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Reach Food Lion Corporate Corporate Office Headquarters 

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The Food Lion Main Office is in Salisbury, North Carolina. More information is below.

Food Lion Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Details

Guiding the brand’s ethos and strategy, the Food Lion Corporate Office ensures a synergistic collaboration across all outlets, maintaining uniformity in product selection and customer experience.

Food Lion Corporate Address:
Food Lion LLC
2110 Executive Dr. Salisbury, NC 28145-1330 USA

Reaching Out to Food Lion HQ

Food Lion Corporate Phone Number: 704-633-8250
Food Lion Corporate Office Human Resources Phone Number: 704-633-8250
Customer Service Number: 800-210-9569
Food Lion Home Office Fax Number: 704-636-5024

Food Lion Corporate Office HQ

Map and Directions To Food Lion Headquarters HQ


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Green Bean Failure

November 25, 2023

So disappointed in the amount of stems and unedible pieces in my green beans I purchased for Thanksgiving. I don’t normally buy your brand and now I know why. See picture and proof below 😞

Cindy Waldorf

Food Lion Customer Service Issue

March 5, 2024

Hi everyone in Food Lion world! This is a story about my purchase of strawberries that my wife bought me on 3/3/2024. Today is 3/5/2024 and to my surprise this morning they are getting mold. So I’m wondering if my wife is playing a “SICK” joke on me or if she found them in the trash. She told me, “No” If you look at the label it said “FRESH”. And yes, the label said “FRESH” to my surprise. So, whoever works at Food Lion must not know what fresh is, or the person who manages the produce Department and the store must want to sell bad products. Now my side I’m 72 years old, on a fixed income with very poor health. Who’s going to pay for my gas, and time, and lessen the burden of buying products at inflated prices? So If I figure right, my wife paid about $20.00 for moldy strawberries. This is just my opinion.

Roger D. Burk

Food Lion Sale Items Issue

January 27, 2024

Why is it that your sale items are always out of stock and that I wait weeks and when I ask for a substitution the clerk comments we don’t substitute. I went to purchase turkeys that were on sale. Out of stock. I asked and was told maybe tomorrow. This is what I have been told since Thanksgiving. I still have the rain checks. Now I was in the mood for ribs. Again flyer shows they are on sale. We are out of them. Maybe tomorrow. But guess what the next day they still don’t have any. And yes I have more useless store coupons. This should not be allowed to bait the consumer with false advertising.

Guess where I purchased tonight’s ribs for Dinner.

Publix supermarket.


Food Lion's New Store Manager Would Not Honor Rain Check

December 30, 2023

I had a rain check for 12 packs of Coke, BOGO. There was a limit of 6 FREE cartons during the sale. When I went into the store to redeem the rain check, I was told that 6 were at the BOGO price, and 6 were at the current regular price (not the BOGO price). That is NOT the original sale. The store personnel’s interpretation of the rain check, and refusing to honor the Coke BOGO sale pricing has required me shop at Harris Teeter and WalMart instead of Food Lion Store #2260, 70 Ballentrae Ct, Pittsboro.

Deborah Nestlerode

Food Lion - Remodel 2 weeks before Christmas? Really?

December 13, 2023

Who is the dumb person who decided to re-arrange all the food isles and remodel the Pittsboro store 2 weeks before Christmas? What a bunch of idiots you all are. You couldn’t wait until after the first of the year? You stupid morons. You all should be fired !! Shopping tonight was a cluster, to say the least. I am seriously thinking of dropping Food Lion and starting shopping at Harris Teeter Lowe’s Publix and even Whole Foods. I can not state loud enough or over and over what a bunch of idiots

George Mertz
Corporate Office Headquarters