Etsy Corporate Office Headquarters

Etsy Corporate Office Headquarters
Etsy, Inc. (
55 Washington St., Ste. 512
Brooklyn, New York 11201 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-718-855-7955
Customer Service Number: 1-718-855-7955

  • My shop-blasttothepast was charged 75.73 for 4 separate FedEx shipping labels that I had already paid for prior to their mistake. And.. They messaged me and other etsy vendors that they did n=make this mistake and that the extra FedEx label charges would be refunded in full, This was in early December 2021.. It is now late January 2022, my 75.73 refund has still not showed up. I had over 640 items posted, and am currently letting them expire without renewing until they justify their mistake. It is nothing short of Corporate embezzlement. They also blocked all of my outgoing messages to my shoppers with no explanations. When a shopper has a question, I can't answer them..When an item is damaged.. I can't reply..This message box reply termination was supposed to be temporary. Has been that way well over 30 plus days.Then they have the gall to send me messages about handling customer damaged items issues?????Hellllo .. How the hell do you do that when You can't communicate with them.. Only makes me frustrated.. I lose sales.. and they lose the commission. I like selling on etsy, but the respect they have given me as a top rated vendor, has greatly disappointed me, Please get right with Your vendors.. Without Vendors, Your Company would be non existent.. Johnny

  • My new account with Etsy was suspended 9 hours ago and I've sent two messages and have still not heard back from them. Auto-response email says it could take up to seven days to find out why they suspended the account or what I have to do to get it turned back on…I think I should go somewhere else.

  • Do not buy anything from AmelieAntiqueX
    Swiss 18k Solid Gold Large Hr Repeater Antique Pocket Watch! 18-karat Solid!
    This is NOT there watch. I have it for sale on eBay!! I can not seems to get a number to report the fraud so no one get scammed.


  • As a buyer I do not want people following me or my purchases. Would like to find a way to stop it but the computerized system at etsy prevents people from communicating with human beings. Getting weary and yet nothing gets better here and I do not understand why.


  • Etsy have insulted me I was treated like a peasant. Etsy has an obligation to the sellers because of people like us who are behind the product ETSY become what they are today!

    I have opened the store in January 2015,have worked 10 hours a day for 12 months, with over 150 listings all fees paid, listings renewed, advertisement paid, supplies purchased put my heart and soul into it!

    In January 2017 I have opened another store, made some sales and was proud to be able to create a product with many satisfied customers. Then it happened while I was shopping, driving from one store to another looking for items I had to prepare for a customer to be shipped out, in the afternoon I visit my store and I see a message your store is suspended and will not be opened again! I was shocked… WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION ???…. I was sick to my stomach! How unprofessional and irresponsible ! I was treated and now I see there are many others. I only wonder how many more sellers are there in much worse situation than I am. I must say to this day I feel the pain all my time and effort and money spend to see the store growing…. providing great customer service, always keeping in touch with a buyer and keep them posted…. all my work and dreams was taken away in just one second. My intention will not to let it go away I will file Federal Trade Commission Complain and will consult with my lawyer.

    I was discriminated
    Single out,
    Lost Revenue
    Pain and Suffering
    Practice of Double Standard,
    Practice in conflict of interest
    CocoChicBouquet CocoChicFinds

    Marina R Vladis

  • I will NEVER buy anything from an etsy business ONLY because that business has to pay a fee to be on etsy. Etsy closes businesses for no reason!!!!!!!!!! One in particular was on etsy for over 9 years and had a 5 star rating the whole time, had over 9,000 orders during this time. etsy to close this business for no reason. I hate to penalize other people's businesses on etsy but will NOT SUPPORT etsy ever again !!

  • there is an item for sale under foxes. My 1st graders saw it and asked what it was. Do you know that it is selling thousands of them. There are pics of it being used. Nicole

  • My sales have taken a nose dive I think it is related to how the search engine works or doesn't. In the past my items for sale came up in view relatively soon on search page. Now I see other items overwhelm the pages with related but not specific. Urns produces few items on the search pages whereas jewelry proliferates the search pages?????? Frustrating

  • I have recently become a VERY good customer but now I can't read anything – everything is shrunk. Submitted a question about how to fix it but of course can't read the answer. Can you PLEASE help me? I'd hate to stop buying but have no choice at this point. Cindy (Perkins) Beane (and how do I select a profile ????)

