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Furniture Row Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Furniture Row Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Furniture Row LLC
5740 North Broadway
Denver, CO 80216
Email: n/a
Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-303-578-1073
Fax Number: 1-303-296-3462
Customer Service Number: 1-303-578-1073
Denver Mattress Co.: 1-866-372-4642
Sofa Mart: 1-844-763-6278

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Sofa Mart®:
Oak Express®
The Linen Shoppe

  • I will never recommend sofa mart to anyone. My husband and I purchased a 3 pc living room set , like many of these reviews the quality was horrible. Not even worth a 1/4 of the price we gave for it. They took the sectional in supposedly to repair. The day we got it back it was in worse shape than before they repaired it. We have been going back and forth between different managers for over a month one excuse after another. Also don't pay extra for a warranty. They don't stand behind any of them. Sad sad sad…

  • I posted a review on Facebook regarding my recent purchase of a bed and how dissatisfied I was with the salesman. He didn't explain my financing, payments, warranty or cleaning products. I received a response asking me to report this , with comments to the Furniture Row Corporate office. Is there an email that I can submit this to? Im unable to find it online. Thanks

  • Colorado Springs, CO. – The sad thing about the comments in this forum is that one probably doesn't read these until they've experienced problems and are forced to search the internet for help; then, it's most likely too late. My experience with the North Colorado Springs Sofa Mart is very similar to Melissa's. I purchased several pieces of furniture from Sofa Mart and received most of my order; but, not one of the couches and a coffee table. The salesman called me the night before the scheduled delivery and informed me that he forgot to tag my couch as sold; as a result, another salesperson resold the same couch (and, the only one in their inventory) stepping on my order. He promised me that he would get my couch in (coffee table is available but I have to pay an additional delivery fee if I want that delivered before the couch) the following week. It's been more than a month now and I still don't have the couch or coffee table. I have repeatedly called the store to find out when these items will be delivered and have listened to every imaginable (some contradictory to previous statements) excuse as to why I'm once again not getting my furniture this week. I cannot imagine how this company stays in business based on the way they treat their customers. I recommend that if you purchase from Furniture Row and the store tells you that they cannot deliver your furniture when they said they will, immediately demand a refund for the undelivered items and shop for that furniture elsewhere – don't waste time hoping they will deliver any time soon.

    • Amendment to above… resolved my problem by working with Angie (customer service). Here's what I learned: reasonable to work with the salesman but you should have a definite deadline when you will take next steps. If you cannot resolve the problem I recommend that next step is to escalate to the store manager right away. If that doesn't resolve the issue you should call the Sofa Mart Customer Service line at: 1-844-763-6278 (ask for Angie); explain your issue to her. She was fantastic about getting to the bottom of the problem and then giving me the facts without sugar coating anything. Then, she called the store and worked with them to provide the best resolution, possible. I went back to the store and worked with a different salesman (Troy) and he helped me to find a replacement sofa to my satisfaction. Troy double-checked to ensure the sofa was in stock and then scheduled a delivery to me before Christmas. And, that answers the question about how this company stays in business. I believe that there should be a notice at the exit of the store that provides a means for escalating complaints. That would have saved me time and frustration. So, before demanding a refund, try the steps I mention above and I'll bet you'll find resolution to your satisfaction. If not, demand a refund and shop elsewhere.

  • Huntsville, Al–Worst customer service ever! Purchased a king bedroom suit mid-September with the guarantee of 9/24 delivery. on that day, our sales rep informed us everything was in with the exception of the bed rails. Okay, we will wait another 7 days for the shipment, although puzzled as to why they couldn't have this expitited as rush delivery. Don't hear from them so we call on 9/30. I'm told by our super rep that he will check the truck & call back in 30 min. 2 hours later I call back…Multiple times until he FINALLY answers the phone only to be told they didn't arrive. My husband calls and the same rep tells him they did arrive but they are damaged. We ask for the manager only to be told she wouldn't be in until the following day. When we finally talk with her, she informs us that the bed rails are on back order and have been since before we ever even ordered and that the quoted expected date if delivery wouldn't be until early November. Really?! So the sales rep straight up lied every time we spoke. Not good business!! Cancel & refund our order immediately. We will NEVER EVER use furniture row/oak express again. What a waste of my time!

