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Eyemart Express Corporate Office HQ 

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Eyemart Express corporate office is located in Farmers Branch, Texas. Below are comprehensive details about Eyemart Express’s corporate headquarters, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company, along with its major and minor competitors in the optical retail industry.

How To Contact Eyemart Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Eyemart Express Corporate Office: Overview

Eyemart Corporate Office

Map and Directions To EyeMart Headquarters HQ

A Snapshot of Eyemart Express’s History

Founded in 1990, Eyemart Express has established itself as a leading optical retailer, providing affordable prescription eyewear with a focus on quality, variety, and speed. Known for its wide selection of frames and in-house lens lab, Eyemart Express prides itself on its ability to deliver most glasses on the same day.

The Optical Retail Industry and Eyemart Express’s Position

In the optical retail market, Eyemart Express competes with other eyewear chains like LensCrafters, America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses, and Visionworks. Eyemart Express differentiates itself with its quick turnaround time, extensive selection of styles, and commitment to customer convenience and affordability.

Eyemart Express’s Customer-Oriented and Efficient Service Approach

Eyemart Express is dedicated to making the process of getting prescription eyewear as easy and fast as possible. The company focuses on providing a broad range of fashionable frames at various price points, employing skilled technicians to expedite lens crafting, and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

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Eyemart Express Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with Eyemart Express’s products and services. Your feedback in the comments section is invaluable in helping others understand the company’s dedication to providing quality eyewear quickly and affordably.

Eyemart Express Fantastic Customer Service

January 21, 2024

Fantastic Team Members!

I recently went into the Great Falls, Montana location as was immediately greeted with a nice hello and What can I do to help you? I had just completed my eye exam next door and had my new prescription and needed two new pairs of glasses. I have been a customer of this location for many years due to the staff’s kindness and their willingness to provide me with great products and promotions to get me the best price. Team members Maggie Gloyne and Copelun Loomis took the time to hear what I needed and why I needed specific frames. After that, they went and found the needed frames. With the lenses, frames, and add-ons, the total price was going to be over $640. However, I mentioned that I have been receiving numerous emails sent to me encouraging me to buy online and get a discount. The problem is, I am an older, non-internet trusting kind of guy. Especially due to the unique needs of my lenses and frames. I really needed to receive “in-person service” but why should I not receive the discount being offered online? After discussing it with Maggie and Copelun they stated that their supervisor had recently made the statement that when a repeat customer brings up the “online” coupons and asks for them to be honored in-house, they should do so. Therefore, they applied the discount to me saving me $200 which is greatly appreciated in this downturned economy. I wanted to again thank Maggie and Copelun for their great service and for going above expectations and for renewing my continued support of your business. Thank you so much!


Eyemart Express Glasses Not Ready

January 20, 2024

when I get my glasses never going back!

On Jan4,, 24, I visited the Tuscaloosa, Alabama Eyemart Express. I got a text saying your glasses are ready! When I got there to pick up my glasses they were not ready! It said in the text they were made in 27 minutes; raise hell on January 20th, No glasses!

Everytime I call, the same bs answer!


EyeMart Express Shortpump Store The WORST experience of my life

December 13, 2022

On 8.11.23, I visited your Shortpump store, (location #159, 11643 West Broad Streeet, Henrico, Va 23233 (804) 433-3949) to look for new glasses. Your Sales associates Rachel and your store manager were very professional and willing to assist. Unfortunately, I could NOT say the same for your two technicians that made the glasses. I have never in the history of being a consumer experienced such unprofessional, disrespectful, rude, and embarrassing behaviors from employees at a business in my life. I selected a pair of glasses and PAID the fee to have the lenses tinted. When the glasses were ready, I was not satisfied with the tint and asked if the glasses could be tinted a tad bit darker; but not too dark. When I received the glasses the second time, they were considerably darker, and I was not satisfied. I asked the associate, Rachel, if she could please ask the technicians to lighten the lens a bit and that where things when very bad, very fast. Both technicians began yelling and complaining about my request and one technician told the associate, Rachel that he was “absolutely NOT going to adjust the tint again”. His response was so loud it could be heard throughout the store. The other technician began banging on the desk and shouting; stating he was sick of working on my glasses and how he knew he was “right” with the tent the first time and he too did not want to make any further adjustments to my lenses. I, as well as everyone else in the store could hear them yelling obscenities and it was a complete embarrassment to me and the other patrons. Also, I’m not quite sure what protocols are or are not acceptable in Eyemart Express locations but I would imagine that a technician taking his hair braids out in the lab while working on customers glasses would be an unusual sight, but that is what we were all subjected to on top of the ranting and raving. I approached the counter and spoke with your manager and expressed my dissatisfaction with the unprofessional behavior of her employees and I just wanted the glasses so I can leave. She spoke with the workers and convinced them to fix the lenses and I sat and waited. Once I received my glasses, receipt, and eyeglass case, I told her that I will NEVER return to that store again. I was an EyeMart customer for YEARS but that Short Pump location and its staff have completely tarnished the EyeMart brand and reputation.


Eyemart Express Friendly & Professional

December 13, 2022

May 18 2023 visited the Santa Fe NM store. Fabulous service Dr. Herrara thoroughly took time explaining my prescription. I had 2 cataracts. Cheyenne the receptionist, gave me tests. Friendly professional. Ernestine Jaramillo the General Manager. She was the only person working, store very busy. she was excellent, and very professional. overall my glasses fit great, i can see !! I highly recommend this store. Glasses ready in 30 minutes.

I had a great experience……

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