  • There was recently a seller on your site called Bonehouse47. They were selling decapitated kitten heads in jars. It has been removed. I sincerely hope YOU removed it. If the seller removed it it should NEVER be allowed back. If you removed it, good. It should NEVER have been allowed anyway and similar items should NEVER be allowed on etsy. Animal cruelty masquerading as "art" is despicable and your site should NOT allow such items to be sold!


  • I have been an Etsy Shop owner , for 18months , and all was ,workink fine until I listed Seasonal items in my shop , that where newer than Vintage what I normaly Sale , Etsy intergity , closed my shop . with Explanation '' example 2005 Hallmark Ornament , now I am unable to Sell – List – Deactivate – …….
    I bet the CEO of Etsy Chad Dickerson , has no clue about some of this that is going on , he has people who run his Buisness – '' in to the ground '' , there are Dozens of reports , on Etsy in Dumbo NY. how Etsy has lost half its Value , a lot of Etsy Shop Owners are being close or kicket out , I live on a fixed income , my items are Vintage , all from 1970 util 1996, but I added a few newer items and was , Suspended , if Etsy workers thinks , That this is OK , highly and likely not , you the indivituall , that have been hired to work for Etsy , some of you have been given to much power , by Suspending Etsy Shop Owners , Realy – this tells me you only been out of High – School about 6 months , and playing around , eventually when the reallaty comes around to you , what are you going to do , suspend the rest of the World , keep playing with the position you have right now ,sooner or later it will catch up with you , and you no longer will , be given the opertunity , to cut people of , where do you think , your paycheck is comming from , when you cut the rest of the Shop owners of , than Etsy surely , does not need you anymore , because they cannot affort to pay you , we are your paycheck and dont ever forget that .

    • But they do not allow newer items on the site. 2005 is not vintage and if you did not make it yourself. You had no business listing it there.

  • Me grandpaw Taduz, he from the Old Country, say Etsy old Gypsy word mean junk and trinket found in trash bin and then shined-up with glitter and resold to suckers in town as "handmade jewelry" for big dollar, big dollar! He show me old bottle, say "Etsy her up, boy! We sell as valuable antique, make big dollar!"

  • This company is so corrupt and its reputation so bad, that its name, "Etsy," has become a common noun describing any item made in a Chinese sweatshop and then resold as a "handmade" or "original one-of-kind" for huge markup$ to unsuspecting suckers. Ethical sellers who report unethical sellers are silenced for exposing the truth. This company is a good example of everything that is wrong with America, and its CEO, Chad Dickerson, should be canned and given a golden dildo on his way out. . .

  • Etsy is a company of discrimination and censorship. They selectively remove listings so their more favored sellers get more sales. They claim to remove listings that violate their policy of hatred yet they other allow reported listings to stay. Because of it all I will never purchase or do business on their platform ever again. even at cost of my own business. They do not deserve my or interested buyer's money.

  • Etsy has suspended my shop without proof from buyer. Now I have photo of the package I sent and cannot get in contact with Etsy since they make it impossible to do so. Buyer lied about the transaction and Etsy does not seem to care. Very poor customer service, unless of course they want their monthly fees. They make that very easy. Even though I have over 500 items listed on etsy I will no longer list new items and choose to find another store to sell on. Horrible horrible customer service.

  • I have tried contacting the owner of a shop 3x. I have yet to receive my order. I contacted etsy corporate and still no response.

    They seem fine to take peoples money and not actually give a product.
    I know its a big selling company, but bad news travels faster than good news.

    Right now…give me my money back. It was NOT a donation! I bought a product and did not receive it at all. I want my money! This is ridiculous!

    • Had the same experience. Ordered an item that never arrived. Contacted the seller twice. Never heard back. Contacted etsy through their site and requested a call. Never got a call. Called their corporate office and got an outgoing message that says they don't take customer service calls and I should use the Contact Us on their site. And why should I do that? For the joy of getting the run-around again? My daughter asked for etsy gift cards on her birthday with list that I shared with our family. I'm contacting them now and removing those gift cards from the list. Due to their non-existent customer service, Etsy has lost a very loyal customer – and one who had intended to open a shop on their site.

