, they checked the records and said yes of course this will be a free check up. After waiting one hour, the vet said they can not give me a free check up unless I pay for a plan or she will need xrays of $175. I was willing to pay anything extra over the checkup visit but did not think she needed xrays for a hang nail. I left in disgust. After all this, you went back on your word.Two times being mistreated is enough. I went into a vet office I had never been before at 5:30 pm. she took me removed the nail and charged me $40 and that's where I go now. I will NEVER GO TO bANFIELD AGAIN. tWO EXPERIENCES LIKE THIS IS ENOUGH. I have also told my friends of my experience and I am happy that they didn't go to Banfield with their new puppies, five of them I might add. You should change your policy and not deceive people they way you did to me. Stop sending me mail.

  • Very unhappy with customer service! We have had their care plan for our last 3 dogs. I was charged for a product that they do not have. After 45 minutes I was told that they did not know how to do a refund and she won't be in for 3 days. I asked for them to have her call me. She did not. I called and Brook told me that they do not give refunds. I explained that it is not a refund, I was charged for a product that they are out of. I was told to come in next week when they will have it. What a scam!!

  • I too have had nothing but BAD experiences with Banfield!! They seem to actually somehow get rid of the only honest Vets they get! Maybe that's because they are honest and the company is not! Every time I go into a Banfield I end up broke! It doesn't matter they will find something to charge the crap out of you even if your pet doesn't need it. Then the "doctors" themselves believe their own BS.I say this lightly as I don't believe any one that works for Banfield is truly qualified to use the name doctor. I have respect for the ones that truly love what they do and have worked hard for their practice. I am in the Thousand Oaks area in CA and I think they think everyone here has a lot of money. It never fails I can't get out of Banfield without a amount smaller then $200 being charged and this after they have raped me monthly with their stupid Wellness plan they make sound like such a bargen to have. I have found this to be a waste of every penny. I have finally found an HONEST DOCTOR and yes I will call him a Doctor because he truly deserves it. This "Wellness Plan" is BS and when you try to cancel they charge you more to get out of this ridiculous contract that does NOTHING for you or your pets!!! Shame on you Banfield. I will NEVER recommend your "hospitals" to anyone!! EVER!!

  • Lansing Mich Banfield west Lansing. This it's a long story but I'm going to make it short. I called CS over a week ago, they told me they would do an investigation and call me in a week, it's been that.
    I've had a maintenance plan with Banfield for many years. My Yorkie was diagnosed with diabetes a few weeks ago. I took him in for the day for a blood glucose curve. They feed him then check his blood glucose throughout the day to come up with a dosage. Its common knowledge a dog's food cannot be changed overnight, it must be done gradually mixing old with new. And the vet KNEW THIS as last year I ran out of food and feed him some milk bone biscuits resulting in pancreatitis which nearly killed him. I took him to Banfield for fluids do they knew he was sensitive to this. Yet on the day he went for his blood glucose curve They fed him canned dog food, not his regular brand. He was a happy healthy dog before y his. Immediately following he started getting sick, diarrhea first, then vomiting and then both. I tools him to MSU where they told me to hospitalize him for five days t a cost of $2-$3,000. I couldn't afford that. For three weeks I took him to the vet nearly every day for fluids,meds
    , supportive care. He had pancreatitis again only much worse. Three weeks later after spending nearly $3,000 in vet bills trying to help him, he took a turn for the worse and I had to put him down. I would have never been ok with then switching his food from the beginning and I firmly believe in doing so, they started the pancreatitis which killed him.
    I would recommend staying far away from Banfield. I am talking with legal counsel to see if I have legal action against them. There are plenty of excellent caring vets around who aren't part of some bug corporation that don't have to answer to anyone but themselves for the decisions they make.

    • I also had a dog with severe, necrotizing pancreatitis. No one can appreciate how you just cannot take a chance on allowing the dog not one scrap of food that's not on his pre-approved diet. I also spent thousands bringing Buddy to the vet for IV fluids and pain meds, trying to get him through every bout of pancreatitis. I finally put him down as well. If Banfield started this, I would also take every single legal step possible…this is terrible.

