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  • Credit Karma Corporate Office Headquarters

Credit Karma Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Credit Karma Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

27 S Park St Ste 101,
San Francisco, CA 94107-5805 USA
Corporate Phone Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: n/a
Fax Number: n/a
Email: support@creditkarma.com

Credit Karma is a credit reporting company for consumers. They use information from Experian and TransUnion and Equifax. Their competition includes Nerd Wallet and Credit Sesame.

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  1. need to find out why my credit score is still very low even after stuff has been taken off. the score went up and then dropped. this really is horrible no email no phone number no answers as to why and yet it wants to threatened me about my credit score being dropped 5 points due to be anonymous.

  2. just deleted you. score drop 5 points with nobody looking at my credit score ,now you fix it , I will be contacting all credit bureaus,

  3. So credit bureaus are selling our information to Credit Karma or how else are they obtaining very personal information. What I do not understand is how they list information on their dash boards stating " Account Removed" from a particular credit bureau and when checked against that same credit bureau it shows the Account NOT Deleted. How is it that they can get this information before we (the people) are informed of it.

    Where do they get this information before the credit bureaus even update my credit report???

    Please everyone, check your credit report and ignore Credit Karma.. It is a 3rd party institution that was probably sold your information (including mine) to figure scale our scores incorrectly.. And then add information on their dash board that is not even updated with the bureaus nor your own credit report.. How scary is that..

  4. Unbelievable Credit Karma has merged my husband's EX wife into my Credit using it as an alias for me. How stupid is that !!! Now I am having problems with my credit because her credit stinks !!!! And I can't fix !

    1. check with the actual credit bureau and most of them do a 30 day or 10 day free trial and then cancel once you get your report. Credit Karma is not accurate nor does it post any accurate postings on its dash board.. Just go to the actual credit bureau and sign up for the trial period and then cancel … Remember to get a cancelation number.. too much work, well isn't everything ???

  5. I am sick and tired of your company telling me my social does not match my email address
    1 I have had my Social for 57 years
    2 My Email address has been the same for over 30 years
    3 My Identity was stolen and The IRS Cleared me
    So I would like my credit score that you advertise that's free !! I have tried and you keep saying I am not me. I have been me for 57 years. Please Fix !!!

  6. Why do you advertise "free" no credit card needed when you do ask for a credit card number and I don't mind paying the $1.00 but then in the fine print you also say that I have to call in before 30 days to cancel this "free" service. that is not free… it is a scam for those of us who get busy and forget when the time is up. nothing but a scam.

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