  • I had a website created through a company called PixelsPrinted and the website designer never saved my website and all of my information was lost and when I confronted the designer about why she never saved my site he clearly stated she forgot! Then when I asked what was she going to do to fix the problem she agreed to redo the site but she doesn't have time because she was too busy with her own business this was three months ago. She agreed to do the site in November but when I contacted her she was sick and my business had lost revenue and I'm stuck with products that I cannot sell. When I contacted Etsy Trust & Safety when it first started they were good about trying to see if I could work something with the vendor. This is the problem Etsy needS to hold these shop owners responsible when they have unethical business practices they should suspend their shops until they fix the problem of the customer and cut off their money supply then let's see how they would like it when they can't generate any revenue. Never get a website created through PixelsPrinted totally unprofessional!

  • I placed an order for an item through a vendor that was for 325.00. A bimbo named "Maggie" wants a copy of my Valid Drivers license. In her email she didn't include her full name nor contact number with extension line. Has this knuckle head femenist sent you an email of this nature before? Sounds like a I.D. fraud scam or a poorly trained liberal that should be handling this matter with my C.C company!!



    If you have a problem with it and need to open a case, Etsy will only do so via Trust and Safety. The team provides little support to buyers and hides behind inflexible policies from faceless committees.

    I ordered a ring from CHROMACOLOR JEWELRY on May 18. I received it in a timely manner but the ring showed chip marks within 3 weeks. I promptly contacted the seller. They sent out a second ring and it too chipped within 3 weeks. I promptly contacted the seller and they sent out a 3rd ring and it chipped within 3 weeks as well. I contacted the seller on Sep 3 and said enough already, I want a refund. They declined.

    I went to open a case with Etsy and couldn't. Because I didn't open it immediately and am now beyond Etsy's official case deadline date, Etsy Trust and Safety refuses to open a case. Oh and there's nothing on the Etsy website advising you to oepn a case anytime you have a problem with a purchase.

    All of my conversions with the seller can be substantiated by Etsy's very own communication system between buyers and sellers.

    I emailed Trust and Safety on the issue and heard nothing back within 48 hours so I asked for a phone call. Customer Service Level 1 did get back to me within about 15 minutes. The individual was full of empathy but could do nothing. I asked for escalation to a supervisor.

    The supervisor called me and also declined to open a case. I asked to be escalated to her manager. And she refused to tell me the name of her manager or agree to have the manager contact me. She insisted on sending me to the Trust and Safety team who has already failed to contact me.

    I asked at least 10 times for the name of her manager and a method of contact and this supervisor kept deferring me to the T&S team and insisted no one in the company could do anything. I flat out asked her if she was refusing to give me the manager's name and…get this…the answer was "well I'm in Oregon and my boss is in NY so I can't just walk down the hall."

    Seriously? What a load of baloney. Of course there's someone within the organization who can make override the policy. Customer Service has been instructed to refuse to escalate anything above a supervisor level.

    Oh yeah, and forget about posting a review after you've had the item for a while. You have limited time to post and after that….you guessed it….more inflexibility from Trust and Safety.

    Lesson learned…do not buy via Etsy. They unilaterally favor the seller over buyers regardless of the situation.

  • I have been getting the run-around from Support and Trust & Safety. I purchased an item from ZahabiyaCollections and never received it; in fact it was never shipped. I have repeatedly tried contacting the shop owner and have never gotten a response. So, I opened a case against ZahabiyaCollections. That didn't work, so I have tried emailing Trust and Safety for help, all I got was a confirmation email. I tried to request a phone call and was not allowed to. I contacted their legal department; no response as of yet. Hoping Support could light a fire under Trust & Safety, I tried emailing them and this was there response:

    "As we work to assist you with this dispute, we must also allow the seller adequate time to resolve the issue."

    Huh? I purchased this item on August 11th and it hasn't been shipped yet and they want me to wait more time? l have been waiting since 8/11, for something that was supposed to ship ' the next business day' . I think twenty three (23) days is ample enough time to give the seller. I told them I want a cancellation and refund of this order. I haven't gotten a response yet.

