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Banfield Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Banfield Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Medical Management International, Inc.
 8000 NE Tillamook or PO Box 13998
Portland, OR 97213-0998 USA
Customer Service Number; 1-866-894-7927
Feedback: 1-877-500-2288
Optimum Wellness Plan: 1-866-277-7387

  • I have been trying to call Banfield in Morehead City, NC, for two hours. My dog is sick and I want to take her in tomorrow. No one ever answers the damn phone there. I'm very disappointed in this clinic. The vets are great. The staff leaves much to be desired, especially the desk staff.

  • Good Evening just to get started with a comment and more to follow I WAS a customer of your establishment up until what I witnessed today Sunday June 7, 2020 around 1:30 pm in the parking lot of Banfield Pet Hospital 3665 Marketplace Blvd. East Point Ga. 30344. I am disturbed and concerned about this situation and I feel that not just a comment will suffice. I witnessed not a random individual but an employee handling her pet in the back seat of a car with the most unnecessary aggression I could ever imagine anyone would subject to a no more that 5 pound canine no matter what the reason might have been it was graphic and went on without and remorse for the public and witnesses of this abuse. When I preceded to my vehicle from the store I could hear and see the dog and its owner only a few feet away from my car and as I looked over the small dog was in the back seat of the car barking loudly and uncontrollably that another customer stopped to observe also and what we observed was this female take the leash of her pet and strike it several times with contact based on the screeches coming from within the car of this individual, to add to the disturbance she proceeded to curse towards the on lookers and gesture as to why we were looking and then she speeds off in her black car while still wearing her pink scrub uniform and Banfield name tag. After the this incident it did not sit well with me knowing an employee of your company was comfortably wit this act of abuse towards pets that she works with everyday, so I went back into the Pets Mart to the back of the store where Banfield Pet Hospital is located and asked the receptionist if this behavior was tolerated at this establishment, and her response was shocking, she let me know that, that was that employee pet, he is aggressive, and unfortunately that is how she handles her dog and my follow up question was so you are saying because the dog is aggressive and belongs to her it is okay for this to happen? and her response was we wouldn't treat a customers pet that way. This left me even more uneasy about the whole operation of their thinking. No pet should be mistreated no matter who it belongs to. If there is anything else I can provide wile this investigation is being pursued let me know and if there are any cameras in this parking lot please review them or the police will. Thanks in Advance
    Store Number phone: 404-349-0705 fax: 404-349-8320

  • Your facility in Stroudsburg Pa is an embarrassment. I will be canceling my plan immediately and advise all others to do the same. My dog is having epileptic seizures because these unprofessional individuals did not provide proper follow up instructions. Additionally, your rep there hung up on me today. Don't waste your time here.

  • I reside in NC with three dogs having Banfield's insurance. One of the dogs attacked my daughter injuring her eye so we had to let her go. We paid about $600 on plans for the two dogs we adopted since we had no problems with insuring our first dog at Banfield. When informed this place about the removal of the animal. I was told there was nothing they could do to remove the dog from the policy so we wouldn't be charged insurance for a pet no longer with us. This company explained that they had no way in their system to remove the third dog from the plan. I asked if we could change the policy to accommodate just the two dogs because we had proof that we had the third dog taken out of the home. Banfield stated their business doesn't have the capability to change policies, I said you expect me to pay on an insurance policy for a dog I no longer own? Basically after the run around on the phone I realized I wasn't going to get anywhere with them so I told them I'm not paying for a dog I don't have so they wouldn't see any of my dogs. I paid my first dog's policy in full so now I'm furious because my animals need care and couldn't receive it. I told Banfield to go ahead and send my account to collections since I didn't get the respect nor service that I paid for. Do not bring your pets to this place.

  • On November 25, 2016 our puppy was sick, lethargic, we immediately took him to Benfield Hospital. Our puppy was there for 6 hours and seen by Dr. Zackarias Gardenfors whom diagnosed our puppy with needing a liver shunt. He also said that our puppy needed an ultrasound and would need a stool softener. We purchased a wellness plan for 2 of our puppies, the stool softener and left. We paid a total of $200.00 cash. We drove 2 exits away and our puppy was passing out, we took him to a pet emergency and he immediately had more blood tests and the liver issue was ruled out. Our puppy had IMHA and needed an immediate blood transfusion. If left in the hands of Banfield our puppy would have died!! The manager never returned any of our calls. A director named Diane never called us back. Horrible business practices and management.