  • Just moved to NY Newburgh area, my dog started limping so I took him to Banfield, to make a long story short they are the rudest, no customer service, uneducated don't care about the animal at all, all they want is money. They were to stupid to help my dog so I'm taking him to a real vet. Don't take your pet there if you want them to get better……

  • Thieves, poorly trained veterinarians, low quality "Glen Haven" products, etc, etc, etc. Stay away from Banfield if you truly love your pets and instead use the Humane Society for routine shots, f/u, and acute care. Much, much better, more informed and a better quality of service. 90% of the time you can find any of the prescriptions they over-charge for at your local Tractor Feed Store (TSC, etc) They wanted to charge me $110 for a de-worming that costed me $4 at the TSC. I simply did the weight calculation and *bam* no helminths in my dogs. STAY AWAY FROM BANFIELD…


    The plan that I pay for should be called "THE OH WELL PLAN"…that's their attitude.

    Do you really even give a darn about the animals?

  • Santa Rosa hospital are THIEVES! Dr. R. and receptionist, AL,are FahKing thieves. I made a hasty payment of $243 for my cat to have surgery. After reading up on all the complaints, BandFields Complaints, I canceled the surgery. The Receptionist and Dr. are denying my payment of $243. Which then leads to No return. It was kinda my fault for not asking for a receipt, which they should have handed me, but if they want to be considered a professional business, then Honesty is one of the main starts.

    After making SEVEAL attempts to talk with the Manager, they would not get back to me, I finally talked with her about this incident. When walking in, the manager turned to me, (SNOBBY),"WE DON'T OWE YOU ANYTHING"! Then it was, " DO YOU HAVE PAPERS"? Then it was "THATS A LIE"! At the end, it was "Stop Harassing my girls"! I was not harassing them. I wanted to talk, but no response from them. The manager is not fit for Management. Receptionist not fit, and Dr. not honest. BANDFIELDS ARE THIEVES, LIARS, RUDE. STAY WAY!

    • That's interesting to me since the last problem I had was also based on "you were mean to my girls at the front desk"…I wonder what's going on there with their girls.


  • ST. PETERSBURG (FOX 13) – It started as a proactive checkup. “Chloe,” a 12-year-old pug, had a cloudy eye, so her owner took her in to the vet.

    "We were sent home with three different eye drops. Two oral medications," owner Kimberly Hayden said.

    But Hayden says the St. Petersburg Banfield Pet Hospital wanted to see Chloe back in a few days. She dropped her off before work Monday morning for the follow-up.

    "Around noon, I get a phone call and the girl on the phone says, 'I just want you to know, Chloe is doing well. She's recovering well from surgery.' I started shaking. I think I stopped breathing for a minute,” Hayden recalled. “I was like, 'Excuse me? What are you talking about? She's supposed to be there for a follow up,' " Hayden said.

    At least that's what her paperwork said. Hayden even wrote in to get her consent on anything costing more than $5.

    But what happened is a different story.

    "As soon as he brought her in the room, I completely broke down. She immediately recognized my voice and came right to me. Jumped up, wanted to be in my lap and curled up into a ball," Hayden said.

    Chloe's eye was removed, and Hayden says she never got a call about it. Now, she's trying to help her dog adapt.

    "She's stumbling. Bumping into things. It's just been very traumatic. It feels surreal," Hayden said.

    Hayden says the manager at Banfield admitted they made a mistake. Now, she's hoping her story will prevent another one.

    Hayden is now considering taking legal action against Banfield Pet Hospital. Hayden originally posted her concerns about the unwanted surgery on Facebook, and during a segment on a talk radio show.

    "If I can do anything with what happened to us yesterday to help others, then unfortunately this was a bad thing but we did good from it," she said.