  • Don't purchase any Rugs from Rogue Rugs on Etsy the manager is Gabrielle….She glued my rug together a 70.00 rug…I washed it and it fell apart. she said it was 100 Washable…at first she said she would make another one and it would take one week(Wrong) she stopped E-mail contact with me…very very poor customer service! My credit card comp. took care of me and gave me a credit back

  • We are sellers, and never had any dispute, .. never a violation, .. perfect records, years on Etsy, 100s of transactions, and all 5 stars, .. but, we are suspended. And, everyday for 8 weeks eMailing support, integrity, and no replies. None. We want to speak to someone at the headquarters. We have supported ETSY for years, .. we brought many artists to sell on ETSY by recommending ETSY to artists at the shows, .. and this is how we are treated. Is that right? Bobby

  • Etsy…. What a bunch of amature wannabe. This company heading down hill. I wander what is their
    Hiring criteria if they have any criteria at all. I have a vintage item in my etsy shop when one day
    I recived an email from their employee name Sara. In the letter she threatend me to suspend
    My account if I will not remove the item. She had the nurve to tell me the item is not 20 years old
    When I personally purchased it over 30 years ago. Obviously she is no expert but she would not
    Take the time to educate herself either. Welocne to etsy

  • I ordered something off Etsy in November, when I received it in December it was incorrectly made with the date 6 years difference. I contacted the site and got a response stating my corrected item will be in the mail that day. It has been over a month since receiving that email and she refuses to respond to my 3 emails that month. I can no longer get a hold of anyone and have yet to receive my corrected item. Corporate does not have a phone line – only message machine, and no one replies to emails so why bother leaving a message on the machine. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE.

  • Ordered a gift for Christmas on December 1, 2013, and the money was removed from my account that same day. When I checked the status of my item it won't ship until December 27, vendor told me she would ship it so that it would get here by Christmas. Tried to email her as Etsy suggests only to find that she is offline until December 26, 2012. Would suggest not purchasing things from this vendor Neriah Abeyta and she does not seem concerned about her customers or their timely receipt of items. All I got was excuses.

  • I was a seller on Etsy since 2007 and stayed during the lean years with the hopes that it would grow. I had a problem with Etsy over a misunderstanding on their part and although I have tried on many occasions to find someone to help me all I have received are robotic messages from Etsy that do not address my problem. My store was deactivated due to a glitch in the Etsy program. I lost my income, my customers and all the money and time I invested in my shop. I had 100% feedback and no other problems in the 5 yrs I supported this Company. After numerous attempts to have this situation resolved I realize that Etsy has no loyalty or professionalism towards their sellers. Not once has any representative from Etsy taken the time to investigate my claims. I would never recommend this site to other sellers. If this happened to me it could happen to anyone.

    • They are horrible, .. ETSY is horrible, horrible horrible company. We supported them, and for no reason they suspended us, and they don't reply to any eMails. Nothing.

    • Absolutely right and agreed with.. Because Etsy also suspended me without any reason. And I've sent appeal many times but didn't get any response from Etsy.. So if you are doing business on Etsy then be aware, you might be also suspend any time without any warning..

    • My account was suspended for 'drug paraphernalia', I deleted what I needed to. I was suspended a second time, my mistake. I deleted what I was told, the account was re-activated and the next day I was permanently suspended and accused of re-listing items. I did NOT re-list or add anything!! The pipes in question was reactivated by an Etsy employee but Etsy didn't want to hear the truth! On closer inspection Etsy has just under 9,000 glass pipes listed and more than 8,000 of those are in violation of the same rule I was being accused of. I finally got an answer after pointing it out and was told that pointing out that there were other pipes in violation was not helping my case. A month later, you guessed it, there are still over 8,000 glass pipes violating the same 'rule' I was. The corporate office will be receiving a certified letter from me!
      Ebay pulled the same crap and after contacting their corporate office, I got the problem solved once and for all.
      My suggestion is write Etsy's corporate office, send it certified and demand the problem be looked into. I also suggest that you post your name when making these complaints online. "Anonymous" complaints are never taken seriously.
      So with that said, my name is Pamela Bacon, my account was Pipesnmore01.

