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Eyemart Express Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Eyemart Express Corporate Office Headquarters

Eyemart Express, LLC
13800 Senlac Dr., Ste 200
Farmers Branch, Tx 75234
Email: help@eyemartexpress.com
Corporate Phone Number: 1-888-372-2763
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-888-372-2763

  • Customer service is terrible. Ridiculously long wait times and people who don't always seem to know what they're doing and changing stories. I've had nothing but trouble trying to get two pair of glasses done — everything from trouble getting one pair fitted right and the lens falling out to changing stories on when the lenses for my second pair of lenses will arrive. First it was a week, then two weeks, and now they're saying 21 days. This is not the service I paid for or expected.

  • I purchased three pair of glasses and none of them are right, I can actually only wear one pair. Each pair is different. When I went I to talk to them about it, they were like, US YOU MEAN WE MADE A MISTAKE HOW CAN THAT BE. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT HOWEVER THEY DID GIVE ME ANOTHER EYE EXAM. AND THE GLASSES WERE STILL THE SAME. I WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE AGAIN!!!! AND IF I KNOW ANYONE WHO MAY BE GOING THERE I WILL TRY TO TRY AND PERSUADE THEM NOT TO WASTE THEIR MONEY THERE.

  • Hi, I'm hoping you take heed in what I'm about to share with you. The sales person was Jason at the Madison, WI East store. I walked in on March 16 to see if my glasses were done (they didn't contact me to let me know that they were done). I walked into the store and met the salesman Jason, he gave me my glasses, never checked to see how they fit my face, or where they sit on my nose to make sure for a proper fit. I then left the store. As I was heading to northern WI, I noticed how difficult it was to see (very blurry) my husband decided to take over the wheel because I didn't want to drive (felt it was unsafe to drive). Anyway, that evening we went out for something to eat, I was again in the passenger side feeling so sick to my stomach (I thought well I should try to adapt to this new script), however, when your depth perception is off, and you have a hard time parking in the garage, that's an issue as well as driving on the road in this condition.
    On March 19th, I walked into the Madison WI east store, only to greet Jason again. First when I walked in, he gave me this facial express of "oh great here we go." Then when I tried to explain to him what was going on, he verbally shut down everything I was saying like he didn't believe me. He took my new glasses back to the optical department, he came out and said, there's no problem with these glasses. I said, can you take my other glasses in the back with you and compare the script? This prescription was supposed to be progressive but they are meant for IT work (computer) and they make me so sick to my stomach and dizzy. He then started to verbally get aggressive and yelling at me. I said do me a favor take a time out because I'm not going to put up with this as a customer. Even the General Manager Lucas, suggested he should maybe go home. Jason said, well maybe I should, but he didn't leave the store. Lucas took his time with me, and explained to me what may have been the problem. I think they should lose Jason at this store if he can't keep himself under control and not treat customers verbally aggressively (disrespectful). I was ready to just hand my glasses to them and say, I want my money back ($298.00) but the situation was settled with my glasses with a very cool General manager (Lucas) where Jason was EXTREMELY hostile, he was even talking back to the GM. Lucas had to tell him several times to chill out. Please look into this situation and hopefully lose this employee before you lose business. I even overheard his conversation with Kari (another customer service rep) that she shouldn't be giving that information to a customer on the phone (where was this his business). I just couldn't get over this.
    Thank you

  • My family and I have been purchasing our glasses from Eyemart Express since they opened the store in SD. I have been reasonably happy with the service and the eye wear until this year. My son and I both bought glasses which were expensive enough; $794.00 and today is 16 days and I still don't have my glasses. The employees were unprofessional both in their communication and the way they were dressed. Sloppy and unkempt which matched their attitudes. You have lost me as a customer unless you get better employees that treat the customers properly.

  • I have being waiting for my glasses for 12days I would like to know why he told me 6days it being over that I need them now Ipaid for them and haven't received them

  • The Eyemart Express off of Carlisle in Albuquerque, NM has some of the rudest most unprofessional employees I've ever dealt with. I contacted them four days before my walk in asking if they accepted my insurance as I would have to travel 130 miles for them. I also had a representative from my insurance contact them. I even went as far as looking them up on my list of eye care providers. All said yes. The women I spoke with said yes. The women that spoke with my insurance rep said yes. When I showed up Monday as a walk in the lady at the front desk said no that my insurance was not covered. When I told her I had called repeatedly to check she just blew me off. She then provided a list of accepted ins and told me they won't see me. When I said I called multiple times she told me to check elsewhere. I traveled 130 miles for a flat no. I need new glasses and this was the fastest way but after my experience I'll never go back there again.

  • Eyemart, Sioux Falls SD. DO NOT PATRONIZE! Unprofessional. Unfriendly. NO REFUND. Totally no interest in customer satisfaction or quality of work. Worst business I've ever dealt with. Worst employees ever. DON'T BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE. It's an assembly line operation–take your money toss your non working glasses at you and toss you out the door. DO NOT BUY AT THIS STORE!!!

  • At the Winston-Salem, NC store, customer service from an employee named Kelly is horrible. She is rude and will not admit making a mistake. You order glasses and you get that. She asks if you can see with them and that is it. Glasses are not adjusted. You may think you are getting cheaper glasses but you are not going to get any service with that one year warranty.

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