    Banfield Pet Hospital responded to our request for comment, saying:

    "At Banfield Pet Hospital, we are committed to partnering with clients in all decisions regarding their pet's care. In the instance of Chloe, although the care provided was medically necessary based on the severity of her condition and lack of response to therapy, we did fail to get surgical authorization from the client on the day of the procedure. However, we had previously discussed the need for surgery with the client-we also communicated that surgery was critical to alleviate Chloe's pain and potential for infection. We apologize for the lack of clear communication and will continue to attempt to reach Ms. Hayden in an effort to further resolve her concerns. In the meantime, we wish Chloe a speedy recovery."

    –Ari Zabell, DVM, client advocate for Banfield Pet Hospital

    • Please tell me you are taking legal action. I had something just happen similar to this situation, but not nearly as serious as your case, and they responded in a similar manner, where they try to place blame on the customer, not admitting any wrong doing what so ever and not caring about our animals one bit. This is the absolute worst customer service i have ever seen in a company, and there are bad ones out there. Corporate animal care for the ones you love is not the way to go, You give them money for care, they make a mistake and refuse to do anything about it and have no remorse at all. It's like they're used to this con.

  • My dog Maggie was diagnosed with Lymphoma almost two months ago. Dr. Parker said she had a few weeks at best. I have been diligent about her treatment, meds, etc. Have returned to Banfield and have all my animals with them for many years. Today I pulled my records. Took Maggie in for her semi annual comprehensive exam, she gave her a rabies vaccination that I told her I didn't want her to have. She is an indoor dog, is never off a leash outside and only roams in our backyard to do her business then back into the house. You don't give people vaccinations when they have lymphoma, why would you give animals who are indoors vaccinations when they are with the same two people day in and day out. What I am most incensed by is they were asked specifically not to give vaccines until after Dr, Parker and I talked they did not honor that request which breached any trust I had in the place. Not only that, I asked for something to make her comfortable, she didn't give us anything, I asked her nails to be trimmed, they didn't do it and I put that in writing on the treatment form for today. I am so angry I am thinking about turning this over to an attorney for misconduct. I have a responsibility to my pet the same as I have a child. I fully intend to protect my fur baby and have now pulled all my records before I proceed. People don't stand for disrespect from these people, upper level corporate heads need to roll if they don't address issues. Maybe we all should do a class action law suit! PB

  • We have had 2 bad experiences with Banfield in getting prescriptions filled. One of our dogs is on Phenobarbital for seizures. When I went to fill the yearly renewal prescription, the pharmacy told me they needed the DEA # which the vet left off and they needed to call. The pharmacy called only to find out the vet would not be in until tomorrow. This left me with no medication for the morning and I was informed by Banfield only the vet that saw my dog (even though they have all the records) could give that prescription. The manager at Banfield told me they called CVS pharmacy to get information for the prescription and the pharmacist hung up on them. In the previous attempt to get medication for another one of our dogs, they told us the same story, pharmacist hung up on them. Not True!! In the end they did get one of the other vets that saw lucky to fill the prescription. This all took place in VA. We are from MA, and the VETs don't leave that informatio off of their prescriptions!! This whole problem could of been resolved, if I was informed when given the prescription that I would need to drop off in plenty of time before I needed the medication. TOTAL LACK OF COMUNICATION BY THE BANFIELD VET AND STAFF! Instead of an apology for the inconvenience, I got "in the future, make you drop off the prescription ahead of time"!!

