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  1. Shopped at the Food Lion on Waltherson Blvd., in Baltimore, MD for several years. The past few months, every time I shop, one or more people are on their cell phones just chatting away and not even paying attention to the customers. What kind of manager lets his/her people do this? Any store I shop in, I have never seen the personnel on their cell phones, ALL EXCEPT FOOD LION. What horrible management this store has. Will shop somewhere else. Too many stores in this area to see the disrespect this store has for its customers.

  2. Dear Sirs:
    I just moved into Loris,SC and a handicap veteran which limits the distance I can walk or remain on my feet.You offer delivery but when I put in my zip it say the store 10 miles away don't deliver. You are doing a disservice to your senior citizens and handicap how has limited ability to drive to the store no less stay on their feet pushing a cart around.
    Loris is growing faster that most people think and to cater to the people's needs here we are just ignored.If delivery was available from food lion I am sure it would take away business from IGA and Hills supermarket.
    Maybe if your firm makes this move others will follow. With this I am sure your sales would go up and a more loyal customer base. I am sure nobody would mind paying a reasonable deliver charge and giving a job to someone who needs to feed a family.
    I hope you can see this minor request in your hearts to make available in the Loris store.

  3. I shop at Food Lion store #1317 located on Hwy.64 East in Statesville. I want to let you know that the produce manager Junior has the most organized, clean, best stocked produce section for a store this size.
    I love to shop there. The personnel is always friendly, helpful, and efficient.
    The store is so convenient for me as I live a mile from it. So, it is not a big deal if I run out of something.

  4. I love Food Lion and that's my primary grocery store. I like the Food Lion products, especially the frozen vegetables. Much better quality and price than the name brands. I have noticed a decline in the quality of the FL brocolli florets. Several times lately, the bag is much to full of brocolli "crumbles" that aren't large enough to eat. Didn't know if quality control could look into the situation. The bags use to be consistently filled with large florets. Thanks very much!

  5. Food Lion In North Wilkesboro, NC has very poor management and customer service. There are only about 3 people at this store that are helpful at checkout. You never see a manager unless they are walking away from you; or act like they are trying to escape. I have complained several times to Angela (manager). Nothing has ever improved, just continues to get worse. Most act like they don't care if you shop there or not. I've even had some employees turn their back to me because they were afraid I was going to ask them to take out my groceries. Yesterday my groceries were not even put in my cart after he rang them up. I left them sitting there and I left. The meat dept. and deli are always helpful. I would like to thank Teresa Shew for always being helpful. I will not be back at this store.
    FOOD LION IN WILKESBORO is EXCELLENT all around; from management to customer service. They act like they appreciate you shopping there. They always offer to take your groceries out of your cart, as well as out to your car. They are always friendly and smile.

  6. I go to the store in Canton even though Ingles is easy to get to. Food Lion has never disappointed me. The employees there are helpful and friendly and the store is clean.

    The prices blow Ingles out of the water.

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