    • Etsy is the worst bunch of crooks they think they can take your money and block your store!! Filing with better business Bureau

  • I recently purchased an HTC One X Bling elegant diamond bow phone case for my your teen granddaughter on Dec. 11, 2012 and have not as yet received it. It has been paid through PayPal and my granddaughter is very dissappointed that her Christmas gift has not arrived as yet. Please let me know when we can expect shipment as she is very anxious to receive it. Transaction # 108079200.

  • I have been a vendor on Etsy for 5 years now, and am trying to open a second shop for my hats. I cannot get anyone to return my repeated requests for an email confirmation so that I can complete the process and officially open my shop. Without that official opening, I do not have an active URL web address that I NEED to include in my ad copy for my spring ad in Victoria Magazine!! Because of Etsy's inability to meet my needs in a timely and professional manner, I may well miss the deadline for my ad, and thus miss an opportunity to advertise my spring hat line in one of the biggest targeted audience markets I have!!!!!!!! If that happens, I will be leaving Etsy with a VERY broken heart, and will look into my legal rights!!! I guess they think they're to big to fail!!!!!

  • I am deaf and cannot phone you but have had a week of hell mainly at Etsy. Along the way i learned how you are being targeted for extinction.

    Ebay for one is accepting all listings for free so your vendors are all over Ebay and charging lower prices to boot. But it isn't confined to ebay: Your vendors are selling wherever they can which probably is their right.

    However, they do not keep track of their inventory and so if they sell something at one of their many outlets they don't bother to show the reduced inventory on Etsy. It has taken me literally 80 hours to get around the games that are being played and it seems to me you are the target.

    You have the world's worst search engine and that hurts sellers – and buyers – and you unwillingness to provide human customer service going to be the final nail in your coffin.

    Don't say you weren't warned but your vendors must be in at least six different spots often under different names and they have as a rule very little business sense and don't understand inventory take off and have been in some cases beyond rude. And all I get is robotic answers from etsy.

    Good luck but your stock isn't one I would ever hold. You are being taken out. Remember, Amazon is involved with Art fire and ebay doesn't know what the notion of business ethics entails.

    • I was going to open up a shop and just read what you had posted, what do you mean targeting? I keep reading negative things about them and have some questions, could you help me?

    • Glad to hear Anonymous (above) is not going to open a shop on Etsy. I am going to get rid of my shop. But I have a big problem. When I sign in to Etsy I get a second box to enter a second code and a notice saying "your code has been sent (texted) to your phone". Enter the numbers in the box".
      BUT I have a new phone, a new phone number so I can't get the code they are sending. I have followed all the instructions on Etsy on how to get help. I have sent them 4 emails this way. I have clicked on their "get the code by email". I have sent them my new phone number. I have pleaded with them to answer me. I have a shop, with items listed for sale yet I can't access it.
      I have never seen such a messed up and totally NOT consumer friendly "help" services at any company.
      The must not think very much about us since they are totally unwilling to provide contact info.
      I am writing and calling the corporate offices next.
      Can't wait to get off this site. How do I know they handle security any better. Maybe they are in it to gather our information and sell it. Maybe they are a bunch of drunks. Who knows?????? They won't let you find out.

    • Funny how my comment woldnt even post and was erased. Again, I will say businesses are in business to exchange products and services with others, to serve others and tomake a profit, not the other way around and drop off service. Most of these CEOs are 230 year old hot shots who think they can dominate the world by deceipt and avoidance of all responsibility and simply sell the company for a profit and screw everyone. And thats what they have done like Facebook. Etsy has found the usual clever dishonesty of pretending they are wonderful and lying in your face while making it so you can never talk to anyone and no one of them will be responsible in any way to you. I find this totally disgusting and i hope they fail quickly. It is the curse of the world that business seeks to operate and to dominate others. Irresponsible, unreliable, greedy and deceitful. It is the road to hell and i hope they get there fast.

    • I am deaf, too, and find the lack of being able to contact Etsy with the rare problem is not the way the FCC laid out requirements of internet businesses. We are supposed to have equal access – and that includes speed. But if they don't have email contact, and we cannot use phones, we are stuck with snail mail.

      Again, there are laws on the books that Etsy chooses to ignore.

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