    • I have had a similar episode on the 3rd of March I took my cat elfie in on an I couldn't bear themergency. He presented very lethargic and temperature, had thrown up. I was told he had a UTI and was blocked but during the 12 hour stay at Banfield he somewhat improved and was unblocked and urinating. I was told he should be at a 24 hour hospital for further monitoring over night of which was 2500.00 on top of their fee that already exceeded a 1000.00 I opted to bring him home to monitor him after finding out the hospital had no vet on staff 24 hours only technician's. I could monitor him myself which I did every hour thru out the night. Upon leaving Banfield with Elfie at 645PM on the 3rd no one could tell me when he had been given his last dose of medication of which they sent home with me. They could not fill the prescriptions, when I ask to speak with a vet they all had gone home. So a young man to no fault of his was left to discharge Elfie to me with no paperwork or information regarding his last dose of medication. I was told we will take care of the prescriptions tomorrow. I was brining Elfie in at 8am for further monitoring and fluids thru out the next day. I just agreed and had planned on bringing them back with to fill in the am. I figured I would be continuing the antibiotic regiment after discharge, still assuming he had been given one. At noon the next day I received a call to inform me Elfie's condition and worsened to the point his kidneys had stopped functioning. Recommendation was to euthanize Elfie . I rushed in and found him worse then I imagined he was totally unaware of me being there. I agreed to the end of life procedure. After it was all over I ask for all his paperwork, treatment plans , medical procedures etc. To my horror he was never given an antibiotic to combat the bacteria found in his urinalysis tests. The prescription was in my purse to be filled that day was the only antibiotic. The entire time he was in their care for 12 hours and the time I had him overnight he had never been on one. I could not believe they would send him home without filling the scripts before they left. . I returned to the hospital and ask to speak with a vet and questioned the lack of responsibility and ask why. I was told they thought it would be cheaper for me to fill it at a pharmacy then have them do it. That was the answer I got . I cant imagine they thought I would of said don't give him an antibiotic because I will wait to fill it and save 20.00 or so. How ridiculous. I had already spent well over 130000 at that point. I believe they did not have one on hand or it was completely overlooked. After reading the vets treatment plans she even indicated he needed to be on an antibiotic. S o why wasnt he given one? Why would you wait 24 hours after his diagnosis of UTI. I have been totally sick to my stomach to think I took their recommendation of terminating his life. Unfortunately I truly think had he I triebeen started on a antibiotic right away he may of survived. Again it comes down to reckless and irresponsible actions . You do not allow a cashier to determine when a prescription should be filled or tell a client you don't know when the last meds were given. You do not discharge a pet without proper instructions or paperwork I'm done with them. But please watch your meds if you still choose to use them and don't assume they are going to do what's in your pets best interest. They don't… Elfie is proof of that. I now have a sister of Elfie's that cries non stop for him. They were both rescued by me at an early age. however at different times but Elfie taught her it was safe here.
      Elfie lived inside and was well cared for , vaccinated and neutered did everything right for him except trusted the wrong vets. I guarantee Ellie will never meet Banfield.

  • Banfield is ridiculous! I complained to a manager about my plan right switch over and she just hanged up on me. What kind of crap is that. Your job is to "TAKE CARE OF YOIR COSTUMERS" not "BE RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL" like hanging up a phone on your customer.

  • banfield pet hospital located in the franklin square petsmart in Lowell north Carolina is the worse vet for everything they stand for…….BEWARE

  • may 1,2014 at 10:20 am just to sum it all up Banfield pet hospital all over the USA and Canada and any other country on this planet should be shut down and put out of business……just saying

  • I was in the Orland Hill, Il location, it was obvious all they want to do is push unneeded additional services. The staff was rude and could care less about your pet. I would NEVER go back there!!!!!

  • Please don't trust Banfield…it's terrible. Esp. the one in Nanuet, NY. The worst customer service yet. If you have a sick dog or cat you can either get an apt…2-3 weeks from not, drop off the animal for a 10 hour stay (remember they are sick) or let them die. That's what you pay the PLAN for…terrible service. The staff (like in Nanuet, NY) will tell you…"we have been short staffed for over 3 years, so that's the best we can do". Best you can do—my animal is sick, I pay full price monthly for the PLAN and you can't give me a better solution–really! Hey Banfield–get your behind into your stores and hire GOOD vets and well trained staff…

  • I agree the last review. They are uncaring, cold hearted people. The vets only see $$ when they see you and your pet. Do not go there

  • Short and sweet. This company is the worst. The doctors are mostly timecard punching, going through the motion, could care less, people. The staff usually is disorganized. The doctors have no management skills and leadership skills and most offices don't have an office manager. So if you have a problem you can either wait days-weeks for the Dr. to call you back, shut up and take it or ask to speak with the district managers, who are useless…strictly speak the company line. Once you sign up for the plan, they got you and there is nothing you can do about it!! It truely is the Walmart of vet care (sorry Walmart, you really shine compared to Banfield). If you love your pet and scrimp and save and afford a real vet…do not go there. It sounds like a good deal but wait until you see all the extra billing they heap on and you will not get anything close to personal care. The worst-the worst-the worst…do you hear me!!