  • Bought a sectional in March, numerous attempt to.contact the store because not all of the sectional was delivered, they are saying it shows delivered and now that it has been three months they will not do anything about it. To top it off I received the couch and it was infested with bed bugs, again they refuse to.do anything about it. So not only am I out $250 for the section of couch that I didn't receive, I'm also out $700 to get the couch treated for bed bugs. I have got nothing but terrible.customer service from everyone at the Evansville Indiana location, after spending over $3000 on a sectional and a table and chairs I will never ever do business with them again, and I will warn everyone not to.do business with this terrible company. I had Dakota at this location tell me he doesn't care wha the company has caused me, and refused to give me contact info to the management of the store or corporate to.attempt to at least get the console issue taken care of. I was also quoted that my bill.would only be $50.15 a month and it is actually $77 again another issue they refused to.fix.

  • furniture row sucks. I spent over 1300 for a china cabinet, and it was flawed right out of the wrapping. had them send another one, same flaws, I finally got my money back from them, and will never ever do any business with them again.

  • I bought furniture from the north little rock ar store and it took 3 months. the new manager of the store promised me that because I had to wait so long he was going to send me a rebate check. that was 3 weeks ago when into store and he told me he would look into it and call me have not heard a word and I guess I was stupid enough to believe he would really do that. have spend a lot of money that past few months at this store, I will start to shop around for the rest of my things I need

  • Boycott them for their utter disrespect and horrible business practices. As a customer I will never shop.there again. Ordered furniture on Jan 2, 2015 and it's 4/20/15 now and I'm still waiting for a quality exchange. Total BS

  • I find it absolutely appalling that during the salute to the passing of Steve Burns that all teams besides Martin Truex's Team sponsored by Furniture row didn't hold the signs up like every other team did I will never shop at furniture row for this reason ever again how can you continue to sponsor a disrespectful nascar team like this ..boycott furniture row till the message is sent

    • Hey Coward, being "Anonymous" doesn't bring credibility to the table. Tell all of us IF you are a customer..if so…what's your credit limit on your furniture row card? Yeah…yep…yep.

      I tell you people that are reading this, Louie is lazy and non-complacent, it reflects in his staff. If a man like that is at the Helm of this ship don't be surprised that your sales people are as equally inept and lazy. They make very nice salary's with 5%-10% commission. There isn't any incentive to follow up with your order, there's no sense of urgency to take care of the customer when your settling staff mis-steps to US….the customer!

      Yes, I am (WAS) a customer. Louie- You are ineffective and since you are the head of corporate whatever for the Pueblo and Colorado Springs stores your people are reflectively inept, inefficient, and not effective. Your people are a DIRECT reflection of you Louie X 10. Ineffective leaders produce ineffective workers/followers.

      Folks, if you pick up furniture on the floor you may have done your self a great service…but then again who wants things that others have sat in or laid on for your own personal home?

      I'm telling you, if you order from this collective group of mis-fits – buyer beware! I was tired of being misled. Then I was impressed that the 20% was rolled out for me, later to find out the smoke and mirrors revealed more! This is a CHAIN folks, they go along to get along. If you want better quality furniture and better quality people to deal with – go find a local furniture company.

      This corporate furniture row is exactly what it is…a row of corporate BS coming from Vietnam and China, so when you get the Corporate answer as to why the corporate furniture isn't here from Corporate people acting as your Corporate sales rep…..don't be surprised in the status quo culture -its a Corporate thing!

    • DO NOT buy from Furniture Row bought a kitchen set chair broke in which we did nothing to it watching TV and hear a noise it broke somehow anyway they would not replace the chair as this was only 5 months old BUYERS BEWARE they do not stand by there products of course they have NO problem selling the product

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