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Etsy Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. My shop-blasttothepast was charged 75.73 for 4 separate FedEx shipping labels that I had already paid for prior to their mistake. And.. They messaged me and other etsy vendors that they did n=make this mistake and that the extra FedEx label charges would be refunded in full, This was in early December 2021.. It is now late January 2022, my 75.73 refund has still not showed up. I had over 640 items posted, and am currently letting them expire without renewing until they justify their mistake. It is nothing short of Corporate embezzlement. They also blocked all of my outgoing messages to my shoppers with no explanations. When a shopper has a question, I can't answer them..When an item is damaged.. I can't reply..This message box reply termination was supposed to be temporary. Has been that way well over 30 plus days.Then they have the gall to send me messages about handling customer damaged items issues?????Hellllo .. How the hell do you do that when You can't communicate with them.. Only makes me frustrated.. I lose sales.. and they lose the commission. I like selling on etsy, but the respect they have given me as a top rated vendor, has greatly disappointed me, Please get right with Your vendors.. Without Vendors, Your Company would be non existent.. Johnny

  2. My new account with Etsy was suspended 9 hours ago and I've sent two messages and have still not heard back from them. Auto-response email says it could take up to seven days to find out why they suspended the account or what I have to do to get it turned back on…I think I should go somewhere else.

  3. Do not buy anything from AmelieAntiqueX
    Swiss 18k Solid Gold Large Hr Repeater Antique Pocket Watch! 18-karat Solid!
    This is NOT there watch. I have it for sale on eBay!! I can not seems to get a number to report the fraud so no one get scammed.

  4. As a buyer I do not want people following me or my purchases. Would like to find a way to stop it but the computerized system at etsy prevents people from communicating with human beings. Getting weary and yet nothing gets better here and I do not understand why.


  6. Etsy have insulted me I was treated like a peasant. Etsy has an obligation to the sellers because of people like us who are behind the product ETSY become what they are today!

    I have opened the store in January 2015,have worked 10 hours a day for 12 months, with over 150 listings all fees paid, listings renewed, advertisement paid, supplies purchased put my heart and soul into it!

    In January 2017 I have opened another store, made some sales and was proud to be able to create a product with many satisfied customers. Then it happened while I was shopping, driving from one store to another looking for items I had to prepare for a customer to be shipped out, in the afternoon I visit my store and I see a message your store is suspended and will not be opened again! I was shocked… WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION ???…. I was sick to my stomach! How unprofessional and irresponsible ! I was treated and now I see there are many others. I only wonder how many more sellers are there in much worse situation than I am. I must say to this day I feel the pain all my time and effort and money spend to see the store growing…. providing great customer service, always keeping in touch with a buyer and keep them posted…. all my work and dreams was taken away in just one second. My intention will not to let it go away I will file Federal Trade Commission Complain and will consult with my lawyer.

    I was discriminated
    Single out,
    Lost Revenue
    Pain and Suffering
    Practice of Double Standard,
    Practice in conflict of interest
    CocoChicBouquet CocoChicFinds

    Marina R Vladis

  7. I will NEVER buy anything from an etsy business ONLY because that business has to pay a fee to be on etsy. Etsy closes businesses for no reason!!!!!!!!!! One in particular was on etsy for over 9 years and had a 5 star rating the whole time, had over 9,000 orders during this time. etsy to close this business for no reason. I hate to penalize other people's businesses on etsy but will NOT SUPPORT etsy ever again !!

  8. there is an item for sale under foxes. My 1st graders saw it and asked what it was. Do you know that it is selling thousands of them. There are pics of it being used. Nicole

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