  • I tried to call today the 24th of April to get my pet in I talked to Yazmin and was told I could not get her in the next day. She is out of her heartworm meds. Also she has a area wher there is a lump and it is sore to touch. I have had this plan for almost 3 yrs. The last time I talked to this yazmin my dog was very sick and she said there was no way I could get her in. I had to take her somewhere else. She was very uncaring and unconcerned. I have recommended several people in the beginning but now I'm concerned now. Conroe tx is where I took her.t

  • We have used Banfield for our pets for at least the past 12 years NO MORE they are not only rude and uncaring, the veterinarians they have employed for the past 5 years or so have to be of the poorest quality they could find.I realize they are in business to make money but they are ridiculous and have no compassion!!!!!!

  • Terrible experience at Oceanside Banfield on Marron Road Monday February 17th, 2014. I made an appointment a few weeks ago. Flying from San Diego to Ontario Canada on the 25th of Feb. Went in to get a health certificate. They told me that was fine but it had to be within 10 days of travel. The girl at the desk was very nice and said I just needed a regular health cert. I booked another appointment, a week before the trip. The vet Dr. Cora Kosterman told me I needed a "International Health Certificate" costing $83.13. Plus after I got it it would have to go to the USDA in Sacramento to be "stamped" for approval or I would be denied access to the flight. I was puzzled by this as I've been to Canada 4 times before with my dog and never been asked for anything but a regular health certificate saying my dog had her rabies and was in good health. The vet told me she couldn't believe that I got into the country without it before but I needed it!! In tears knowing I had less than a week, I paid for the certificate, paid to have it overnighted to Sacramento and paid again for "the stamp" an extra $38.00 then paid to have it overnighted back $78.31…over $200.00 later…and a morning booked off work to get this done. The fellow at the USDA called me to let me know that I'd get my certificate the following morning. I thanked him and he asked where I was going. I told him Canada. He said I absolutely did NOT need this certificate. That the vet was misinformed. I just needed a regular health cert. 3 days of running around and extra expense, time, gas etc because of this. I called them and told them I wanted my money back!! Twice!! No response. I went in there today and asked to speak to the manager and they said "Oh, he is gone for the day". They said they gave him the message … twice! But no response back. The young girl that told me originally was correct that I needed a regular health cert. She was there when I went in today and apparently the vet wrote her up for telling me wrong information. When in fact it was the vet that was wrong!! The vet wrote my dog needed this, that and the other on the health check. When my dog was in less than 2 months ago for her 6 month check up including her teeth cleaned and two pulled. But she wrote my dogs teeth had issues! They must not have addressed them correctly the first time if they need work only a couple of months later!! I paid to have her sedated and her teeth cleaned and two with decay pulled. I'll have the "unnecessary" certificate tomorrow. I'll be going in for the 3rd time demanding to be reimbursed, I told the girl when they get it, they can have it framed and hung up for all people that got ripped off going to Canada can see. How many others did they charge??? I was in tears for two days, calling the airline trying to change my flight, calling around to see if anyone could watch my dog. The whole experience gave me a migraine!! Very disappointed! What pisses me off the most is I called them right away to tell them about it and no one called me back!! If I don't get a refund I'm going to make sure a lot of people know about this! Trying to oversell and pay for things we don't need. A week ago I took a client there. Her dog got a hold of pin cushion, she couldn't find the needle that was in it. The dog went in, hundreds of dollars worth of examination fees X-rays etc. and they said that he swallowed the needle and needed surgery. She came out in tears saying she couldn't afford the very pricey surgery so I took her to San Marcos to a group that helps people pay for procedures (her husband a Marine is away). They redid the X-rays and surprise surprise surprise…no needle!! Something fishy is going on with this place! Ugh!!!