  • OMG, while my experience is nowhere near that terrible, this "banning" of customers happened to me too! My argument was about a simple bag of dry dog food, yet if I don't now "apologize" for my "behavior" they're going to refuse me service as well. I complained about their poor customer service so now I'm banned. Give me a break.

  • Absolutely. There is no effort on their part to try and make things work. I had a problem over dog food…same answer over and over "we're not getting the fax". Could my vet e-mail them the script? No. Since the script was already on file, but expired, could they call the vet and take the refill on the phone? No. Is there someone in with a little more authority to talk to? Nope. No, no, no. In today's age of internet, they can't scan and send the script over? No. All this over a bag of dry dog food? Give me a break.

  • I have seen nothing but negative comments about Banfield Animal Hospital across multiple comment pages, so I hold little hope for a response to mine, but here we go: I had a problem over the weekend simply trying to get some prescription dry dog food from Banfield in Latham NY. Trying to keep this short, we were going back and forth over the prescription. By the 5th call, I expressed my frustration over their lack of customer service and ANY attempt to consider alternatives as a solution. Apparently that conversation (no swearing or yelling) made the girl at the desk cry and she was unable to work for 30 minutes. So when my BF showed up to get the food, this "Dr Hoffman" pulled him into a private room and berated him for MY behavior, threatened to decline the script. Yes, that would be my 63 year old BF, former Marine, who served in Vietnam. Not to be outdone, "Dr Hoffman" then called me the next morning at 11 am on a Sunday, and berated me for my behavior and again stated that they would no longer provide service to me. In the 30+ years I've been involved in Customer Service, NEVER have I called a customer back to chastise them and especially never over a situation that evolved based on such a lack of service to begin with. Dr Hoffman violated my privacy by choosing to discuss me personally with a man whom he had never met before, he exhibited misogynistic tendencies by assuming I was Doug's "wife" and Doug should have some control over me, and harassed me by calling me at off business hours on a Sunday morning. My heart breaks when I read the stories of poor services that resulted in animals' sufferings and death while I'm only complaining about a bag of dog food, I know. However, Dr Hoffman also said the call was recorded so take this as my formal demand for a transcript of that recording, along with the other 4 conversations I had prior to the last one. As for Banfield, I wouldn't take my dog there if he was already dead. They are just awful and no one at the Corporate Level seems interested in fixing the problem.

  • Stop sending me literature to come in with my dog to see you. I will never step foot in your place again. This all began when I had my last dog which passed away four years ago. I called Banfield to see if such a senior dog needed booster shots. Three calls later I got fed up with no return call and went in to ask that question. the vet said no and they charged me an office visit for "their expertise". Had you returned my call, I wouldn't have had to come in. You lost out. Dixie got very sick after that and I spend $8K total for the next 7 years on her but not at Banfield. Well several years later I received a reminder from you and that's when I told you NEVER. The office called and agreed it was unfair to bill me and said if I brought my new dog in it would be a free checkup. I hesitated but agreed after my dog had a pain in her paw which I thought was a hang nail. I phoned first, they checked the records and said yes of course this will be a free check up. After waiting one hour, the vet said they can not give me a free check up unless I pay for a plan or she will need xrays of $175. I was willing to pay anything extra over the checkup visit but did not think she needed xrays for a hang nail. I left in disgust. After all this, you went back on your word.Two times being mistreated is enough. I went into a vet office I had never been before at 5:30 pm. she took me removed the nail and charged me $40 and that's where I go now. I will NEVER GO TO bANFIELD AGAIN. tWO EXPERIENCES LIKE THIS IS ENOUGH. I have also told my friends of my experience and I am happy that they didn't go to Banfield with their new puppies, five of them I might add. You should change your policy and not deceive people they way you did to me. Stop sending me mail.

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