  • We took our 12 year old Jack Russell to the Banfield the day after Thanksgiving because she was limping. His diagnosis was she had a heart murmur & a torn ACL. He wanted to X-ray her heart to see if her heart was enlarged & give her meds if it was. For her leg, he said we could do it one of two ways: 1. treat her with pain meds & allow it to scar over or 2. have it operated on, which Banfield does not do. No mention of X-raying her hip/leg, even though it states "Radiology Long Bone" on her 'Recommended Treatment' sheet. I questioned his assistant as to what the X-ray was for & she said her heart! Given her advanced age we opted to treat her with meds & allow it to scar over. On Christmas day she suddenly started having seizures, four by the following day. We decided to have her put down rather than allow her to suffer. We took her to a different vet who, after she'd passed, discovered she not only had a broken hip but also had a tumor on her leg. The new vet said that she had cancer which had traveled to her brain, thus the seizures. NEVER again will I take ANY of my pets to Banfield Animal Hospitals!

  • I'm writing this so no one else would have to suffer through what we had to. I took my pet to Banfield, for a simple appetite issue that they wanted to run x-rays and blood work for, by the time they were done my pet was not walking, didn't recognize me was disoriented. I asked what had happened to my pet, they blamed it on a disease which he didn't have because I took him to two other vets, and the test was repeated and was negative. So something happened while my pet was there. I asked him if they dropped him because the other two vets also say bruising on his chest. If you love your pet do not take him or her for even the simplest issue to Banfield.

  • I had to put my most beloved Boxer Tyson down on friday because of a heart tumor. I call banfield this morning to discuss discontinuing my plan and couldnt believe not as much as a im sorry for your loss!!! instead i get all the business about how much banfield will lose now that my dog is died and that i would be responsible for the remainder of the yearly contract amt. I have been with banfield for over 7 yrs. HOW DARE THEY BE SO INSENSITVE DURING THIS TIME OF GRIEVING . NOT TO MENTION I PAID ALMOST 400 BUCK ON FRIDAY. took him to a specialist because they didnt have a ultra sound machine there at the banfield,specialist cost an additional 800.00Banfield should be ashamed of there policy regarding long term clients. I will never never never go back there!!!
    I love the staff at the Johns Creek, Ga location but the company is the worst ever!!!

  • I am very unhappy with the customer service with Banfield. I had a billing problem and asked to speak to a manager and they said they were all equal. I was able to make a payment over the phone but still have an outstanding bill. Never received anything saying there was a problem taking the money from the bank until today. They have had a problem for 2 months and never attempted a phone call so it could be straightened out. As for the girls in the office the one I go to in Langhorne PA has one person that is so rude. I hang up on her when I call there. But I am dropping there services. I am not happy and will start looking for a new vet. I even asked the person for the name of the CEO of Banfield and she said John I said are you sure and she said let me check and comes back with Tony and would not give his last name. I hope that someone higher up then the idiots that you have in your call center sees this message. You need to retrain all of your employees. Big Time

    • this last name thing is a big deal too…I was told to call back and ask for Christina. I asked for her last name and was told "just ask for Christina". I originally asked for the manager- "she's in training". I asked for anyone in authority- "no one here". Yet miraculously after I apparently made the girl at the desk cry, the doctor someone how managed to get involved. Twice.

  • The Banfield in Gainesville VA is out for the money and NOT for your pet! I have been turned down during regular walk-in business hours for an emergency where my dogs head had been gashed and was gushing blood. They told me they were closing in an hour and could not see my dog after I was told on the phone to bring her in! I now called again today after being convinced by the corporate office that this type of thing would never happen again, but guess what …it did today. The office staff neglected to tell me they had walk-in hours until after calling around I found out they did have walk in hours. They are all about themselves and the money.. and only working the bare minimum. Not only this, my dog was allergic to certain shots and they neglected give her benedryl and she nearly died. Then they wanted to charge me an arm and leg to help her. On top of that, I was charged 28 dollars because at that point she didn't want them to be near her because she all swollen up and scared, so they had to have 3 vets help out. There fault for not following directions and then charging me, the customer for the consequences. Stay away from this hospital. They will not care for your pets properly.

  • The care my dog receives at Banfield is a total insult to injury, and the vet is STUPID. Twice this vet has been out of town refusing refills on my dog's meds untill he comes back from vacation. My dog would be without his med for 5 days Very poor excuse for what they call "quality care". I recently opted the wellness plan and took him in for heartworm test. Now the stupid vet refused his heartworm med because he didn't get heartworm test. That was the whole reason for taking him in so I could start him on heartworm meds and so the office techs told me he needed his vaccines and all of this other work as well. Kathy

  • Going to Banfields is always a slow miserable and costly experience. I have yet to go to a Banfield Office and not it up being insulted by one of their associates. They act like it is their way or the highway. Well that is where I am going, down the highway to another veterinarian. Lake Mary

    • Santa Rosa Hospital Dr. R, and Receptionist A, FAH KING thieves. I made a payment, $243, for my cat to have surgery. After reading up on all the Complaints, BAND FIELD COMPLAINTS, I canceled my surgery. The Receptionist, and Dr. that was there at the time, are denying my payment, and not returning my money. My fault for leaving without notice of that payment, but if they want to be considered a professional business, then Honesty is one main thing involved. After making SEVERAL attempts to talk with the manager, they would not get back to me, I talked to the manager about this. (manager, snobby way), "We don't owe you anyhting". Then there was, 'THATS A LIE"! Then, Snobby again, "Do you have the papers"? BandFields Manager, is not fit for management. THIEVES

  • For the record: It has been this American Patriot Consumers experience thus far, with Banfield Pet Hospital, Lower Echelon, to the Higher Echelon, that the level of what Banfield calls their Leadership, is simply IN-Capable of addressing my genuine concerns, NO matter the manner to which I have presented my concerns to date, with those which I have had a conversed with! The people within the Banfield Pet Hospital Corporation, simply DO NOT GIVE A Bloody D$%N, with how their emploees handle Consumer Complaints, Concerns, and so forth. What does Gain, and Maintain the UN-Divded Attention, of those within the Banfield Pet Hospital's chain of people, with whom this American Patriot Consumer, has had to endure a Less Than Pleasurable experience, of having had to speak with, due to, the mass amounts of Screens, which have been set up/place around Banfield's Higher Echelon personnel, so that these Higher Archie types, Do Not, have to address Any concerns, from the very people, and Yes, I am referring to The American Consumer Base, Not Un-Like Myself, who pays their bloody salaries, and affords for the Higher Archie's of Banfield Pet Hospital, their "Golden Parachutte" incentive(s), Is mind you, this American Patriot Consumer, Retired Military Combat Verteran's ATTORNEY, performing ALL further speaking with, and or, other/additional forms of communication with, The Banfield Pet Hospital personnel, ALL the way up to, said company's President/CEO, via Banfields legal eagle departent, after this entire situation, has been appropriately presented, to every media source across OUR United States Of America, so that the Higher Echelon, to the Lower Echelon of the Banfield Pet Hospital Corporation, shall see for themselves, just how the Court Of Public Opinion, as well as, the Opinion of a Judge, in an actual Court Of Law, shall affect this Corporation, nationally!

    W.S. Lester

    • EASY GUNNY, You are NOT in the Fidelis anymore and your attempt at sounding overly educated is embarrassing to the rest of us who are still serving this country.

    • Totally agree. Was suckered into the most expensive plan. My daughter was highly allergic to the dog so we had to find a new home for him. He did not have the surgery that was part of the plan but instead of allowing me to pay the rest of the plan at the non surgery rate, they are still charging me the surgery rate. Have to make a profit somehow I guess.

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